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While we were on our Grand Canyon Road Trip last summer, we stopped in the sweetest junk shop somewhere in Arizona. Vintage quilt garlands hung everywhere in the store, and I was inspired to use one of my old quilts to make this Upcycled quilt garland.

Upcycled quilt garland

I was looking for a good vintage quilt for this project for a long time, but decided to do it with a tattered, not as vintage quilt that I had. This poor blanket went through the laundry so many times that most of it was in ruins and either had to be thrown in the trash or turned into something funny.

how to upcycling a quilt

How to make an upcycled quilt garland

To make the garland you need Bias binding together with cutting materials.

I used one Rotary cutter, clear acrylic ruler, and Cutting mat to make the garland pieces. Fabric scissors would work well too, but a rotary cutter is always my choice for a project like this.

how to upcycling an old quilt

First cut out a template or a garland piece to use as a pattern. I created a triangle that was about seven inches long and about five inches wide.

Don’t worry if the quilt makes the triangle a little shaky. That is part of the charm.

DIY repurposed quilt garland

Once all the triangles are cut …

Upcycled quilt idea

… sew on the sides to prevent the filling from falling out and fray the edges.

I got my mother to finish this project for me as soon as I cut} and she sewn it twice to give it a really great finish. The double seam helps him lie flat, but you could get away with a stitch line if you’d like.

stitched garland with quilt

Once all the edges are sewn together, lay the pieces down in the order you want, put the top between a piece of bias tape and sew them all together.

Leave as much or as little space between the triangles as you want.

Bias binding on quilted garland

When the garland is ready, hang it wherever you need a little texture …

DIY upcycled quilt garland

… And you have a really cute banner that gives color and pattern to a room.

reused quilt garland craft idea

What did you do with old quilts?

converted quilt garland home decor

Be sure to check out this painted wooden garland for another colorful idea!

DIY colorful wooden garland

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