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One of my favorite things to write about when life seemed normal was an afternoon in our local cafe. We wrote surrounded by a dozen others who were all connected to their laptops and earphones. The sun came through the large windows, I sank into my leather armchair and drank a new selection of tea in the huge cups of the coffee shop.

I also wrote at home when my family was out. But mostly in the café. I was incredibly productive there, in spite of the music and the amount and the confined space.

Then my café only went to take away. During the first month of my life in Covid, my writing stopped completely, so I didn’t even miss the cafe. After a month, I started missing my story. But where should I write?

I started asking other writers what they were doing. Most of them found it difficult to suddenly have company and do something at the kitchen table while the spouse was working in the guest room / office and the children were playing in the living room. A casual question from a family member passing by could derail the train of thought for that day. Some were successful with good earbuds. Others, who had to be unobserved, suffered.

I am lucky to have a home office. A sun-drenched and pleasant room, it has a door and lots of privacy. But here I teach, edit and coach other writers where I immerse myself in other people’s writing. Not my own. It is not set up as a creative space.

I thought about options. The bedroom was one. A comfortable chair next to the window niche, my laptop on the EMR lap board, the door closed. That worked for a couple of writing sessions. Another was my office, but not at my desk – with a standing switch above a low bookcase. A third has just opened: our screened-in porch. Most days it is still cool in April, typical of New England, but soon I can use it.

All these searches led me to the question: What is really important for creativity? How can I adapt, what do I absolutely need?

1. I need a feeling of privacy. Losing yourself in my writing means not being observed. It can’t just happen in a protective family, but I can negotiate. Place the Do Not Disturb sign for an hour or two if agreed in advance.

2. Sound controlled by me. I don’t need a quiet, just white noise, be it the blurred conversations of other people in the café or music without words. Earphones worked well. Even though I didn’t hear any music, I only blocked ambient noise.

3. I really prefer a very comfortable chair and laptop on the lapboard or a standing desk over my desk and chair. Best of all, having my feet up. Or when I have the rare moment alone in the house and use the dining table to distribute stories and storyboards.

For fun, here are some links to reading writing areas preferred by well-known writers. They are so diverse that our search for creative space in Covid times will be very individual. I wish you all good results from your trip.

If one of the links doesn’t work, go to the sponsorship website and look for the topic. Enjoy the cool photos too!

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