A few thoughts that I would like to share Theology

What this nation REALLY needs is right

… Actually,
It can be even more important to put it this way: what the WORLD really needs
right now. But let’s just limit ourselves to that
the US for now.

We as
Nation, seem to be between a rock and a hard place. Make too little of COVID-19 and vulnerable
People will die. Make too much of it
and the economy will die. It is almost
as if the United States is under God’s judgment. Mockers will dismiss this idea as that
Superstition backward, thoughtless zealot. The governor of New York said as
a lot recently. Some others willing to admit that there is a Creator
God will be offended by the very thought that such a supreme being could bring
Discomfort for those he loves so much; You know, the ones he has one for
wonderful plan for her life …

The old
The scriptures of the will are filled with records of the fall of the people of God
and submit to his judgment to take her to a place of repentance. Although these judgments were made
from God on Gentiles may come to mind first, they are relatively few in number
compared to those that his chosen people brought to Israel. The seven plagues that were triggered
Egypt in the days of Moses makes the corona virus look like a slight headache
Comparison. The destruction of sodom and
Gomorrah over fire and sulfur was crucial and deadly and different from what we see
in our current situation left no doubt that it was God’s judgment. The worldwide flood that destroyed everyone
Except for one family, humanity is only surpassed by a fiery one that does not yet exist

But the
The nature of God’s judgment is not always so dramatic. When asked about a tower that had dropped to eighteen
People, Jesus didn’t call it an unfortunate accident or even spoke specifically
to the sinfulness of those who perished.
Instead, he said: “
Think you were sinners
especially men who lived in Jerusalem?
I tell you no, but if you don’t turn around, you
everyone will die too.
(Luke 13: 4-5)

Buses! It is a word that we no longer see
as the occasional cartoon character of a dressed, long-bearded man holding a sign
with the message “Regret, the end is near!” Now whether the end is near is
not in the context of the message I have for you today. But repentance is.

COVID-19 is a judgment of God over our nation (or do it “over the world”).
if you wanna go with the big picture) is not my point. My point is the COVID-19 AND the
impending economic collapse together ARE a judgment of God, albeit on
At the time I am writing this, we could be more specific than “a
Call for Repentance ”instead of an actual judgment. Yes, I believe that our current crisis is
far too mild, both in terms of deaths and in terms of the extent of economic hardship, to
Call it judgment right. When
Almighty God brings judgment over a country, it is probably described
with phrases like “not one stone is on another” when speaking of it
Buildings and “in hunger, thirst, nudity and lack of everything” too
describe the residents.

No we are
not yet to God’s full wrath.
But we should ask ourselves, why not?
We allow babies to be killed while we are still in the womb
extremely from sanctioning this murder on the day of her birth. It has become fashionable to celebrate everyone
hideous thing that God calls an abomination. Sex outside of marriage and marriage
outside of nature. Men who are passionate about men and women do the same. You could say that “love is love” and “abortion
is health care ”, but the Word of God that doesn’t go away still warns:“ w
to those who call evil good and good evil
”. (Isaiah 5:20)

How long
Will our nation continue to laugh at the idea that there is a God?
secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) cursing him quietly? How long will the majestic, infinite,
The eternal, holy creator of all things allows us to continue in vain
Rebellion? I suspect it will be up
Repentance or destruction occurs.
He IS a patient and merciful god, but don’t test his patience in
to satisfy the desires of your meat and to forget that you really only save

above for you more

anger to the

the day of anger when God’s righteous judgment is revealed. (Romans 2: 5)

Well, if
Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior and Friend (because if you are not his
Servant, his disciple and friend, he is not your savior either
Neither plague nor famine should scare you. When King Jesus sits on the throne
Don’t let COVID-19 scare you. Speak to the apostle
Paul: “Life is Christ and death is profit!” (Philippians 1:21)

Friend, do not hold onto earthly possessions so tightly that you are driven to do so
Despair at the thought of losing her. Rather answer again with the apostle:
I have learned the secret of the face under all circumstances
Abundance and hunger, abundance and need. I can do anything through him who
strengthens me
(Philippians 4: 12-13)

But on the
On the other hand, if you can’t honestly claim the Christian’s name (and may God)
admit that you are not deceived in this matter) then these are comforting words Not
to you. Whether you refuse this gift
“Shamdemic” because you are young and healthy or because you believe that
“Heal” to be worse than the disease, then I ask you to seek protection locally. Don’t take any chances to sign a contract
be a deadly disease! And that applies not only to COVID-19, but to any other type
from flu, infection or accident. The lake of fire waits without Jesus You!
Stay at home, hide under a table and look for the Lord, because without him you are
an eternity in which the fire is not extinguished. (Mark 9:48)

If you are
an atheist or agnostic, Jew, Muslim or Buddhist who is already staying
At home as much as humanly possible, in a state of mild panic as you can be
affected by this deadly disease, then stay there! Take cover (under a table in
An interior is perhaps the best since its tornado season and remains there
crouch out of a very dangerous world that can kill you in countless ways. Stay there until you regret yours
sins and finally has peace with God.

What does
does this nation really need now? The
The whole world needs the same thing now: to come to the place of repentance
to God and to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ!


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