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Step on toys?

How to tackle the toy organization once and for all

5 tips to combat toy organization
In normal times, our houses feel like comfortable retreats from the outside. Since the entertainment and event options from the outside are currently limited, we now play in “at home”. In combination with school closures, this can mean a lot of time for the family at home.

If you feel like all family members are constantly bumping into each other or stumbling over toys, this could be the sign you need to decode and organize your child’s seemingly multiplied number of toys.

Make interference suppression a family event:

For the most part, children’s toys and clothing have a short lifespan. You will be surprised at how much you adhere to the expiration date for your children’s work. Encourage all family members to look in their closets for what doesn’t fit and ask your children to collect toys that they would like to donate. This is a perfect teachable moment! (Check with your preferred donation center about how they are currently handling contributions.)

Make new purchases with a view to longevity:

You can get rid of the tendency to buy toys right away by asking yourself, “How much space will this take up?” and “how much benefit will it actually get?” If you think the property is still worth buying, try buying something long-lasting.

Rotate toys available to play:

Interference suppression does not have to mean that you are getting rid of everything that is not used all the time. Instead, you can keep some toys that have lost your children’s interest and then create a cycle to swap them so that what is available to play always feels fresh, exciting, and (best of all) keeps your children’s focus.

Define basic rules:

By making yourself clear where toys are allowed and where not, and consistently enforcing these rules, your children will adapt quickly. (Hey, it’s worth a try!) A good start is to make it clear that all toys have to be put away at the end of the day. Then tune in a song and encourage everyone to join in!

Make organization accessible to everyone:

To give your kids the best chance of putting toys away, you need to make sure they know where it all belongs and can actually access the storage. It depends on the age of your children. For example, the little ones can likely get the hook of a collection container, while older children can fill items in more organized, dedicated containers.

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