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If you are like many people (including me before I started with a travel insurance broker), buy travel insurance and immediately cover yourself in a nice, cozy blanket for mental security: “If something goes wrong before or during my trip, I am i’m refunded. ” It’s not that easy. As with all types of insurance – homeowner, car, life, to name a few – there are limits to insurance coverage in travel insurance.

As a travel insurance broker that offers a variety of plans from many of the leading airlines in the industry, we take pride in the products we offer and believe in the value and value of travel insurance – we’ve seen the benefits for many customers over our more than 45 -year history. At the same time, the satisfaction of our customers with their product has top priority. Therefore, we feel an important responsibility to inform you about travel insurance plans.

Read your plan

When reviewing your planning document or policy, you should first review the list of benefits and related thresholds that are likely to be found on page 1 or 2. The next two most important parts of the plan are the following “covered reasons” and “plan exclusions”. For a typical travel cancellation plan, the “Covered Reasons” section specifies exactly which events are covered by a plan, particularly for the benefits of travel cancellation, interruption, delayed travel, and no connection. If there is a scenario outside this list (and there will likely be an infinite number of unexpected events), you are unlikely to be treated for that scenario.

Reasons covered generally include illness or death from you, a travel companion (as defined in your plan) or immediate family member, natural disasters or bad weather that prevent your trip from home or to your destination, or the mechanical failure of a common one Transport company (e.g. an airplane, train or cruise ship). Other covered reasons, which may include jury membership, certain work reasons, strike, terrorist attack, and more. These covered reasons are precisely defined in your planning document.

Next, look at the “plan exclusions” or “general exclusions”. This section lists the circumstances that the plan is not responding to and provides coverage.

Rules and guidelines for industry

If you start reading and comparing many travel insurance plans, you will find that many are similar. The list of benefits may be longer or shorter for some, and benefit limits change. In addition, some may be more robust in their list of “covered reasons” or “plan exclusions”. However, the overall plan structure can look similar. This is because the insurance industry is very heavily regulated. The guidelines must be submitted by the transportation company to each state department of insurance, and there are strict guidelines that the transportation company must follow when developing plans.

The devil is in the details – nuances in terms and conditions, different timeframes for certain benefits, and specific plan definitions can be the differences that make some plans much stronger than others. Take our travel insurance plan, for example. When you sign up for the elite plan level, your medical evacuation services include “the choice of hospital”. This small sentence is a great advantage if, after stabilization, you want to be able to be taken to a hospital of your choice after a medical emergency. Most of the benefits for emergency medical evacuation plans include transportation to the nearest appropriate facility, as determined by the carrier. There is nothing wrong with this advantage as it may be life-saving, but some customers would like to pay more for a plan that includes the option of choosing a hospital.

Risk assessment and pricing

The tariffs and prices of the plan are then determined by the risk that the airline takes – which target group buys the plan, how likely it is that one of the events covered will occur, and how high the payout limit is according to the plan.

* * *

The bottom line is: Read your insurance plan carefully before you buy it. Then read it again before you travel. Understand what you are signing up for and know that insurance plans, while reducing your financial risk, may not completely eliminate that risk. If we can help you understand your plan coverage, we will be happy to help you! Please contact our licensed customer service representatives at (800) 937-1387 or [email protected] Explain your needs and we can help you choose the best plan for you. Visit to view all of our travel insurance plans and learn more about our company. We look forward to serving you for your travel insurance needs!

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