Why learning from other bloggers is the best way to expand your blog Women

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Why learning from other bloggers is the best way to expand your blog

There are so many ways to expand your blog! You can find out things while walking, reading books, taking lessons, reading blog posts, and so many other options. I admit it can be a bit overwhelming. There is so much information from so many different people. How do you know what is what? I’ve found in over nine years of blogging that the best way to grow your blog is to learn from other bloggers.

Other bloggers not only understand the daily journey that your blog is, but they also have strategies and tips that they have tried before and that you may not even have thought of. And if you already make money from blogging, even better! Learning from successful bloggers is the best way.

Because of this unique path they share with you, it is best to learn from them. Don’t get me wrong now. I’ve learned a lot from YouTubers, podcasters, affiliate marketers, and even social media influencers, but if you focus on the basics, you may not understand all of the problems that a blogger faces, just as a blogger may not understand everyone would be problems that a YouTuber encounters.

And that’s why it’s best to learn from other bloggers! In this article I would like to point out how much I’ve grown thanks to my blogger colleagues.

Webinars and Facebook lives

When I first heard about webinars, I was thrilled! You tell me, instead of getting a book on the subject, can I go to a webinar with someone who has already done it and have them tell me how they did it? SOLD! Webinars were much simpler and I was even more surprised that I received high quality content during these webinars.

When Facebook life appeared, I was even more excited because I didn’t have to download any webinar software to participate. And the best thing about webinars with other bloggers is that you can ask the experts questions: LIVE!

I’m such a fan of this overall strategy that I’ve hosted many live Facebook events myself. I’ve covered topics like creating content that readers like, inexpensive and free tools you should use to start a blog, and monetization strategies. Check out one of my latest Facebook live videos:

You can see my video above where we talk about building your blogging support group and the rest of our videos using the links below. While the live parts of this video are over, I’m happy to answer questions for those who have them. Leave your questions in the comments of these videos and I will answer them for sure!

Blog courses

Blog courses are another great way to learn from other bloggers, as they share the tips they learned with you again! And quite often they give you worksheets and other resources along with ti!

But there are many blog courses that can get a little expensive. So I’m looking forward to it Genius Blogger Toolkit each year.

Genius Blogger Toolkit

If you would ever invest in a blogging course, this would be the right one and here’s why. The Toolkit is a collection of over 94 eBooks, eCourses, templates, workbooks, planners and member pages. And just six days a year, they offer this toolkit for just $ 97. That is a 97% discount how much it would cost to buy all of these blogging tools individually ($ 7,395.27).

Genius Blogger Toolkit

The bundles contain a variety of content categories. The following was included in the 2019 bundle:

  • Affiliate marketing – 5 products valued at $ 222.99
  • Beyond blogging – 3 products valued at $ 384.97
  • Branding – 4 products valued at $ 106.94
  • Technical support – 3 products valued at $ 588.00
  • Create and sell products – 6 products worth $ 695
  • design – 4 products valued at $ 228.00
  • Email list marketing – 7 products valued at $ 481.95
  • Facebook Twitter – 4 products valued at $ 261.99
  • Finance & law – 5 products valued at $ 212.99
  • Getting started – 6 products valued at $ 680.00
  • Instagram – 4 products valued at $ 227.50
  • Monetization – 5 products valued at $ 221.97
  • Pinterest – 7 products valued at $ 440.00
  • Podcasting & vlogging – 5 products valued at $ 158.98
  • Productivity & organization – 6 products valued at $ 257.00
  • SEO & traffic – 8 products valued at $ 787.99

Here’s the catch with the Genius Blogger Toolkit …

It is only on sale for a few days a year! Unfortunately it is not currently on sale. However, they can still be placed on the waiting list the next time they are opened.

If you can’t say I’m a total fan of this product because I got so much value from it. I bought that Genius Blogger Toolkit In the past four years and although I have not taken every single course in every one, I have continued to expand my blog. It’s a great value at a low price, so I highly recommend it!

Sign up here for the next Genius Blogger Toolkit!

If you’re looking for other good courses, I mention some great ones in my article 6 blogging courses to get you into the fast lane of making money.


Last but not least are masterminds. As you may know from some of my other articles, I have participated in and believe in mastermind groups. Without the masterminds I attended, I wouldn’t be here to share what I know with all of you!

You can say that I have a special place in my heart for masterminds and their effectiveness. Instead of banging your head against the wall and trying to figure out what is wrong with your blog alone, you have several other people who can tell you how you can improve.

If the idea of ​​joining a mastermind seems out of reach, I highly recommend joining our Facebook group, where we provide expert advice and blogging resources to help you improve your blogs when you feel stuck.

Click here to join the Facebook group “Blogger Supporting Bloggers”!

If you are more interested in joining a mastermind group, we can help you there too!

Blogging money formula

I offer this opportunity through mine Blogging money formula Program. in the Blogging money formulaI show bloggers how they can earn real money step by step with their blogs. The program will teach you:

  • How to establish yourself as a professional blogger: I’ll show you everything your blog needs to be recognized as a professional blogger.

  • To properly apply for sponsored posts so you are selected for more options: I’ll show you step by step how to apply so that brands choose you more often!

  • How to get brands to contact you: I will Show you what you need to set up on your blog for brands to turn to you and where to go to get on your radar.

  • How to build long-term relationships with brands: This way, you can do recurring business with brands instead of constantly having to bring new ones to market.

  • To write content that appeals to your audience and brand: Because great content doesn’t have to be either or!

  • How to drive traffic to your blog posts: Good results lead to regular customers and I will show you how this is possible.

BLOGGING MONEY FORMULA DOESN’T STILL STARTED BUT YOU CAN Join the waiting list here And be the first to find out when it’s possible!

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many other ways to expand your blog. And if you learn about marketing strategies, SEO, and writing great content from other bloggers, you’re more likely to succeed. The key is to make sure you ask. You never know what you can learn from other bloggers!

Why is learning from other bloggers the best way to grow your blog?

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