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The South King County subway service has been the unsung hero of transit in the Seattle region for many years. It serves many low-income people in mostly inaccessible communities, but never gets the service improvements that Metro deserves. The COVID-19 crisis has further emphasized the importance of the South End network. Almost every South End trunk road is on the list of Metro’s key routes for key workers. It is always welcome if Metro takes a new look at this critical service.

Metro has recently engaged in one Renton-Kent-Auburn mobility projectI’m thinking about how I can improve the all-day network that revolves around Kent Station and serves the Green River Valley and Kent East Hill. Metro presented a planned restructuring last fall and made minor improvements after receiving public comments. The King County Council is now considering the resultwhich is expected to be adopted and will enter into force September 2020.

The proposal focuses on a new one Route 160that should use the same routing as the future RapidRide I Line. The route would effectively be an extension of current route 169, which absorbs the portion of current route 180 between Kent station and Auburn station. Route 160 is currently being planned with frequencies similar to Route 169, and further improvements will be achieved with the conversion of the RapidRide I line in 2023. Other changes complement each other and are described later in this article.

Of course, due to COVID-19, Metro is in an environment of great operational and financial uncertainty. The proposed frequencies in this proposal do not reflect Metro’s temporary reduced schedule or permanent cuts that may be required due to the financial impact of COVID-19. If the economic impact of COVID-19 continues, what drivers will finally see on the road in September 2020 may look significantly different than after the jump.

Kent Station full day network

The heart of this service change is a new all-day network around Kent Station. Most all-day routes serving Kent Station change somehow, and many places get more direct connections and frequency improvements. The most important routes in the all-day network are listed below.

Route 160: Renton-East HIll-Kent-Auburn

As described above, this is the central path of restructuring and is intended to strengthen a frequently used connection between Auburn Way and Kent East Hill. The route is a combination of electricity Route 169 and the Kent-Auburn part of the stream Route 180. This would improve daytime service on the Auburn Way to 15 minutes on weekdays, meet capacity needs, and provide more reliable connections to Route 150 to Seattle. Other portions of Route 180 would be at their own service, which are described below.

Route 165: Green River College – East Hill – Kent – Highline – Burien

This new route is a combination of current ones Routes 164 and 166with minor changes to both, resulting in a mostly straight east-west corridor between Lake Meridian and Des Moines.

On East Hill, the route would no longer serve the Kent-Meridian High School area (which is well served by other services), but instead a new all-day coverage of the commercial area north of Lake Meridian at 132nd Ave SE and SE 240th St . (This service would largely replace DART Route 916This would be deleted.) Current drivers of Route 164 would also receive a Sunday service for the first time, which was always a puzzling omission given the high and growing number of drivers on the route. On the negative side of the ledger, some drivers along James Street, who are currently used to a 15-minute service on the combination of current routes 164 and 168, will see service cut to half an hour off-peak.

In West Kent, the route would replace a poorly used detour on Reith Road, most of which is already served on Route 183, with connections to the lakes and a new planned community off Veterans Dr across the river. The new full-time service to the lakes would replace Route 913, an hourly DART shuttle only on weekdays.

Other sections of the route, including the Des Moines-Burien service, would remain unchanged.

Route 168: Kent-Covington-Maple Valley

This is an existing route that is being straightened, losing its curves in Kent East Hill and becoming an almost straight shot SR 518 516 between Kent and Maple Valley. (The only hiccup is the detour to serve Timberlane that still exists.) The change shortens the trips between Kent and Covington for drivers who have been excluded from deletion Routes 158 and 159who will now use sounder to get to Seattle. It will also increase the effective frequency between Kent Station and the Kent-Meridian High School area, a widely used connection. Finally, the night and weekend frequency is improved to 30 minutes with a much longer operating time, which significantly improves access to Maple Valley and Covington.

Route 161: Kent-SeaTac-Burien

This new route is largely an uncomplicated replacement for the northern half of Route 180 between Kent and Burien, who work at a similar frequency and (wide enough for the crazy hours of airport employees). However, there is a change. Between Kent Station and S 212th St, the route will use the Central Way and 84th Av S instead of the 64th Av S. This change, which is most likely an attempt to avoid congestion on James St, will double with part of Route 153. It may be possible (although there is no evidence of this in the materials prepared by Metro) Route 153 and 161 for a 15-minute service along the 84th Av S during midday on weekdays.

Route 914: Kent-East Hill DART

Kent has long had a constellation of rare DART routes designed to provide lifelines to a number of areas that are otherwise not served by transit. Two of the three routes, 913 and 916, would be deleted, largely replacing their service with a combination of the full-day routes described above and a minor revision of the survivors Route 914. In turn, Route 914 would receive a half-hourly frequency on weekdays, which would greatly improve access to the areas it continues to serve.

The only area that would completely lose service would be the Riverview area in northwestern Kent, which generated close to zero drivers on Route 913. All drivers there would have to walk a bit to access Route 161 on S 212 St or Route 165 on Veterans DR.

Kent-Seattle Peak Service

The persistence of several commuter routes from Kent to Seattle despite the presence of Sounder, although most pass by a Sounder station, has been a minor curiosity on the subway network for years. It is also a testament to the ability of drivers to stop changes when they are well organized.

