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Hey, is that the next mega-rich Amazon FBA guru I see there? I think it is…

Welcome to mine Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout review. I owe a large part of my success to these tools. In this test, I will show you how each one made me successful, and you can make the decision yourself.

I’m honest – if you don’t use the right tools, you won’t succeed at FBA. Period. But you need the right tools for you. The last thing you want to do is pay $ 100 a month for something you can’t even use.

In this mega Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout guide for future Scrillionaires, I’ll cover the following:

  • The pros and cons of each tool
  • Which entrepreneur needs which tool?
  • How to tell if you need Helium 10 or just Jungle Scout
  • A breakdown of each tool and its functions
  • A quick breakdown of prices
  • Memes that probably only I find funny

Ready? This will be FBAulous … sorry.

Here is a breakdown of My Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout Guide:

  1. Who needs which tool?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. A breakdown of each tool
  4. Pricing (Is Helium 10 really worth the money?)

Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout? Which tool do I need?

This is a gross oversimplification, but I think it will be very useful.

Ask yourself:

Do I just need a product selection tool to get me started faster, or do I want an entire suite of Amazon tools to be an extremely profitable money machine?

If it’s the former, just get Jungle Scout. If you’re serious about growing up on Amazon, get Helium 10. All serious sellers use it. I haven’t met a single large FBA person who doesn’t have it.

Jungle Scout is definitely a better product sourcing tool. But that’s it. Helium 10 wins in any other category if you ask me.

Get Jungle Scout When …

  • You have a limited budget
  • You just need a great product selection tool
  • You want a tool with a short learning curve

Get Helium 10 if …

  • You have the money to invest
  • You are serious about growing up
  • You need a complete solution for selection, optimization, analysis and business management

Advantages and disadvantages of Jungle Scout


  • Easy
  • Large supplier base
  • The best product selection tool
  • Affordable


  • Not as many tools as helium 10
  • Limited outside of product selection and procurement
  • Not a mobile app

Helium 10 advantages and disadvantages


  • All-in-one of every tool you need to build a profitable business
  • Amazon training
  • Networking
  • Workshops


NOTE: Helium 10 offers a coupon code on its website. I’ll tell you more about this voucher later in pricing.

What is Jungle Scout?

What is jungle scout?

Jungle Scout (JS) is an amazingly powerful Amazon research tool that takes all the hard work and uncertainty of finding successful products and then acts as a finance command center.

It is by far the most popular and well-known Amazon tool for product research, keyword research and supplier procurement that I know of.

Think of it as blinding light in the densest jungle in the world.

This one tool does all of this:

  • Product research: JS shows you Win products in the HIGH DEMANDSo you don’t have to research and play the guessing game.
  • Product tracking: Stay on the pulse of Amazon with sales data, analyzes and inventory data at a glance.
  • Supplier procurement: JS connects you to reliable suppliers This will eliminate the risk of good business going bad (were there. DONE. GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY).
  • Keyword research: Know what buyers are looking for and optimize your offers accordingly. More traffic. More sales. Smile everywhere.
  • Inventory manager: A real time view of your stock. Know how much you can order, increase sales and reduce costs. I love it.

Breakdown of Jungle Scout functions

Jungle Scout is primarily a product research and procurement tool.

It has a number of new features, but as I said, it’s mainly used for product research, contacting suppliers, and introduction.

So I’m just going to stick to the main functions of this breakdown.

Here we go…

Product database – Find the needle in the haystack

Think of Amazon as a giant hay jungle. And a few sharp needles are buried in the trillions of golden hay straws.

The JS product database is a 70 million strong database that you can easily search with detailed filters to find these needles.

Product research is the most important part for success at Amazon. You need to build your house on a solid foundation or other rotten cliché that I don’t like to use but have a need to use it here.

Importance of product research for Amazon FBA

The product database makes it so much easier. You can even target products with terrible offers (my favorite). This way you know that it is easier to outperform your competitors.

Product Tracker – Track product ideas over time

Amazon FBA product tracker

As soon as you have found the next big success, Product Tracker gives you precise data with which you can easily compare products.

Suppose you want to choose between two products: edible glitter or drawn pork shredder claws.

Product research for Amazon FBA

Product options for Amazon

How do you know which one will explode first?

With Product Tracker!

This tool compares them side by side with inventory, bestseller rank, number of sales and price data, so you can make an informed decision instead of just guessing.

With all this data over a long period of time, you make the right choice every time.

