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Hello everyone

I hope you are well and you are busy! Here is project three for the mini diary, some cute wildflowers with a quote. You are welcome to use your own quote and of course your own colors. You can download the pattern here.


There was some confusion about how to assemble and assemble your pages for your mini diary, so I’ll go into that here. If you have just come to us, you will find the instructions for your mini diary here. I’m sewing with you, so I can’t show you the finished diary at this point in time, but in the end everything will fit together wonderfully!

  1. Cut out your fabric.

The first thing you need to do is cut out a piece of fabric large enough to draw 2 x opposite pages for your diary (as explained in the instructions), and then trace / transfer your outline to each page . It is a good idea to also follow the embroidery lines so that when sewing the sides they are all uniform and you have instructions on how to sew. It is best to use a ruler and a pencil for this. You will find this in your instructions.

Cut fabric. Track the side outlines, sewing allowance and project outlines on the fabric. Make sure that there is enough clearance at the edges to fit the tire comfortably.

2. Install in a tire

The second thing you need to do is assemble one side and design it into a frame and sew the design. When the embroidery is done, you can remove it from the frame and sew the design together on the other side. Now you have a double page (opposite pages) ready. You can keep them somewhere for now and go to the next page. Every week I give you the project for one of the opposite pages. (Note: You can roll up the additional fabric for the other side and staple it so that it doesn’t get in the way when sewing)

Roll up additional fabric and temporarily staple it. Remove the staple when you are done.

3. Sew the sides together

As soon as all embroidery is done, you have finished a total of 6 opposite sides, we will put them together. Each page is displayed with the vilene / interfaces in between, as explained in your instructions. You will sew on the edges and turn inside out.

Vilene shown in pale pink for clarity.

4. Compile pages

You now have 3 (double) sides with embroidery on both sides. These are put together in the order of the designs and then you will sew the middle of all the pages and through the cover. I will take care of it as soon as all embroidery is done. At the moment you just have to focus on sewing each project.

Until next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and sewing happily.


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