in presents Chinese consumers with New Zealand food products E-COMMERCE

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and have teamed up to showcase Chinese products to Chinese consumers at the New Zealand National Products Festival week-long shopping event.

50 brands have joined the campaign and offer almost 300 products that come directly from New Zealand. These include meat, wine, wellness products and fruit.

“The increase in consumption and demand in China offers opportunities for New Zealand brands and manufacturers,” said the online marketplace. “And offers Chinese consumers an excellent platform for access to New Zealand products.” said that many participating brands will launch customized and exclusive products during this promotional period.

Kiwi fruit producer Zespri will customize its products with special JD packaging. The New Zealand apple brand Mr. Apple has designed a gift box for JD consumers, while the Posy brand will introduce new apple products during the campaign.

To ensure product quality and freshness, JD has also improved its global supply chain with brand partners.

“New Zealand offers a world-class food production system and quality control for food safety,” said Clare Fearnley, New Zealand’s ambassador to China. “We look forward to seeing more friends from China try high-quality New Zealand food through this promotion with”

In early March, JD announced that it was the world’s first online retailer to deliver the brand’s Zespri kiwi fruit directly to consumers. The New Zealand apple brands Mr. Apple and T & G also followed this example. This direct supply model will remove middlemen and benefit end users while ensuring adequate product supply.

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