The difference between home decoration and home staging Home Staging

The goal of a home stager is to package a house so that it sells quickly and achieves the highest price. This is accomplished by first presenting the best visual image online that a home show is planning. This means presenting the best properties of the house and a lifestyle to attract the largest pool of buyers that lead to a house presentation.

Best month to sell home?

The investment for the preparation and implementation of a home is between 0.5 and 1% of the list price. These costs can include updating furnishings, painting, handicrafts, furniture and art rental, and the staging expert’s fees.

How a home stager plans spaces:
Home artists use furniture, accessories, art, and plants to weaken the positive aspects of the home and target the largest pool of buyers. The personal style preferences of the house seller play no role in the staging.

Install Home Stager Furniture, accessories and elements to best present the style of the house and that will appeal to the prospects. Professional photos are important to overcome the clutter of other online households. This can mean that certain elements are installed that make a lifestyle statement and present themselves well online.

It is not uncommon to stage with less furniture than in a decoration project. Fewer objects make the rooms feel larger. In the perfect world, a good home stager installs items that not only fit in the room, but also align with the price of the house to be sold. If the house seller does not provide the stager with a reasonable budget, the items installed may not be ideal.

Best month to sell home?

Tailor-made – furnishing options
Taking into account the architectural style of the house, a property manager selects furniture from his available inventory at the time the contract is executed. The selection is tailored to best suit the buyer’s profile. Stager’s inventory changes every day based on the staged houses. Planning can affect the availability of the facility.

The stager selects the elements
The home seller does not approve the items before staging. They hire a professional and need to trust their expertise and remember why they are staging to sell the house.

Changes after installation
Most stagers charge a fee for editing a staging function after the items are installed. If the home owner or broker has ideas or insights, they must be shared with the stager in the planning process.

How long does it take to plan and install the deployment?
Depending on the size of the house and the project load of the team, the phase can last 2 to 5 days. Deployment takes less time, but requires 10 days’ notice to pick up the items.

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