10 ways to support your career coach and resume writer colleagues during COVID19 : CAREER

As we prepare for what will surely become the “new normal”, the bad reality is that some companies will thrive and others will not survive. Hopefully those of us in the careers area are at the end of things. Crisis tends to bring opportunities; we just have to look for them.

Many of us are currently involved in activities aimed at helping job seekers and our customers during this COVID19 crisis. There are free webinars and online courses on a variety of career and job search topics. Based on the comments that I have heard and read, these measures have a positive effect.

In the midst of all of this, I wondered how we were doing as a career collective. What support do we need or need? What are some simple ways we can support each other (for free) during this time?

The ten tips in the attached picture would be a good start. Are there others you could add?

Which career coach or professional resume writer could you reach today?

About Daisy

I’m Daisy Wright, an award-winning certified career management and interview coach, author, and certified resume strategist. I work with managers, managers and entry-level professionals in all aspects of their career and job search to help them get hired FASTER! I am the founder and chief encouragement officer of The Wright Career Solution and very passionate about diversity and inclusion as well as women’s issues.

Twitter: @ CareerTips2Go

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