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question:: What do you recommend job seekers who want to get active on LinkedIn as a beginner’s step to increase visibility?

reply: The first step … is easy to get started.

For job seekers who want to increase their visibility and become more active on LinkedIn to help them find a job, the best thing you can do is to start – and not stop. The key to LinkedIn’s success is continuous and active engagement.

Visiting the website is step one. Building a strong LinkedIn profile to be found and share your value with readers is step two. The engagement on the website is step three, which is probably one of the most important, but often overlooked steps.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of ​​getting involved on the website, don’t rethink things. Small steps to start can reduce the pressure. There is more to gain if you participate than to avoid LinkedIn entirely. If you aim to make the interactions professional and personal, you will get great results!

How to start

If you cannot share your own posts on Linkedin, this is not a problem. Start by commenting on other people’s posts, especially where you can add insight and thought leadership. Commenting on posts of interest or people in your industry helps train your feed. The more you like and deal with posts of interest, the more those posts will appear in your feed.

Concentrate on areas and topics that you are most familiar with (your area of ​​expertise) and strive to connect with like-minded people on the website. Comment on posts to demonstrate your knowledge and value.

Remember that the website is a place where you can build relationships and relationships. Simply “liking” a post is not active enough – and does not offer better visibility – so stretch to give professional, high quality comments and advice.

My story

Like everyone else, I was a newbie to LinkedIn. As early as 2011, I started to casually explore the site and build my network. I shared my first post in August 2012. I know this because I downloaded my full one LinkedIn archive.

That first stock was a bit daunting. It wasn’t engaged – but that didn’t stop me. Less than a week later I posted again and it became one few likes, even a comment from a career colleague. I kept posting and didn’t look back.

The advantages of my consistent commitment over the years? Too numerous to list them all, but LinkedIn introduced me to a close and distant community. It opened doors and opened opportunities. It helped me grow my business and connect with so many amazing people. Three remarkable results:

  • I was approached by LinkedIn back in 2013 to work as a contractor for the website. I remember thinking: Who me ?!
  • I have been named one of the best job search experts on LinkedIn by Jobscan for three years.
  • I finally met mine Job search secret weapon Teammates on LinkedIn long before we ever met in person.

My results are not clear. Many people benefit from LinkedIn and secure great new jobs or opportunities through their website activities. If you can relate to that, I’d like to hear about the profits you’ve made from working on LinkedIn. Share your experience in the comments below!

LinkedIn engagement memories

A few final tips to keep an overview.

  • Be consistent on LinkedIn. Regular activities and commitment are crucial.
  • If it seems overwhelming to get active, break the actions up into small steps:
    • Start with just 10 minutes. Visit the website, read your feed and like or comment on 1 or 2 interesting posts.
    • Graduate engagement by starting to share thought leadership. This can be done on other people’s posts (which is a good start) or by putting together and sharing your own posts.
  • Stay fresh. Your recent activities are displayed directly in your profile, like a fresh stamp. If you haven’t been engaged for a while, your profile will tell visitors so that you are stale and no longer active.
  • Connect with people of interest. Research and engage with potential decision-makers, recruiters, or people who might be able to help you find a job. Remember to build relationships before asking questions.
  • Be personable and yet professional. Your comments and posts could be seen by many people, including potential employers. Make an effort to make a good impression.

Show that you are both familiar with the website and familiar with your area of ​​expertise by visiting and engaging regularly. Get active and stay active on LinkedIn to help find jobs.

Are you looking for more ideas to get the most out of LinkedIn? Check out my blog “5 LinkedIn Strategies to Bring Executives Attention”.

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