Friday Smackdown: Clenderbeast Spindles – SolidSmack Industrial Design

The spindles fell through the clouds one after the other and then returned. It had happened for years and only with the clouds of the fifth moon. It was only years later that we learned that these were the legs of the clender beasts sprinting through the rain layer of these compounds.

Jan Sarbort – Jan is a Prague based conceptual artist for film and games with a special talent for massive Sky City scenes. Thanks Ron!

British Museum Collection – The British Museum has put 4.5 million pieces of its collection from Egypt and America online for sculptures, paintings and more.

Citizen DJ – Listen to sounds from the Library of Congress collections and combine sounds to create your own “beats”. Super cool.

Desert cities – The photograph by Manuel Alvarez Diestro shows the construction of cities and structures in the desert on the outskirts of Cairo, Alexandria and other cities.

Parks and Rec – Have you heard? A special episode with the whole cast to raise money for Feeding America. Hilarious.

Fair – A free new hand-drawn script font from Arendxstudio with a variety of functions.

Cable tie art. – You will not believe what Elisabeth Picard can do with cable ties and hardware. Some cardboard and paint work too.

Urban Tetris – Instagram follows the week. Mariyan Atanasov creates three-dimensional Tetris art from urban structures.

Raspberry Pi 12MP camera – Raspberry Pi has a new camera with more MP and interchangeable lens mount. All for $ 50.

Alive – Bring back New York rap. Yes, that from Beastie Boys. Completely revised. It can be nice to be alive.

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