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WAEC Expo (runs) 2020/2021 / Free WAEC question and answer runz : Nigerian Education

WAEC Expo (runs) 2020/2021 / Free WAEC question and answer runz

WAEC Expo (runs) 2020/2021 / Free WAEC question and answer runz

Welcome to Best Secure 2020 WAEC Expo is running Exam Helpdesk !. WAEC – The West African Exam Council’s Exam 2020/2021 section is available and will be published in April at the latest, but is noted as a May / June exam for practical reasons.

The West African Exam Council (WAEC) has the schedule for that 2020/2021 may June examaccording to the schedule, WASSCE for school candidates 2020, starts on March 30, 2020 and ends on June 12 2020. Get Free WAEC Fair Running Wrinkle 2020 a few hours before your exam time.

Please note that the Legit 2020 WAEC Expo subscription is not free. Nothing good is easy.

NB: Ignore any messages that state that the 2020 WAEC exam was canceled due to the Corona virus (Covid 19). The subscription is still running. A new WAEC schedule will be released very soon. Every candidate should know that time is against it. You may not have time to study. Register now and think of the full security to take A and B in the WAEC 2020 exam.

over WAEC exam

The West African Examinations Council, WAEC, is a statutory examination board that specifies the exams required in the public interest of English-speaking West African countries, conducts exams, and issues certificates that are comparable to those of comparable examining agencies at international level.

What is the WAEC Expo 2020?

WAEC Expo 2020, also known as WAEC Runs 2020, is the method used by tutors, teachers, or intelligence agencies to speed up the success rate in examining SSCE WAEC candidates O‚ÄôLevel. In other words, WAEC support is open source help given to SSCE 2020 WACE candidates to pass with good grades. All candidates who have registered for the WASSCE-SSSCE exam in May / June are asked to subscribe to Mr. AmazingReveal’s website 08032773749 for excellent results.

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WAEC test Permitted countries

The WASSCE exam is written in some West African countries such as Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Gambia. WAEC is written three times in a year, namely:

  • WAEC 1st Series [Jan/Feb] or WAEC GCE exam
  • WAEC For school candidates [May/June] exam
  • WAEC 2nd Series [Aug/Sep] WAEC GCE exam

Success is the dream of any candidate who wants to take the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam. In an effort to survive 2020 by any means, you would have looked for so many alternatives to learning. This leads to so many Weac Expo questions asked by Waec candidates, especially in West Africa. Below you will find the frequently asked questions from candidates looking for a waec expo:

  • How do I get and get waec expo runs How in all my subjects?
  • How can I get WAEC Answers at midnight during my exam time?
  • Receive WAEC responses directly SMS or WhatsApp
  • How do I get a waec expo for all waec 2020 subjects?
  • Which website is the best source for questions and answers about WAEC 2020?
  • I want waec responses to be sent to my phone. How much does it cost to get the fair for waec?
  • Waec Physics, agriculture, chemistry, and biology practical answers.
  • I need Waec Expo runs and free answers for Mathematics, English, Physics, Biology, and all other topics.
  • How do I get an exam alert?
  • How do I bypass the supervisors to receive waec questions?
  • How can I convince and bribe the Waec officials?

Well, all of this can be answered with our own Waec runs for this year.

In this article, we get tips that work. Please note that we do not accept exam errors, but offer support for 2020 Waec candidates. We will only help you with tips to successfully and successfully pass the WAEC EXAMS 2020/2021 also possible areas that we believe WAEC will address.

WAEC Board confirmed that registration for the WASSCE For school candidates, 2020 starts in October 2019 and ends in January 2020. The planned WAEC candidates for 2020 must take note of the registration period.

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AmazingReveal WAEC Official Telephone Number: 08032773749

My strategy for candidates from MAY / JUNE! It gets a lot better since the answers arrive in your phone’s inbox at midnight or the day before an exam!

It’s been running ever since! And work, but these questions are asked with the highest risk and a lot of money to get papers from reliable sources.

Advice: A serious student would walk vigorously extreme miles to see his success, because no one would like to say that next year he will rewrite what we reject in Jesus’ name

WAEC 2020 Expo covers available topics

AmazingReveal offers Legit Expo, Runs, Runz, Answers to 2020 WAEC Science, Arts and Commercial Subjects.

