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The global pandemic has shown how closely we are connected and how we can work together to preserve life on Earth as we know it. If we recover and get out of the crisis, we will know where we want to go. During this ban, ties between family members grew stronger. Travelers will definitely consider more family vacations to enjoy a unique travel destination where they can spend special moments with loved ones.

The future of travel will satisfy a traveler who expresses his character and is looking for a destination with a strong personality. Multi-generation trips will catch up taking safety regulations into account.

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We will turn to “intelligent luxury”, where, according to COVID, people look at freshly grown vegetables in the organic garden, fresh air, in a natural environment that is closer to nature and enjoy beautiful views than choosing to vacation in new cities . The definition of new “luxury” will be “Rare”, “New” and “Unique”, closer to the heart.

After COVID travels, we suspect that millennials will become more aware of the nature and challenges of the planet and will enter the world more gently. On the other hand, the millennials are masters of travel experience. They are tech savvy, digital nomads, and social media addicts. They influence market products and will be the first after COVID to generate business for the travel segment. Millennials are more willing than others to exchange personal information for experiences, personal vacations, recommendations and travel tips. After the pandemic, millennial travelers will be looking for weekend getaways, cultural experiences and personalization. They want to tick their “travel basket list” little by little.

Some of us who are in the middle of the current coronavirus crisis are adjusting to a new cycle and are saddened by the post-Covid situations they are facing. But I suggest this crisis as an opportunity to pause, rethink, appreciate what you have, and prioritize.

Enjoy small family pleasures such as cooking together, playing board games, sharing midnight stories and midnight meals, and “thinking healthy”.