Upcoming APA 7 webinars Writing

Mark your calendar for upcoming APA 7 webinars! Like the Walden
The university community is learning APA 7 and preparing for it
University transition
(May 4th for students in semester-based programs and June 1st for students in quarterly courses
We are happy to announce our webinar schedule for May
with you. The writing center hosts live webinars on the transition
on APA 7 and APA-focused webinars that have been updated to
reflect the APA 7 guidelines.
APA 7 transition image

We know that students cannot always attend a live webinar
Record all of our webinars and archive them in our
Webinar archive To look at
for your convenience. You can also find the slides and transcripts for each
Webinar there too.
New webinar for all students:

New webinar for doctoral students:

U.pdated Webinars for all students:

We hope to see you at the webinars and we’ll watch
I look forward to continuing to support you on your path to learning APA 7!


The Walden University Writing Center offers a wide range of student tuition and editing services, including student, doctoral, and postgraduate writing support.

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