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How to create a corporate culture video that will win your customers' hearts

We all want to learn more about the products and services we buy and the people who make them. Who wants to deal with faceless companies these days?

Corporate culture videos are among the best content You can use to promote this connection. Build consumer confidence, build empathy with your audience and allow them to see the human side of the brand.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The thing is, Not all corporate culture videos work! Some feel fake or artificial, while others immediately address your specific target group.

The differences result from a number of crucial aspects that you need to consider if you want to create a really effective and unforgettable video.

In this play we follow in the footsteps of some of the the most experienced video production teams out there. Breakdown the prerequisites for a corporate culture video that wins over the hearts of your customers.

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Download your easy-to-use video script template

Do you need a simple template to write the script for your culture video? Download one and learn everything you need to do to plan an effective corporate video:

Define what your company is about

Your company is more than just profit and sales. it also stands for something. Find out What that something is can be a difficult thing. Finding your company’s identity, however, seems to be such an abstract concept. Let’s break it down into four main elements.

  1. mission:: Every big company starts with a purpose. Your mission is a clear and concise presentation of your main goals, which should guide every decision your company makes, large or small.
  2. vision:: When you have found your purpose, think about fulfilling that purpose. Your vision describes the desired impact of your company on your community and your industry.
    • As you probably guessed, mission and vision work very closely together. Some companies even combine the two into one “Mission statement”.
    • A clear mission statement helps your employees understand how their work affects the industry and the lives of your customers. And your corporate culture video will also get you off to a good start!
  3. values:: These are the moral guidelines that your employees live by, a set of behaviors that represent your company. Whenever your employees find themselves in a dilemma, they only have to consider your company values ​​as a guide.
  4. Culture:: When you add your company’s vision, mission and values, you have your corporate culture. As a result, each culture is unique in its own way.

Concentrate on one or two core values

We saw that too many corporate culture videos went wrong to know You cannot make an effective video by trying to tell too many stories. Don’t overwhelm your audience! Focusing on one or two core values ​​is an important piece of advice if you want viewers to have a clear idea of ​​what you are about.

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How do you make this choice? Well, not every aspect of your business leads to a good video. First, determine which values ​​fit better with the fascinating story you want to tell.

For example, if you want to tell the story of how your company was founded, examine the reason why it all started. Finding out the “why” is a crucial part of finding a story that is unique to you.

Remember that values ​​don’t necessarily have to be original. Their authenticity is important. They are also a joint effort, as a company is only as good as its employees.

If you can clearly define the values ​​that characterize your company, your cultural video will benefit greatly if you reflect that.

When writing the script

Yes, although your video reflects that true life In your company you have to put together a refined script. One that lets you outline the structure of your video and steer the entire video forward.

The key to a fantastic script is to use the power of storytelling. We have always communicated through stories that reflect realistic characters and emotions. Work your message into a three-file structure with a setup, development, and conclusion.

You can fall back on the foundation of your company or use the experience to reach your first customers. You can focus on a specific important day or performance for your business, or just show what a normal workday looks like.

Whatever you choose, you just know it you will always tell it a story.

In this regard, your corporate culture video is mirrored Structure of an explanatory video and execution. Don’t be afraid to be inspired and guided by the way these types of videos flow from one act to another.

In terms of length, both types of videos have similar limitations: since both are best kept around the two-minute mark – So they’re pretty much equivalent. You have 320 words to play with in your script. So let them count!

Real employees, not actors!

For this reason, you primarily wanted to create a video about corporate culture. to show your customers the human heart behind the products or services they love!

If you use actors, you will likely get a heartless video. It doesn’t matter that your audience notices (what they will). How will your employees feel?

The whole point about corporate culture videos is that they provide real insight into your business. Contact key department staff relevant to the piece you put together and ask them to participate, or ask them together to select some people to represent in the piece.

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A quote on corporate culture

If you’re struggling to find a suitable employee who reflects your company’s values, those values ​​may not be as real at all, and you may need to rethink your perspective.

Technical considerations and gear requirements

Most culture videos are based on supplements and graphics that are narrated and interviewed to function. Interviews can be difficult, so we’ll address them later. First, let’s talk a little bit about the basics of putting together your cultural video.


We live in a time when technology is readily available, so you probably won’t have much trouble finding the things you need to capture your video. That said, there are a few “Entry levelsYou can approach that.