This restructuring makes the routes more efficient but does not delete them entirely.

Routes 158 and 159 are combined into a new one Route 162and lose their meandering tails through the Kent East Hill neighborhoods. (Almost all of the coverage is replaced by all-day routes serving Kent Station.) Route 162 is a straightforward express between Lake Meridian P&R and Seattle, stopping at Kent Station and Kent-Des Moines P&R en route . An increased frequency on Route 162 also means the death blow for Route 192, a poorly used express serving Kent-Des Moines P&R and Military Rd S in West Kent. Buses are not being used enough to further replace Route 192 Route 190 between downtown and Star Lake will now stop at Kent / Des Moines P&R.

Route 157, a serpentine oddball commuter route between East Hill, the Green River Valley and Seattle, which resulted from the combination of even stranger routes 160 and 163 a few years ago, will undergo a minor revision near Lake Meridian P&R to to replace a small part of the deleted route 158, but otherwise remains intact.

Full day changes in Auburn

The other two cities in the mix, Auburn and Renton, each see less profound changes in their all-day networks. Auburn’s changes are more serious than Renton’s.

North Auburn

In North Auburn, Route 180 is replaced by more often Route 160, described above. The increased frequency makes up most of DART Route 910 superfluous and the route is omitted. (The rest of Route 910 is replaced by an increased frequency on Route 917.)

South Auburn and Algona / Pacific

In the mass of South Auburn, the old is new again. The part of Route 180 A separate route is being established south of Auburn Station, which meanders a variety of community facilities in the region before ending at the White River Junction. That new Route 184 will be recognizable to residents as identical to previous ones Route 151which was separated from Route 150 in exactly the same way many years ago before it was restructured into Route 180 a few years later. The frequency remains every 30 minutes for a longer period, with the exception that morning drives on weekdays are now tuned to Sounder departures.

Via the railroad tracks in Algona and Pacific, DART Route 917 The frequency increases to around half an hour on weekdays to compensate for the deleted Route 910and receives hourly Sunday service. It also loses connection to White River Junction and its connection to Route 184. Drivers wishing to travel between Pacific and South Auburn must walk or take indirect travel through Auburn Station.

All day Renton changes

From Renton’s perspective, changes are minor and should be largely welcome. Route 105 If you operate the inner Renton highlands, the peak frequency is increased by 15 minutes, which largely makes up for the loss of deleted DART Route 908. There are routing adjustments in Benson Hill where Route 148 is being redesigned to serve the commercial area along 116th Ave SE, but will discontinue service to the neighborhood streets to the east. (The route continues to serve Lindbergh High and Fairwood.) The change enables DART to be straightened Route 906, which will go straight along SE Petrovitsky Rd between Valley Medical Center and Fairwood.

Impact on every route

Below is a list of the routes in the affected area with a brief summary of changes to each route:

  • F line: No changes
  • 101: No changes
  • 102: No changes
  • 105: More frequent (15 minute) top service.
  • 106: No changes
  • 107: No changes
  • 143: No changes
  • 148: The routing has been revised to serve 116 Ave SE in Benson Hill
  • 150: No changes
  • 153: No changes, but additional service on Route 161 along the 84th Ave S segment
  • 157: Minor changes to the route near Lake Meridian
  • 158: Deleted, replaced by routes 162 (from Lake Meridian P&R to Seattle), 165 (north of Lake Meridian) and 168 (along the SR) 518 516)
  • 159:: Deleted, replaced by routes 162 (from Lake Meridian P&R to Seattle) and 168 (in Covington and Timberlane)
  • 164:: Deleted, but replaced and improved by the new Route 165 with minor route changes in East Hil, improved night frequency and new Sunday service
  • 166:: Deleted, but replaced and improved by the new Route 165, with route changes in West Kent and improved night frequency
  • 167: No changes
  • 168: The routing in East Hill has been optimized, the night and weekend frequency has been improved
  • 169: Replaced and expanded with new Route 160 (extended to Auburn at the southern end)
  • 180: Replaced by:
    • Kent Seatac Burien: New route 161 with route change in Kent
    • Kent-Auburn: New route 160 with improved frequency on weekdays
    • South Auburn: New route 184, like old route 151
  • 181: No changes
  • 183: No changes
  • 186/915: No changes
  • 190: Will now stop at Kent / Des Moines P&R
  • 192: Deleted, replaced by new Route 162 and revised Route 190 by Kent / Des Moines P & R.
  • 906: Straight routing in Benson Hill
  • 907: No changes
  • 908:: Deleted, replaced by routes 105 (with increased peak frequency) and 240
  • 910:: Deleted, replaced in North Auburn by increased frequency on the new Route 160 and in South Auburn by increased frequency on the DART Route 917
  • 913:: Deleted, replaced by Route 914 (downtown Kent); Route 165 (in the lakes); Route 161 (on S 212 St) and Route 150 (along 68 Av S)
  • 914: Revised routing for areas served by the deleted Route 916. Service in certain parts of East Hill replaced with new Route 165 and Route 168 revised.
  • 916:: Deleted, replaced by Route 914 (in downtown Kent and parts of East Hill), new Route 165 and revised Route 168
  • 917: Frequency on weekdays improved to 30-40 minutes; new Sunday service; White River Junction Stop removed

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