  • English language
  • biology
  • economy
  • mathematics
  • physics
  • accounting
  • chemistry
  • Typing
  • More math
  • shorthand
  • Igbo
  • Hausa
  • Yoruba
  • Political education (mandatory)
  • Data processing
  • Health science
  • IT
  • Health education
  • livestock farming
  • trade
  • Office practical
  • marketing
  • insurance
  • ICT
  • Civics (compulsory) history
  • Geography
  • Literature in English
  • Agricultural science
  • Woodwork
  • Health science
  • car Mechanic
  • Build & Construction
  • music
  • Clothing and textiles
  • art
  • Christian religious knowledge (CRS)
  • French
  • Islamic Studies (IRS)
  • physical education
  • Arabic studies
  • government
  • Metalwork
  • Applied electricity
  • electronics
  • Food and nutrition
  • Technical drawing
  • Property management


  • biology
  • chemistry
  • Geography
  • Agricultural science
  • physics
  • livestock farming
  • Health science

Choose from our subscription price list below that best suits you:

Our subscription price list for Direct Mobile.

  • All subjects (science, art, advertising) + internships: N18,000
  • 9/8/7 subjects + internships: N8,000
  • Payment per subject: N800 each
  • Internships per subject: N600 each
  • Math & English costs: N1,500 each

Our subscription price list for WhatsApp Message.

  • All subjects (science, art, advertising) + internships: N12,000
  • 9/8/7 subjects internships: N6,000
  • Payment per subject: N600 each
  • Internships per subject: N500 each
  • Math & English costs: N1,000 each

Our subscription price list for password responses.

  • All subjects (science, art, advertising) + internships: N10,000
  • 9/8/7 subjects internships: N5,000
  • Payment per subject: N400 each
  • Internships per subject: N300 each
  • Math & English costs: N800 each

NOTE Password Link You will be given a code to view a password-protected page so you can use the code to unlock and view the answers 15 minutes before the exam begins.



WAEC 2020: Subscribe

The only sure way to get a clean Waec result is to subscribe to our legitimate Waec Runs 2020 package.

Subscribing to Waec runs securely is less stressful and less time consuming. To be part of the successful waec candidate, you have to subscribe to the waec expo package.

Pay for the package you need for the 6,7,8 compartments, 6,000 to 08032773749, the payment is made via the MTN Recharge Card.

HOW TO PAY: (Payment is only made using the MTN Recharge Card)

(i) Payment name / your name.
(ii) MTN card pins (If you don’t see an N1000 card or N1500, you can combine 200, 400, etc. to get your planned amount.) Or transfer WhatsApp to us from the bank.
(ii) topics.
(iii) Amount paid.
(iv) phone number 08032773749

Can I subscribe to WAEC and NECO responses at the same time?

From the point of view of things, WAEC and NECO exams can be written within the same period. With this in mind, we urge candidates to subscribe to both WAEC and NECO Exams at the same time. One of the advantages is that there is a reduction of 9 subjects for both exams.

How to get the WAEC Expo & Answers 2020

To receive the WAEC Expo or answers, you must follow the guidelines set by Mr. AmazingReveal himself. Pay, show proof of payment and send your details to the official phone number: 08032773749

Steps to Get WAEC Midnight Answers 2020

In WAEC, Mr. AmazingReveal has two categories of candidates, VIP and regular candidates. VIP candidates are candidates who registered early or paid for all subjects, or those who invited competitors with evidence presented to us. These candidates will receive answers at midnight before the exam time. Regular candidates receive answers to WAEC questions 6 hours before their exam time.

What does it take to join the 2020 WAEC VIP Group?

It takes hard work to join our VIP group. Either you pay early or for all topics or you invite your competitors to register with us. Be sure to show us proof of your connection to the candidates you want to invite.

Joined Mr. AmazingReveal WAEC WhatsApp Group 2020

We founded the WAEC WhatsApp Group a long time ago for interested candidates who want to know the latest and upcoming events about WAEC, especially now that Coronavirus is delaying the launch. Interested candidates should register via the following link: Click here

See FAQs
Question: If I pay this amount now, is it too early?

Answer: Yes, but it is good for you, because in some negotiations with our source our payment would be high, so there will be an additional fee for late payments

Question: If I pay this amount, will I pay an additional fee?