  • Basic: High-quality smartphones today have amazing recording functions. You want two for interviews (to capture a primary take and a b-roll) with tripods to keep the pictures steady. You can use the built-in microphone, but a Lavalier microphone is advisable. Open spaces with plenty of natural light are sufficient for lighting, and at least one strong artificial lamp + natural light for indoor photography.
  • Middle: If you want slightly better video quality, you can use consumer-grade camcorders for video. Condenser microphones in front of the camera are a nice upgrade from the basic level. We recommend at least two lights for lighting LED kits (especially if you shoot in rooms with little or no natural light).
  • Advanced: DSLR cameras with lenses gives you the best video definition available. If you have tripods with a simple rail rig available, you can take more dynamic shots. For the best audio feed, you need a separate recording device from the camera. Shotgun microphones or wireless lavalier microphones are ideal. To ensure good lighting, three indoor lighting sets should suffice.

Diagram showing what video equipment you would need depending on your circumstances

Going beyond the basic level, purchasing all of this equipment can be costly and not advisable. Instead, consider renting it or renting video production services that are fully equipped.

You also want to use some motion graphics and inserts to merge the continuity of the piece, and you can outsource them.

Location & methodology

When it comes to locations for your recording, it’s entirely up to you and the requirements of your video. Most cultural videos contain feeds of events that they want to present or active work areas.

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Interviews should be recorded in good-looking rooms without distraction. Framed on the respondent and ideally from two angles: front and angled. This way you can switch between the angles of the final piece and make the piece more dynamic.

If you want to take pictures on site, keep in mind that transporting the equipment and crew can be challenging. If you plan to record for longer than a day, you must also consider the safe storage of the devices.

The basics of conducting and filming an interview

Interviews and testimonials are an important part of corporate culture videos. Since the technical aspects are not in the way, we can take a closer look at how they can be done correctly. Increase your chances of getting as much useful content as possible.

Here are some tips to consider before you sit down with your respondent.

  • First of all, you need to make a list of the main questions you want to ask. It can be useful to read them to yourself and imagine the answers of the employees. What exactly you should ask depends on the perspective of your video and the message you want to deliver.
    • However, make sure that these are nice, open questions that invite the respondent to explain the question themselves. The idea is to stimulate a conversation, not an interrogation!
  • If you want honest answers, you have to make sure that your respondent feels comfortable. You don’t want your employees to believe that they are answering a test that they can or cannot pass.
  • Make it clear from the start that there are no wrong answers. If you share your questionnaire a little in advance, you can also calm down. Do not start the interview immediately. Talk to them for a while before recording and even discuss unrelated topics to reduce the tension that they understandably feel.
  • Remember that a questionnaire is advisable, but you should also be prepared for a real and informal conversation. Feel free to ask new questions during the interview and be open to topics that will naturally arise.
  • Try to include as many voices as possible in your video. If you see your company as a diverse group of people, show this by interviewing many of these faces.
  • Make sure you are filming a lot more footage than you plan for the final editing of your video. As the famous North American writer Ernest Hemingway said: “Good storytelling is like an iceberg.” You only see the top, but the real work is below the surface.

Six tips for conducting and filming a video interview

Promote and distribute your company story video

You have completed your video. Congratulation! However, your work here is not done yet. After all, with a piece no one ever sees, you can’t win a customer’s heart. It’s time to share your creation with the world.

The placement of your company story video depends strictly on what you want to achieve with it. The more places you share your video, the better. You can save resources by focusing on the websites that your target audience normally visits.

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Also, your video shouldn’t feel like you’re selling or promoting anything. Exceptionally, focus the spotlight away from your products or services on your employees and your story.

Your video will look perfect on it About Us section However, you should also consider sharing them through other channels.

Upload your video to your preferred social media platform – Ideally, the one you have a stronger presence with, or the one that your audience most prefers – to start a direct conversation with your customers.

Corporate culture videos are also a great way to attract new talent to your business. Many companies add a link to their culture videos in their job offers or career pages to show what it’s like to work with you.

Wrap up

Corporate culture videos are the most effective way to humanize your brand’s identity to your customers. Telling your story and sharing your corporate values ​​is also a great way to get your employees to understand the value of their work.

People trust people and if you want to build a strong connection with your customers you have to show yourself as something other than an anonymous band. Use these tips and your corporate video will do just that.

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