EUF, ESN and ESU launch # Erasmus500, the campaign “for a truly European Erasmus grant” – platform for lifelong learning Adult Education

Today, the Europea University Foundation, the European student union and the Erasmus Student Network start a suggestion for a mobility grant of € 500 / month from 2021. Your declaration builds on a DAAD proposal from 2019 and aims to address key issues such as inclusiveness, specification and support.

The Erasmus program provides an invaluable framework through which our universities create joint educational initiatives, promote innovation in teaching and learning, and conduct peer learning activities. Student mobility not only cemented inter-university cooperation, but the entire European project.

If Erasmus is a key catalyst for generating open-minded, civic and populist-resistant European citizens, it is important that the next program involves a larger number of participants and is more inclusive than it is today. Financial obstacles have been the greatest deterrent to participation in mobility programs for many years. For this reason, we are calling for the Erasmus grants to be reformulated into an integrative and transparent system with a universal basis of EUR 500 / month:

  • A scholarship of € 500 / month offers a realistic way to compensate for the loss of income for working students.
  • A simpler grant system increases transparency and promotes the program better.
  • A grant of € 500 / month in many European cities is more likely to cover subsistence costs than the average grant of € 336 / month in 2018.
  • By setting a minimum grant with the option of increasing, it is possible to reallocate the remaining funds and provide more grants each year.

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