Jungle Scout Supplier Database – Peace of Mind

Finding a supplier is a dangerous game.

They have no idea who they are, where they really come from or what type of product they manufacture for you.

Jungle Scout’s supplier database was the first of its kind and is still bad today. This is instant, unrestricted access to high quality, fully verified suppliers.

Instead of dealing with your gut or looking for reasonably reliable information in another country, you can view customer volume, number of confirmed shipments, and current customers, and even easily compare offers.

You will have your product made faster, better and, above all, by someone you can actually trust. This reduces the risk of finding a supplier.

Opportunity Finder – Find KWs with high demand and little competition

Opportunity Finder is a stroke of luck for niches.

Do you know these unique niche products with high margins, high demand and low competition?
How to find them

You can find trend keywords to see what people are buying now (and will be super profitable later!). You can also analyze past niche performance.

It all really comes down to the niche score metric. If you search for products now, you get a nice little number that quantifies how good the product is in a niche, instead of having to guess yourself.

If you choose a bad niche, your business will fail before it even opens.

NOTE: The niche score is not an all-end all-metric. You really need to know your stuff to get a good feel for products.

What is the Jungle Scout Chrome extension?

Jungle Scout Chrome extension

The Chrome extension from Jungle Scout is a bridge between Amazon and Jungle Scout that is integrated directly into your browser.

If you search for products now, you will receive all product information and helpful measurement data with a single click RIGHT IN YOUR BROWSER.

You’ll see opportunity score, price, reviews, daily sales, sales history and a lot of other metrics to help you validate your product ideas.

Now I have good news and bad news.


This is one of the best Amazon selling tools I’ve ever used, and it’s pretty affordable.


It is not included in the JS subscription. You have to pay separately. Much more about this in the price range.

What is helium 10?

Do you remember how I said Jungle Scout was a blinding light in the dark jungle?


Helium 10 is like setting fire to the entire jungle, destroying the remaining bulldozers, and then building a massive, super-profitable Amazon FBA operation that once contained this dense, dark jungle (#SaveTheRainforest).

Let me briefly summarize the difference …

While Jungle Scout is more of a product research tool, Helium 10 is an all-in-one suite of Amazon FBA tools that includes product research PLUS SEO, business management, fraud protection, offer optimization, lead capture, and product launches.

All-in-one suite from Amazon FBA Tools

Jungle Scout is a tool that will help you succeed. Helium 10 is EVERY TOOL you need to succeed in ONE PLACE.

Every serious seller I’ve ever met uses Helium 10.

Here are some of the key features:

Breakdown of Helium 10 functions

Helium 10 is a huge fleet of FBA tools. A trilogy of novels would be required to cover each of them.

So I’m just going to break down the most important ones.

Black Box – Explore everything in the known universe

Helium 10 Black Box review

Black Box is one of the best keyword research tools on the market. It could even be as good as Jungle Scout.

With Black Box, you can find lucrative, successful products in undeveloped niches with intelligent filters such as category, estimated monthly sales and number of sellers. In this way, you will find popular products in niche areas with little competition.

Imagine you are Jeff Bezos and want to open your own Amazon shop in your free time.

You decide that the best product for you is one with a high search volume, medium prices and countless positive reviews.

You open the black box, set your filters, click a button or 2 and voila – this shows you the following:

Black box for comparing products

Black Box has just done everything for you. Imagine all the tax relief lobbying you can do with this extra time!

Cerebro – An unfair advantage

Cerebro Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool

Cerebro is evil black magic from Amazon that disguises itself as an inverse ASIN search tool.

With Cerebro you can destroy your competition. That way, it’s like cursing your competitor’s store.

Basically, Cerebro will reverse engineer successful listings and show you all the reasons why they are successful so that you can create the exact same design, improve it, and outsmart it.

Black. Magic.

Let me explain a little more.

Here’s a quick example to illustrate the evil black magic.

Say … erg … “Jeff Bezos” wants to sell gaming chairs. All he has to do is start his own website, search for gaming chairs and see what is already selling.

Then he simply takes the ASIN out of the product and places it in Cerebro.

The following is returned:

amazon fba product sales statistics

And the…

Helium 10 keyword suggestions

This is literally all you need to know about this listing, as well as Helium 10 suggestions on how to beat it.

