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Published on May 16, 2020

I’ve had plenty of time lately to crochet all of the orders at home. I thought it was time to break into my huge supply of plastic bags and crochet a new shopping bag made from recycled plastic. This bag was mostly crocheted from white plastic bags that were made into plarn, and I added blue and green yarn to give it a Seattle Seahawks color theme.

Recycled Seahawks shopping bag

This shopping bag was crocheted with my free pattern from recycled bags. I added strips of regular yarn by making 3 rows of blue HDC (half double crochet stitch), 3 rows of green HDC, and then 3 more rows of blue HDC along with plastic bag yarn to crochet this bag.

The finished size is 12 “wide and 13” long with 7 “handles. I think it would be a nice book bag to donate to the library for the next fundraiser. So in honor of my beloved Seahawks, I dedicate this recycled bag to them and hope that we can have a football season this year.

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