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I have no idea when – or if – I’ll ever return Italy. Covid tapped the freedom of movement for a bow. With a little luck, this most beautiful country will soon return to normal and travel will be possible again. In the meantime, I console myself by collecting representative of the flea market artifacts for years and discovering Italian typeface, typography and graphic design. There are still many extraordinary memories of all of them that I dream of visiting the eighth wonder of the typographic world, or at least one of the largest writing and printing museums in the world. Tipoteca Italiana. In an attempt to give weight to my dreams, I’ve recently poured over James Clough and Chiara Scattolin’s authorship for a book called Alphabets made of wood, the first study of the Italian history of wood script and the role of Tipoteca in its science. Viewed through the lens from Tipoteca Luigi Melchiori ArchivesThe book goes deep into the history of the wood factories. It could still be available here.

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Steven Heller is co-chair of the SVA MFA Design / Designer as Entrepreneur program and regularly writes for EYE and Design Observer. He is also the author of over 190 books on design and visual culture. He received the AIGA Medal in 1999, is in the Hall of Fame of Art Directors and received the Smithsonian National Design Award in 2011.

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