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Upcycle sofa bed

We once bought a sofa online without first sitting on it. Big mistake. It was a sofa bed and although it is a great bed, the seat upholstery started to wither and look sad within a few days of sitting. Many years later, it still lives as a sofa bed in our guest room, so I decided to turn it into something we loved.

Upcycle sofa bed
The original sofa urgently needs a facelift!

The first task was to decide which substance to use. The main part of the sofa is still in good condition, so I chose something that fits. I also thought it would consume quite a bit of fabric, so I didn’t want to buy anything too expensive. I bought one and chose this funky steampunk fabric, a bargain on ebay for just £ 5 a meter.

A little steampunk radio for the sofa

Next I took the five pillows off the sofa. I knew I would not reuse the three smaller pillows on the back, so I opened each of them and stuffed the two large pillows you are sitting on with their interior to make them comfortable again. I then ordered four small pillows from Amazon to walk along the back.

When I didn’t use the top three pillows, I got a lot of bonus fill for the headquarters

With the main pillows all bulging, I realized that my original idea of ​​making box-shaped zipper covers for the two big pillows would not work because I would never get them through the zipper hole. Since they are almost as deep as a mattress, I thought I’d cover them like a fitted sheet instead.

I placed the large pillow on the fabric to see how it would wrap around the pillow. Then I realized that the fabric wasn’t wide enough … so I bought more fabric to make the existing fabric wider. After doing that, I cut a square large enough to wrap the pillow. I then cut squares out of each corner and sewed the two edges I cut to join each square into a box corner.

Large pillow happily stuffed and wrapped

Once I got the box shape, I edged the edge and left a gap through which I inserted rubber band. As you can see in the photo above, I threaded, tightened and tied the elastic all the way through the hem so it doesn’t slip.

I then made the covers for each of the smaller pillows. They were 16-inch pillows, so I cut strips of fabric that were 17 inches wide and 35 inches long. I hemmed a short end of the fabric as it would be seen on the back, then I folded the strip so that one end covered 9.5 inches, the other 9 inches and 16 inches covered the pillow in the middle. I then sewed the edges together to form a pillow.

Four pillows didn’t quite fill the gap in the back, so I wanted one more. However, I didn’t want to spend any more money on the project (and the pillows came in pairs), so I used some fabric and stuffing from the sofa to make a small pillow instead.

Make a small pillow from an old, larger pillow
Then I sewed the page shut, stuffed it and sealed it

When they were all finished and sitting on the sofa, the most comfortable thing was for me to sit on the sofa I ever had. I sew in the guest room in which she lives so that I can really enjoy sewing. It was a fun project. And cheaper than buying a new sofa bed!

The finished sofa bed. Much more convenient than before!

Have you redesigned furniture? I would love to hear about it if you have.


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Fabric: A whopping 8m = £ 40

Pillows: Four = £ 16

Total: £ 56 This is instead of a new sofa bed for a few hundred pounds so I’m happy with it!

Best music for this project: Sit down with James (of course)

Best cake for this project: Coffee and walnut (matches the sofa)

Jo Burgess

Jo Burgess

Jo Burgess is from Northern Ireland and is an England-based girl who loves crazy rock music. With a career as a motorsport journalist in England, the film industry in Northern Ireland, and ghost travels in Scotland, her background is as confused as her love for the craft. Jo will try everything and loves learning a new skill with tea and cake, sly friends and great music from her speakers. Cross stitch, electronics, sewing, bead embroidery, glass melting – she loves everything and through this column Jo hopes to pass on her love for various crafts, music and (of course) cakes to you. Handicrafts stones!

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