American Heart Association: Celebrate the future of science virtually during the COVID crisis STEM

The American Heart Association’s annual Advancing Sciences event brings students out of school
in the classroom and in an environment where they can experience hands-on learning with guidance
Science, medical technology and engineering professionals from across Minnesota. The day consists of small ones
Group outbreaks and speed mentoring sessions followed by a scholarship competition in which the
students ‘latest STEAM projects to help fund their schools’ STEAM curriculum.

When we realized that we could not be together in person at our planned Advancing Sciences event in April In 14 we quickly decided that we wanted to continue providing science-oriented resources to the 13 schools plan to participate. Then our “Festival of Science” was born.

At a time of distance learning for students, we wanted to offer a variety of on-demand and motivational opportunities
Resources that teachers could easily incorporate into their curricula. We started our website on our website
originally planned date and encouraged each participating school to share their students’ STEAM as well Social media projects with #AdvancingSciences.

Our resources included:

  • Short videos about college, internships and business tips recorded by our management
  • Keynote speech by the Chief Science Advocate at 3M, together with a personal letter to
  • Information resources to reduce and prevent vaping among teenagers;
  • Updates to the American Heart Association’s scientific advances and ours
    Response to the current COVID-19 pandemic; and more.

The day we started our science celebration, we had over 100 visits to our website. All resources remain available to students and teachers. Although we are thrilled to offer STEAM enrichment Virtual resources for students, we are still working to reschedule our personal progress science Fall event. We continue to strive to inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators. Your ingenuity is now needed more than ever.

If you know of a school that would like to participate in a future Advancing Sciences event, please contact the American Heart Association. You can also take part in our celebration of science @HeartAssocMN #AdvancingSciences.

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