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Social distance and travel restrictions that isolate people more from the country and the natural environment, as well as the increasing work from home as well as video and conference call apps have created the perfect conditions for the new virtual farm visit by Sweet Farm, Goat 2 Meeting .

Goat 2 meetings
Juno is the head of the goat herd on the Sweet Farm. photo InkPoetry

With the transformation of the last 50 years of monoculture, new types of agriculture and new rural experiences with animals and nature are emerging. City dwellers increasingly want to reconnect with nature, farmers and the origin of their food. Sweet Farm has treated this issue as a nonprofit animal shelter that connects Silicon Valley people with farmers and farm animals.

Goat 2 meetings

While social distancing measures and travel restrictions exist, city dwellers in particular are isolated from the countryside and nature. People work from home and limit themselves to video calls with friends, family and colleagues. Sweet Farm had to close like many other companies and organizations. Since the farm’s visitors brought in a large part of their earnings, Sweet Farm decided to rely on the rising trend in video calls and offer a farm experience at home.

From $ 65 to $ 250, you can have a number of farm animal callers, from turkeys to goats, cows to llamas. The perfect cameo to breathe life into your next conference call. Sweet Farm even offers farm tours and free virtual educational tours for schools and kindergartens. The initiative not only brings the urgently needed income to the farm so that they can continue their animal rescue after the closure, but also brings farm and nature experiences into the virtual space.

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