The Cardinal of the Vatican urges the EU to reopen the borders and fight nationalism on EU Day Visa

Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich has asked the heads of state and government of the European Union to jointly overcome the coronavirus pandemic, to reopen the brothers and to fight nationalism in Europe on 9 May.

The cardinal, who spent the day in the Luxembourg village of Schengen, where the declaration was signed on May 9, 1950, lit a candle. “for the future of Europe and its citizens in the context of the current Covid 19 crisis. ”

He told the local media that Europe should work to remove its borders within the Schengen area and also the EU’s external borders, believing that these borders have a great impact on people.

People see the borders closed, but they still don’t see the help of the European Union. So I think that the mood in many countries is rather negative, especially in border regions“Said Cardinal Hollerich.

According to him, fear closed the borders, and “Fear has brought about new nationalisms, which are indeed national selfishness. “

He also called for solidarity among EU citizens in the fight against COVID-19,

If you look back on the process of European integration, we can be grateful to you. We have peace, a certain unity, European values ​​and can be proud of what our parents and grandparents have built on this continent“Said the cardinal.

Seventy years ago, on May 9, 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman submitted the Schuman Declaration on the Establishment of a European Coal and Steel Community, which was the first of a series of European institutions that would ultimately become what is now known as the “European Union” ”.

Built out of the ruins of World War II to build peace through economic cooperation, the original six-member EU has grown to 28 countries over the years, and so far only Britain remains.

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