Answer: no! But if it is guaranteed so late, the payees would bear the cause

Question: Is this payment for each subject?

Answer: no! For all 8 subjects {except religious and tribal courses, e.g. B. crs, irs, hausa, igbo etc.}

Question: How soon would these answers come?

Answer: Our source never let us down, but answers and / or questions will come to you at least one day before the exam.

Question: How am I sure this is not a scam?

Answer: no! And never! The outbound GCE felt our endless responses hours before the exam, but since the wait is easier the day before the exam, it’s a safe time. As a very serious student, you should never miss this opportunity. {Write once, spend less}

More FAQs

(1) Question: How does a person register for WAEC exams, for example the WASSCE?

A. The council normally advertises entry deadlines and procedures in national newspapers. For example, with regard to WASSCE, the Council carries out two audits each year; the first in May / June for school candidates and the second in October / November for private candidates.

Registration for WASSCE in May / June or November / December is done online. The May / June exam is aimed at school candidates. All entry formalities are carried out by the schools that present the candidates.

When examining private candidates, entry is individual. A potential candidate buys the entry scratch card, which he can use to fill out the registration form on the Council’s registration A registered candidate then prints the ID card from the website, which contains important information about the candidate’s name, location, number and topics entered. The exam schedule and curriculum are also made available to potential candidates on the website.

It is important to note that a potential candidate receives two scratch cards after paying the prescribed fee to the accredited sales agent, one for online registration and one for online verification of results.

(2) Q. What are the entry requirements for the WASSCE exam?

A. Candidates must take at least eight (8) and a maximum of nine (9) subjects and sit there.
These must include:
(i) English language
(ii) Mathematics
(iii) At least one Nigerian language (see footnote)
(iv) At least one from the fields of physics, chemistry and biology.
(v) At least one of the literatures in English, history and geography.
(vi) agricultural science or at least one professional subject.

These are the key issues.

In addition, each student must offer three of the subordinate subjects that have not yet been offered as core subjects:

Biology, economics, physics, accounting, chemistry, typewriter, further mathematics, shorthand, trade, history, geography, literature in English, agricultural sciences, woodwork, health sciences, auto mechanics, building construction, music, clothing and textiles, art, Christian religious knowledge, French, Islamic Studies, Physical Education, Arabic Studies, Government, Metal Processing, Applied Electricity, Electronics, Food and Nutrition, Technical Drawing Home Management.

NOTE: During the 2003 exam, the Federal Ministry of Education waived Nigerian languages. This means that applicants’ contributions are valid for the duration of the waiver, with or without the Nigerian language

(3) Q. Who are qualified to participate in the WASSCE?

A. In the case of the school exam, the potential candidate in the SS 3 class must be from a recognized school.
For the examination of private candidates, one of the following categories can be submitted for the WASSCE:

a. Those who have tried WASSCE in the past few years;
b. Those who tried the GCE and received a pass in at least three subjects;
c. Those who have passed the second grade teacher exam.

(4) Q. Does the WAEC prepare candidates for their exams?

A. WAEC does not prepare candidates for their exams by setting up secondary schools or practice centers, and such facilities are not affiliated to the Council. WAEC provides feedback in the form of a report by the chief examiner on the performance of the candidates in the various papers for each exam diet, which helps schools and private candidates adequately prepare for subsequent exams. The principal auditor’s reports are available nationwide at the Council offices.

(5) Q. Who are the officials involved in the WAEC exams?

A. There are three categories of officials: supervisors, supervisors, and inspectors.
Supervisors are teachers appointed by the various government departments of education. You are actually responsible for conducting the exams in different centers. It is your responsibility to collect questionnaires from the custodian and return response scripts to the custodian.
Supervisors typically instruct staff appointed by their school principals to assist center supervisors, while inspectors are WAEC staff who move from one center to another during the exam.

(6) Q. Does WAEC have a way to discipline malfunctioning officials?

A. Yes. Reports of officials who are teachers are addressed to the various government departments of education and the entire Nigerian Conference of Headmasters of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS) for disciplinary action. Such officials have been disciplined in the past. WAEC has its own procedures for disciplining faulty inspectors.

