Create a zen corner to find peace Interior Design

How are you? I admit to being alone for over a month (except of course my puppy Sansa) is starting to strain me. What day is today? Who else knows that? Still, I firmly believe it is important to slow down the pandemic curve if you live in or near a hotspot, or to prevent one from appearing. They said we were in a wave right here in Massachusetts and they were right. It is worth staying at home.

One thing that I really liked is the free offers, performances, courses and YouTube programs that come from celebrities. It definitely nourishes the curiosity of this curious body. Yesterday I was thrilled to be able to take part in a practical distance learning program with one of the world’s leading decoupage artists, Jill Barnes-Dacey. Jill is based in Germany and the participants dialed in from all over the world via Zoom, including a woman who got up at 1:00 a.m. to participate. Jill sent some printable artwork and we all worked on similar (but very different) pieces that we had on hand. I started the bowl at the top and am looking forward to finishing it! One thing I don’t have is a dedicated craft room. So when I work on a project, it feels like it will take over my whole house. Because it is so!

Having some time to relax and focus on a single task – like decoupage, reading or just drinking a cup of tea and maybe taking a moment to calm down through prayer, meditation or just contemplating to find – is such a mood enhancer. Do you have a place in your home for this? Whether you live alone like me or settle at home with an extended family, I think a Zen corner will make such a difference.

Linda Merrill design armchair by fireplace reading books
Design by Linda Merrill | Photography by Michael J. Lee

Create your zen corner by shopping at home

Oss & Main Reading Corner via Better Homes & Gardens Zen Corner
via Joss & Main Reading corner via Better Homes & Gardens Zen corner

Since for many of us it is currently not possible to run out and shop, you can shop at home and create your own Zen corner. Find a place in the corner of your master bedroom or at the end of a hallway, then steal a chair, lamp, and maybe a side table from other places in your house and create something new. Changing things by moving is a great way to see your home and interior in a new way.

Turn away and find your zen corner

Reading corner via Lonny Magazine Photo by Jessica Antola Zen Ecke
A reading corner above Lonny Magazine. Photo by Jessica Antola

I love this little corner in the picture above. But what really impressed me is if someone is looking for Zen for a little moment, why not turn around this chair to look at the window? It’s okay to turn your back on the room and create a tiny little bubble of personal space, if only for an hour.

Zen corner for two?

Corner dining across Seattle Zen Corner homestead
Corner restaurant over Homestead Seattle

I found this picture on top of domino what is credited Homestead Seattle. This house is a Airbnb in Seattle, however, the styling is different. But if you have a small unused corner, you might want to order a tiny table and chairs (unless you have a set hanging around) to create this perfect little place to rest and rejuvenate. This special Airbnb can accommodate up to 10 people. Offering some places for personal use is therefore a great way to make guests feel most comfortable.

Playroom-under-stairs-pink-purple-tinsel-tree-Newburyport-Christmas-decoration-house-tour-2018 Zen-corner

A few years ago I saw this cute little children’s room on a tour of the holiday home. This is the room under the main stairs in the house (hard to see in the photo, but the door was still there). How cute is that for a little kid? But you can also use a small chair or bench with comfortable cushions for a small private space for adults.

I firmly believe in moving things and seeing our houses in a new light. I hope this gave you some ideas for creating your own Zen corner!

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