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Hey lovelies! I think this is about the time during the lockout period that some of us are going a little crazy in the house! At the end of this post, I’ve compiled a list of ideas to inspire you to be productive and to guide you through this difficult time while staying safe at home!

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5 productive things you can do during quarantine

  1. Organize your space: If the thought of organizing your entire home is overwhelming, break it up into several small projects! Even if it’s just one drawer a day, small projects that you have to do every day give you a sense of achievement!
  2. Troubleshoot your wardrobe: Quarantine is the perfect time to walk through your closet, try things on, and see what you feel good about and what actually fits! My rule of thumb: if I haven’t reached for it in a year, it has to work!
  3. Try a new recipe: I’m so tired of doing the same things over and over again every week, so I made a shrimp and vegetable pan for dinner the other night and it was such a fun change and I discovered a new dish that I added to my rotation can add! Everyone is making banana bread right now and I saved a really good recipe for gluten-free almond flour in my food highlight on IG if you want to try it out! 🙂 🙂
  4. Do something you’ve always wanted to do: Have you always wanted to start a blog? Film your first YouTube video? Is there anything you always wanted to do but never had time for? For me it learns how to use Photoshop! You might be learning a new language or just reading a book that you never had time for. Now is the perfect time!
  5. Pamper yourself: This is the perfect opportunity to have a spa session at home! Whether you treat yourself to a pedicure or just take a few extra steps in your skincare before bed, it makes a big difference when you feel groomed and polished!

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