Here in Michigan and in many other states, real estate was not considered essential while ordering at home. The snowball effect is that brokers and photographers are also not allowed to come to your home. But there is good news! Homeowners can take a video tour of their home for marketing purposes … and it works! Listings are contracted despite the challenges.

Even if you are not a professional photographer, the goal remains to show your home in the best light. So here you are 12 tips for sellers listing videos to give potential buyers a pleasant experience. This could be your only chance to make a lasting impression. The only impression!

  1. Timed coordination: Most real estate sites like Zillow only allow a 2 minute video. If your home is not a one-room studio, 2 minutes is not enough to photograph the entire room. You can record a long video that can be published on a digital marketing platform and edited for a shorter version if necessary. When recording multiple shorter videos, you don’t have to start over if you make a mistake.
    I find that it takes between 1.5 minutes and 2 minutes to effectively photograph 1-2 rooms at a time. This is also a good length of time for videos sent from your phone to your broker. If you take a break between shots, you can regroup and plan the angles for the next field. Keep an eye on your timer!
  1. Clean it up: Before you start, you need to be clean and tidy inside and out. Turn on all interior lights and make sure the doors are unlocked so you don’t waste valuable video time fiddling with a lock.
  2. Curb view: Start at the curb with a full view of the house. Take a slow, steady step to the front door. Slowly pan to interesting areas like a new driveway, a new roof or pretty flowers. Go to the front door and go inside just like a buyer would.
  3. Move slowly: Remember to move the camera slowly. Shoppers will strive to see everything on their screen as the camera moves. You don’t want to make her dizzy!
  4. Don’t try to hide anything: Avoid hot spots like old carpets. You’ll see it in person sometime, so it might as well be now! If you deliberately avoid hot spots like floors, you will also wonder why and what you are hiding.
  5. Hide yourself: Make every attempt to stay out of the shot. Reflective surfaces like windows and mirrors can be difficult to avoid, but you don’t want to be in the video more than your family photos should be in a list photo. A great way to avoid bathroom mirrors is to focus on the vanity or floor until you’ve moved to a position where you can show the mirror without YOU. Leave glass doors open when you approach the camera.
  6. Video during the day: Professional photographers prefer to take pictures of a house before 3:30 p.m. so they can use the sunlight. You should too! When you take pictures during the day, black windows are also removed, which basically become mirrors and are difficult to avoid to capture your own reflection.
  7. Pan the room: When you enter a room, stop at the door and swing. Continue recording while slowly moving around the room. If cabinets or storage areas are properly organized, show the inside. Swing left and right from the entrance, go to the opposite corner and swivel again. Swivel to the ceiling and then to the floor. Keep shooting the floor when you leave the room. Raise the shot to the door when you go.
  8. Keep it smooth: Do not go up or down stairs while shooting. Point the stairs in the direction you are going, and then pick them up from the top or bottom target. Recording while maneuvering stairs can be risky and wiggle your video.
  9. Show the view: If you have a pleasant view from a particular window, take a look at some point while you are in the room. Avoid bad prospects like the unkempt yard of the neighbor or the side of his house. Also avoid showing parked cars. Rural places often offer beautiful views of the landscape or the water. If you have one, show if you are off as often as possible, but don’t linger too long.
  10. Time to pause: Stop taking pictures of appliances and worktops when taking pictures of a kitchen and bathroom. Zoom in a little on granite and taps like new taps. Stop and highlight the latest updates.
  11. Silence is golden: Make sure it’s quiet! No dogs bark or children scream in the background. Turn off the TV and do not speak. It is not necessary. Let the buyer go through with your own thoughts.

I hope these tips will help you create a successful pass-through video! Try a dry run to learn the best route around the house. Pay attention to your steps and don’t worry, you can shoot over them anytime!

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