(7) Q. Do WAEC officials mark candidates’ scripts?

On a. Scripts are identified by auditors appointed by WAEC. As a rule, they are educators who are familiar with the teaching situation and whose identity should not be revealed.

(8th) Question: Who are these examiners and how are they appointed?

A. WAEC examiners are mainly university teachers at secondary schools and some lecturers at universities of teacher education, universities and technical colleges.
A prospective examiner must be a graduate of the subject for which he was appointed. In addition, he must have at least two years of classroom teaching experience and be recommended by the headmaster of the school where he teaches.

(9) Q. How does WAEC ensure standardization in grading?

A. First, an expert committee creates an assessment guide. All appointed examiners are then thoroughly instructed in all aspects of the grading scheme in a simulated grading exercise called coordination. The actual assessment only begins when the coordinators are convinced that all auditors know what is required of them.

Even when the actual grading begins, the examiners are not left alone. They are organized in small groups, each of which is supervised by an experienced examiner called a team leader. The team leader will gradually review and review the labeling of group members to ensure that they adhere to the guidelines. The team leaders themselves are supervised by more experienced examiners, who are referred to as chief examiners. Upon completion of the labeling, WAEC employs another group of employees called Checkers.

The main task of Checkers is to ensure that all grades awarded by the examiners are recorded correctly and transferred to the corresponding evaluation sheets.

(10) Q. Can a candidate register a protest against his or her exam result? If yes how?

A. Yes, but only if he is a school candidate. A private candidate is not planned in this regard. Even then, a school candidate doesn’t write directly to WAEC. It is his client who, knowing the applicant’s skills, forwards an application to review the applicant’s scripts. Of course, a certain fee must be paid for each paper to be checked. Such requests should be sent within sixty days of each review.

(12) Q. What are the actions that constitute an exam error?

A comprehensive list of offenses can be found in the Council’s regulations and curricula.

(13) Q. Can the May / June and November / December WASSCE results be combined for regulatory purposes?

A. Yes.

(14) Q. How can a candidate correct errors on their certificates?

A. A private candidate sends their request for change directly to WAEC, while in the case of a school candidate, the school principal makes the request.

In both cases, the original copy of the certificate should be sent with the request for change. WAEC charges a fee for the change if it is determined that the mistake was made by the candidate, otherwise it is free.

(15) Q. Why do candidates sometimes have the results partially published?

A. The results are published in part based on queries that result from one or a combination of the following errors:
(a) Incorrect transfer of exam numbers into one or more papers; (b) failure to shade the exam numbers;
(c) shading lens sheets with ballpoint pens instead of a pencil;
(d) Errors in entries that lead to duplicate topics.

(16) Q. How does a candidate collect his certificate?

A. School candidates pick up their certificates at their schools, while private candidates receive their certificates directly from WAEC.

(17) Q. What is the official lifespan of WAEC Certificates?

A. WAEC certificates have no expiry date.

(18) Q. Does WAEC replace lost certificates?

On a. Instead, owners of lost certificates are issued with results declarations or, if necessary, their results confirmed for a fee.

(19) Q: How do you process the confirmation of the result?
A. The confirmation of the result can be processed by sending the following to WAEC:
– A simple fool’s envelope
– A stamped, addressed envelope for every result confirmation
– = N = 250 stamp for local mails
– = N = 350 stamp for international mails
– An affidavit has been made to a court, which should include the following information:

Applicant’s name (complete)
Exam name
Exam year

– Two copies of the passport photos of the candidates per result
– The fee for confirming the result is:
= N = 10,000.00 per result for foreign institutions
= N = 5,000.00 per result for institutions in Nigeria

Confirmed results will not be shared with candidates. They will be sent directly to the institutions / bodies that want to provide the candidates with the information.

(20) Q. What communication channels exist between the candidate and WAEC?

A. WAEC advises against direct communication with school candidates. School candidates are expected to send complaints to WAEC through their school principals, while private candidates should contact WAEC directly.

(21) Q. Which WAEC offices issue certificates?

A. Candidates can collect their certificates from WAEC Zonal and branch offices that are responsible for the country in which they took the exam.

(22) Q. Does WAEC, for example, accredit certificates from foreign institutions?

On a. Accreditation is carried out exclusively by the Federal Ministry of Education.

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