I know that some of these terms are probably more Klingon than English, so I’ll explain some:

  • Cerebro IQ Score: This is a score that indicates how good the opportunity is for this product. The higher the better.
  • CPR 8 day giveaways: This is an estimate of how many units you will have to give away in a period of 8 days in order to rank on page 1 for this term.
  • Competing products: Quite self-explanatory. So many competitors compete against you. The less, the better, but high competition does not always mean GOOD competition. Consider everything when evaluating a product.

Magnet – expand your keyword list

Amazon Keyword Research Tool Magnet

Magnet is a great keyword expansion tool with the largest database of actionable search terms on the market, the company says.

Magnet dramatically increases your chances of driving light traffic that your competition is not taking advantage of.

You enter a “start keyword” and Magic spews back thousands of related terms that you may not even know exist.

Back to good old Jeff and his play chair. If he put the words “gaming chair” in magnet, he would get countless lucrative product / kW possibilities like lumbar support, desk accessories (for boys and girls), adjustable desks etc.

Magnet shows you:

  • Related keywords
  • High volume terms
  • Actionable keywords
  • Competing products
  • Top products
  • Word frequency

The cool thing is, if your competition doesn’t use magnet, they don’t have this information. At least not as accurately or exactly as the information you have.

Frankenstein – “It lives! … and it makes my keyword lists much more powerful!”

amazon fba keyword manager

Frankenstein takes a few mismatched parts and turns them into a slim, base fighting machine (hence the name!). The result? You save hours of time and increase your Amazon rank.

How it works …

Typically, keyword lists contain thousands of words, and most of them contain duplicate terms or unnecessary words.

That means you have to spend hours rummaging through your spreadsheet and cleaning up the damn thing. In the end, white hair sprouts and you finally swear off FBA.

Frankenstein does all of this for you immediately. You can set parameters such as “remove FOR or WITH” or other useless words so that only the flesh of the terms remains.

Simply enter your keyword list, set your parameters and click a button.

Clean up a keyword list

IT LIVES!! These are all the words you need to have in your entry to get a rank.

Keywords to be included in the Amazon list

Doodles – Optimize your entries. Overtake everyone.

how to optimize amazon listings with doodles

Scribbles is my personal favorite tool. Partly because I like to write (not really) and partly because I love being number 1 for my products, selling boat loads and traveling the world with my private jet all day … I wish :(.

Seriously, Scribbles is a fantastic, intuitive offer optimization tool that ensures you don’t miss a single keyword. This makes optimizing offers so easy.

You enter your keywords and write your entry. Scribbles then records what words you use and removes them from the list over time.

simple Amazon listing optimization

Every time you use one of these keywords in the list, it disappears. As soon as it is empty, you will receive a fully optimized list! Without this, you have to track everything manually. And we all know how awkward we humans are, especially after 4 cups of coffee.

XRay – A bird’s eye view directly from your browser

Helium X-ray for product research

Imagine seeing a bird’s eye view of profitability, potential ROI, ratings, inventory, ASINs, and ad analytics as you browse Amazon.

This is XRay, the Helium 10 Chrome extension.

All the information you need to make calculated decisions can be found at the push of a button.

When Jeff is now looking for his gaming chairs, he can view almost all relevant data about the profitability, trends, ads, inventory and customer feedback of this particular product directly from his browser.

And he can even try it for free (Up to 50 searches).

Refund Genie – Refund made easy

Amazon Refund Manager

This tool gave me money back that I didn’t even know I owed.

Refunding lost or damaged inventory by Amazon is NOT EASY.

You need to go to Seller Central, run a report, build a spreadsheet, open a case with Amazon, and a number of other types of “I don’t feel like doing this BS today” stuff.

Refund Genie automates this entire process.

It’s like finding a magic lamp and pulling out a ghost that has just learned 3,000 years how to optimize the Amazon refund process. He only charges about $ 100 a month to do everything for you.

NOTE: Amazon is notoriously bad at reimbursing sellers. There are many reimbursement companies, but some save 25% of your reimbursement. If you are very busy, it may be worth it. I prefer DIY. As you wish.

Other tools

Somehow, these aren’t all of Helium 10’s fantastic tools. You also have:

  • A keyword tracker
  • Profitability calculator
  • Trendster (Analyze sales trends)
  • Follow up
  • Inventory protection
  • Market tracker

And there is more. Take a look at this screenshot of all tools:

All-in-one suite from Amazon FBA Tools

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout Pricing – A story of two philosophies

What does Jungle Scout cost?

Is it worth?

How much does helium cost 10?

Wait what? How much?

I am in the process of answering all of these questions and expressing my thoughts on whether they are worth the money or not.

