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Coming soon: Make your website private until you are ready to go

Keep your website private – hidden from the world view – until you are ready to start it.

When you create a new site, you may want to personalize it before you publish it. At we offer you a secure area where you can create and edit your website until you are ready to share it with the world.

Until recently, this coming soon mode was limited to new websites with no plugins or custom designs installed. However, we are aware that regardless of how long they have a website on, many users may want to update, change the design, or add new features without making these changes visible to the public until they do are complete. Now all websites have this “Coming Soon” option, and you can turn them on or off at will.

To put your website on “Coming Soon”, go to Manage Choose in the sidebar the settingsscroll down to privacyand choose the Soon Button. Make sure you click save settings for the change to take effect.

In this mode, website visitors see a landing page with the title of your website. You and other registered people you invite will see the full website.

To invite people to view your website in Coming Soon mode, add them as new users from the ManagePeopleInvite Button. Users must be at least a Contributor to view the site in this mode.

To make your website public again, go to Manage Choose in the sidebar the settingsscroll down to privacyand choose the Publicity Button. Click again save settings.

Private pages for everyone

If you don’t want to share your website with everyone, but want to keep it private and only available to invited members of the website – for example, a private blog for your family that consists of photos and videos of your children or pets – you can use this Private Option under Managethe settingsprivacy.

In this mode, logged out visitors will see a more discreet login prompt instead of the “Coming Soon” landing page.

Regardless of what you want to do on your website – whether you make some changes, update your website design, or create a full-fledged online store – use the “Coming Soon” feature to keep it private until you are ready to present them to the world.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

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