International company for digital health technology Circle Pass Enterprises (CPE) signed a contract with VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE) tThe British cyber security company was founded by the technology entrepreneur Louis-James Davis (31) Integration of the latest VCode® and VPlatform® technologies in the COVI-PASS Digital health passport.

Supported by VST Enterprises breakthrough cyber security technology VCode® & VPlatform®, Circle Pass Enterprises has signed a contract with VST Enterprises for a fully secure digital health passport – COVI-PASS, to combine with approved test kits. CPE will begin shipping orders for the first gradual release of next week 50M COVI-PASSDigital health passports for the private sector and governments in over 15 countries, including Italy, Portugal, France, Panama, India, the United States, Canada, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands.

The COVI-PASS Digital Health Passport uses an intelligent color mapping system (green, yellow, red) to authenticate and validate a COVID-19 test that provides the test history and relevant health information. This enables accurate data metrics to evaluate those who have tested positive and negative and only the location of their tests. The COVI-PASS Digital Health Passport can be used as an authenticated gateway for public services, businesses and employees to ensure a safe return to work, life and travel.

Louis-James Davis, CEO of VST Enterprises, commented on the deal;

We look forward to working with CPE to deliver our VCode® & VPlatform® Technology and digital health passport to create COVI-PASS. It is also very encouraging that so many governments and companies around the world use the COVI-PASSHealth passport and approved test kits.

We firmly believe that digital health passports, alongside government-approved test kits, are key to gradually and in a controlled manner to lift restrictions. The current technology that is being tested with Bluetooth and proximity apps is due to its privacy issues such as real-time tracking, the security and data breaches that we are already seeing and reporting, and citizens’ reluctance to use the tracing app and download, fundamentally flawed.

The Manchester-based company is also in advanced talks with senior British government officials, NHSX, the technology arm of the NHS, and the Home Office about its cybersecurity technology. VSTE’s cyber security technology can be used in a variety of sectors, including NHS doctors, nurses and health workers, as well as key blue light emergency services. The use of a VCode® integrated into a health pass would help them to return to the front safely and in a controlled manner.

District pass Companies COO and co-founder Adam Palmer said;

We are excited to partner with Louis-James Davis and VST Enterprises to leverage VCode’s breakthrough cyber security technology® & VPlatform® Create COVI-PASSand help fight this global pandemic. One of the many unique features of the VCode® Cyber ​​security is the VCode® The technology can be scanned from up to 100 meters away to ensure that social distance is robust and is the only choice for a secure digital health pass.

We see unprecedented interest from governments, corporations and major sports organizations in the COVI-PASSSolution. Due to the secure patented technology of the VCode® & VPlatform® – Its ease of use and rapid implementation worldwide in all sectors – it is clear that COVI-PASSis the only viable solution for a safe return to work, life and travel logs. In contrast to Bluetooth, QR or similar proximity apps, COVI-PASS iswith the VCode® & VPlatform® Cyber ​​Security Tech does not violate user privacy issues.

VSTE also offer VCode® and VPlatform® technology for working with the UNITED NATIONS as part of their SDG Collaboratory (Sustainable Development Goals) program – to offer 9 billion people a wide range of technology services by 2030, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

VSTE and its partner REDSTRIKE The sports marketing agency is also in advanced discussions with major global sports organizations and regulators in F1, motorsport, soccer, rugby, athletics, cycling, golf, tennis and basketball to use its VCode® technology to boost the global sports industry.

REDSTRIKE MD Mike Farnan – the former managing director of Manchester United FC International – and his team have been instrumental in starting high-level discussions with global sports organizations.

The COVI-PASSHealth Passport User Journey

A short information label explains the technology

• The user downloads the app to his smartphone and integrates important information such as name, address, age and checks his identity using a biometric fingerprint or a facial scan.

• The user then runs the COVID-19 test, which is performed by an authorized healthcare professional, a nurse, or a doctor. The test is geographically fenced in at this location and the test results are then scanned from the test kit into the COVI-PASS ™ Health Passport.

• A traffic light system then confirms its state of health as red or green, red for positive and green for negative. The yellow color indicates a countdown timer by which another test is due and necessary.

• The user can then present the COVI-PASS ™ health pass to authenticate their health status. The health pass can also be scanned far outside the 2/3 m (and beyond) safety distance zone while the person is moving and at different angles to ensure continued policies on social distance.

Louis-James Davis, CEO of VST Enterprises, added;

The problem with other health passports at the moment is that not only is the supply of information voluntary, but also the technology used (in most cases a QR code or Barcode ) cant interact outside the safe distance zone. Data and confidential information are scanned or saved in a QR code and Barcode can be hacked and is inherently insecure, so data and personal information can be compromised. Both Barcodes and QR codes are old, second-generation technologies. VCode® & VPlatform® represent the next third generationfrom ultra-secure and versatile code technology to military encryption with over 2 trillion code permutations

The technology used in contact tracking and Bluetooth proximity apps currently used by different governments is fundamentally flawed. The Bluetooth app and its data can not only be compromised and hacked, but can also lead to data with the wrong flag. There are also fundamental privacy and real-time persecution issues that most citizens at all levels will oppose. This will also raise concerns about the technology, leading to poor acceptance. Without a 100% population uptake using technology, their data will be ineffective and will not give an accurate picture of virus tracking. In addition, Bluetooth can also penetrate glass and walls. For example, someone who isolates themselves in a house that has tested positive for COVID-19 would give a false flag to someone who walks past their house and has tested negative that they have been near someone who tested positive.

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