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When we arrive at our new accommodation, be it a boutique hotel, a luxury resort or a private home, it is one of our favorite things to find out which toilet brand is perfectly placed on the bathroom shelf. It’s a little touch, but adds a lot of richness to the overall experience and is a great way to discover new lines of toiletries and cosmetics. Read on to discover some of our favorites.


Asprey was founded in 1781 and has a strong legacy of exclusive design and excellent quality. It is widely regarded as one of the leading British luxury lifestyle brands with collections such as jewelry, leather, silver, accessories and fragrances. The brand has a loyal customer base with kings, heads of state and celebrities from around the world who prefer this well-established British name.

Where to try – The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Where to buy –

Malin & Goetz

We were a big fan of this series from day one. A New York-based company that attaches great importance to natural ingredients. Despite the use of advanced technology to perfect its products, the luxury skin care series is straightforward and perfectly designed for modern design-conscious people.

Where to try – – The Kensington Hotel, The Edinburgh Grand

Where to buy –


Hermes products are a leading name in the fashion and fragrance world and are prestigious due to the workmanship that goes into every single product. This has been promoted over the years and the generations of artisans who work with the brand have shaped the product range of the French fashion house since 1837. If you value authenticity, respect for time and natural resources, it is easy to see why this is a classic choice for many luxury accommodation providers.

Where to try – The Wellesley Knightsbridge

Where to buy –


Elemis combines the advances in science with the power of nature to create its award-winning skin care line. The plant-based plant substances come responsibly from all parts of the world and are expertly mixed by hand to achieve radiant results that perfectly match the requirements of modern lifestyle. A real treat for every hotel guest.

Where to try – Anantara Vilamoura Algarve, Hotel Bristol Warsaw

Where to buy –


Community and well-being are at the heart of Bamford’s philosophy. It is therefore not surprising that products are made from pure ingredients extracted from the earth to revitalize your body and restore it to its natural rhythms. From packaging to texture, everything about this brand feels natural and real. You will feel good after enjoying this bathroom pleasure for many reasons.

Where to try – The Hong Kong House of Lords

Where to buy –


Floris has been a British family perfumer since 1730 and is still managed by family descendants to this day. He has firmly established himself as a leader in the art of producing outstanding fragrances. Attention to detail is key and it is very obvious that the best fragrance oils and ingredients are used to make these classic bath and body products. With royals on their customer list, we can see why it is also chosen by renowned hotel names.

Where to try – DUKES London, the conservatory

Where to buy –


This Italian brand has been paving the way for exquisite creations that capture Italian decadence and glamor since 1884. A strong identity, a groundbreaking vision and the ability to reinvent themselves while remaining true to their roots have made what started as the only jeweler a leading luxury lifestyle powerhouse that is admired and sought after worldwide. The ample range of bath and shower amenities, fragrances and lotions ensures a rich bathing and body care experience. The perfect companion for every high-end hotel experience.

Where to try – Boutique St. Sophia

Where to buy –


The award-winning skin care brand L’Occitane draws inspiration from its roots in the south of France to create its natural and organic beauty series. Since its inception in 1976, emphasis, traceability and sustainability have been at the heart of the brand ethos that are demonstrated throughout the process. By developing trustworthy relationships with long-term partners, everything is of the highest quality. from the basic seeds to the finished products. The result is pure natural enjoyment that is loved by many people around the world.

Where to try – Four seasons The Biltmore Santa Barbara, the TRS Coral Hotel Costa Mujeres, Mexico, the Gran Hotel Son Net Mallorca

Where to buy –

Le Labo

Le Labo was founded in 2006 by Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi and tried to disrupt the monotonous sequence of soulless fragrances in the fragrance industry. The New York-based artisan perfume house has now become an icon for its unconventional yet luxurious hand-mixed scent offerings that offer unique but extremely seductive sensory experiences and memories. Its phenomenal success has led the brand to expand into hypnotic botanical skin care, men’s grooming and the scent of pleasure, body and space.

Where to buy –

Natura bites

Intuition, passion and the connection to people are the essence of this Spanish skin care brand. By adapting, developing and hearing the voice of every skin type, they have refined their products and rituals to become a highly respected name in the world of luxury cosmetics and spa treatments. The expert formulas and extraordinary textures ensure a truly sumptuous experience.

Where to try – El Lodge Sierra Nevada

Where to buy –

Anne Semonin

Anne Semonin has been developing luxurious, highly effective skin care and tailor-made treatments since 1985 with the aim of visibly improving the radiance of your skin. Their extensive range helps restore youthful “glow” by using the power of essential oils, minerals and marine ingredients and prescribing personalized regimens that detoxify your skin and prevent or reverse signs of aging.

Where to try – Abadia Retuerta

Where to buy –


Rituals’ luxurious personal care collections are inspired by the ancient traditions and wisdom of Asian cultures. Its characteristic fragrances are masterfully crafted by some of the best perfumers in the world. The combination of nature’s best scents with advanced scientific knowledge leads to luxurious high-performance products. All you have to do is enjoy the ritual experience and enjoy great happiness in the simplest moments.

Where to try – Hotel Corral del Rey Seville, Hotel Casa Mimosa

Where to buy –

Alvarez Gomez

Alvarez Gómez has stood for tradition, distinction, quality and style for more than a century. The family-run company is now managed by the fourth generation team, but the basic values ​​clean, fresh and pure remain strong. The combination with their continued excellence and exceptional quality has given this name the prestige and fame it deserves.

Where to try – Hacienda San Rafael Seville

Where to buy –


Penhaligon’s British perfume house was founded in the 1860s by William Henry Panhaligon, who became the barber and perfumer of Queen Victoria. The service of kings meant that this brand knew and worked with the highest quality standards, and this still applies today. The timeless fragrances and classic fragrances masterfully produced by this brand are the ultimate luxury fragrance and adorn the bathroom shelves of the highest quarters in the world.

Where to try – Belmond La Residencia

Where to buy –

The laboratory room

The Lab Room was developed for beauty connoisseurs and is a unisex range of sophisticated cosmetic products. The brand is based on synergetic formulas for botany and aromatherapy that aim to transform users both inside and out and create a real emotional harmony that works exceptionally well and is the reason why many luxury hotels around the world use theirs Guests like to introduce this beautiful bathroom to the comfort experience.

Where to buy – Hotel Urso Madrid

Where to try –

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