Short answer – yes. Every red cent. You cannot be successful at FBA without these tools.

Read this sentence again.

Jungle Scout prices

Jungle Scouts Annual Award

Jungle Scout’s pricing is like a whiskey on the rocks: simple. Easy. You know what you’re getting and it doesn’t change.

The entire tool suite costs $ 39 per month annually. The suite plus the Chrome extension costs $ 49 a month. It annoys me a bit. Why is the extension not included?

Who should I judge?

If you want to pay monthly, it gets a little steeper.

monthly prices for Jungle Scout

NOTE: This only applies to 500 orders per month. If you make more sales, prices will increase dramatically. Of course, if you make more than 1,000 sales a month, I doubt that it is important to you to pay $ 20 more.

Jungle Scout full price overview

Helium 10 pricing

I want to make it easy for you. Here is a current screenshot of the prices for Helium 10:

Price overview for Helium 10

I wish I’m joking …

Helium 10 has several price levels, from free to elite. When you level up, you unlock more features and functions (e.g. more searches or more tracked keywords).

Here are the price bases:

  • Platinum ($ 97 / month): The entry plan includes all of the tools, as well as 5,000 emails, 2,500 tracked keywords, 300 ASINS warnings and 150 uses of the Index Checker. Perfect for new sellers.
  • Diamond ($ 197): Upgrading to Diamond is like double. You get the double index checker (300 uses), warnings (600) and keywords (5,000).
  • Elite ($ 397): The ultimate FBA plan. This includes elite training, workshops, networking and a private Facebook group. You will also receive 50,000 emails, 500 uses of the Index Checker and 1,000 warnings.

What is associated with the free Helium 10 plan?

All you need is an email address (or addresses!) To use all of these functions.

  • Black box: 20 uses
  • Trendster: 30 applications
  • Magnet: 2 applications per day
  • Cerebro: 2 applications per day
  • Frankenstein: 30 days
  • Doodles: 30 days
  • Roentgen: 50 applications
  • Refund Genie: Very limited use

But wait, there’s more …

Helium also offers à la carte prices.

So if you only want to use one tool, you can purchase that single tool instead of the suite. I don’t recommend it as platinum only costs $ 97 a month, but it’s your money.

Here are some à la carte prices:

  • Black box: $ 37 / month
  • Magnet: $ 37 / month
  • Cerebro: $ 37 / month
  • Refund Genie: $ 97 / month

NOTE: Helium 10 currently has a voucher for a 50% discount on your first month!

Are Helium 10 and Jungle Scout worth the money?

Yes, both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are worth the money. Every penny.

This is an investment, not an expense. Without such tools, you cannot be successful with Amazon FBA.

For Jungle Scout, this is a tool that eliminates dozens of hours of manual research and eliminates the guesswork and risk of choosing, sourcing and tracking a product. It literally shows you little competition, high demand, and upward-looking products that make you a bank.

And it’s only about $ 40. Can’t beat it.

Helium 10 is also worth every penny. It is a set of tools that you can use to continuously optimize your business. From searching for products to optimizing offers for higher placements and sales, managing your business and refunding.

Most new sellers don’t understand the following.


If you don’t have them, you can’t beat them. Plain and simple. You have to fight fire with fire. How can you compete if someone has access to all of this data? You can not.


Q: Is Jungle Scout free?

No, Jungle Scout is not free. There is no free plan or trial available. However, it does offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out with no risk.

Q: Who owns Helium 10?

Helium 10 belongs to the founder Manny Coates. Co-founder, COO and CMO is Guillermo Puyol.

Q: Is Jungle Scout worth the money?

Yes, Jungle Scout is definitely worth the money. It is a very powerful research tool that only costs $ 39 a month. With this tool, you can find successful products to build an Amazon FBA business. $ 39 / month is fair.

Q: What is Helium 10 used for?

Helium 10 is used to find products, build an Amazon store, optimize your deals, and manage the entire buying process. It is Amazon’s only all-in-one end-to-end tool.

Q: How much does helium cost 10?

Helium 10 only costs $ 97 a month. There is also a FREE version, but with limited functionality.

Q: Is Helium 10 XRay free?

Yes, you can access Helium 10 Xray for free, but with limited functionality.

Q: Is helium 10 free?

Helium 10 has a free plan with limited functionality.

Q: Is Helium 10 better than Jungle Scout?

Y.It is more comprehensive than Jungle Scout. However, JungleScout may be better if you only need an inexpensive product research tool.

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