How to approach Spring Decor Farm House

Does anyone else love spring? I love the new beginning it brings into the year … warm air, blooming flowers and sunshine! As much as I love going outside in the spring months, I also love bringing spring into our home. The first question I am asked is where to start or how to get closer to the spring decor. If I had to give a tip on how to approach the spring decor, it would be to bring the garden in. How do I do that? I think about the things I could use in a garden … watering can, various tools, plants, gloves, boots, plant markings etc. and then bring these items to my home to use in styling a room! I would like to give you my best tips on how to bring the garden into your home …

How to approach Spring Decor
Terracotta pots

Bring the garden in with a few terracotta pots like in this Spring Silhouette coat! I stacked, placed and layered the pots over the mantelpiece to bring spring to my decor.

Floral prints

These floral prints are the perfect way to bring the garden in. If you don’t have blooming flowers yet, these floral prints bring the same mood to the room, but last much longer than flowers. Of course, if you can mix in some real plants to give your Spring Greenhouse coat the perfect touch.

Antique garden tools

To create this spring greenhouse entrance, I’ve collected all of my antique garden tools and terracotta pots! Start by stacking and overlaying all of your different elements until you like the final look. The more antique tools, the better for this!

Pick houseplants

What are the best houseplants? How do you keep her alive? What to do with pets and houseplants? Here you will find everything, FAQs about houseplants!

Happy houseplants

We want to bring in as many real plants as possible when we bring the garden in, but we want to make sure they live! Here I gave quick tips to make your houseplants happy! If you’re having trouble keeping houseplants alive, this is a contribution for you.

Mix your elements

This spring entrance gives me all the garden atmosphere … the plants, tools, watering cans and terracotta pots bring the garden into your home! If you bring in the garden for your spring decor, I strongly recommend mixing different elements of the garden together. For this entrance I have a little bit of everything and I think it feels very spring-like!

When does spring come in?

I am happiest when there is a plant in every corner of our house! In spring I planted a plant in every corner of our house. If the corner doesn’t get good sunlight, I would use an artificial plant instead. But really, our whole house has plants everywhere in spring and I feel that the garden is all around us.

Watering cans

The jacket of the spring watering can is one of my favorites! Pick up a few watering cans, fill them with your favorite spring greens, and drape a large spring garland over the mantelpiece.

Potting soil

While this garden potted bench was technically outside our greenhouse, I had to include it in this post. If you think of everything you would have on or in your greenhouse and bring these elements into your house, you can design so many different rooms! Collect a few garden items in a bucket, bring them inside, and play around until you’ve styled something you love!

Crystal chandelier

In spring I’m always attracted to crystal chandeliers. Try replacing your lamp with a chandelier to add a touch of spring to your home. I love them in the winter garden because they reflect sunlight all over the room and bring so much happiness into the room!

Plant marker

Technically speaking, plant markings are suitable for your garden, but I love to use them in our decor and in our houseplants. These DIY plant markers are perfect for styling in an entrance area, a table setting or a mantelpiece! This is exactly how I bring the garden into our house to find ways to reuse these typical “outdoor” elements. Check out the full DIY here.

Patio decor

Bring the garden to your terrace too! I love to load my patio with plants, especially plants that need a little more sunlight to spread the spring all over our house. In this post you will find suggestions for your spring terrace and some tips for a green thumb.

I hope this gives you inspiration for your spring decor! I love bringing the garden in … a house full of plants has something so happy. You can find more of my blog posts in spring here! Thank you for visiting the blog today and every day.

Xx Liz Marie


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