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Maneuver through the new “normal” that was encountered
on the coronavirus pandemic has proven to be a challenge for many. Our
Health and safety and that of the people around us have top priority, however
How do we reconcile that with the aspects of life that have to go on somehow?

Home Staging Services in Washington D.C.

One thing that has not changed this global pandemic is the following
Everyone needs a home. For the real estate industry – which has been categorized
as an essential business – that means adjusting the selling and buying methods to meet them
the needs of public health.

If you are
If you’re trying to sell a house in this tumultuous time, here are some important tips
Conclusion of business safely and responsibly:

Create a …
virtual representation.

Of course, you want to cancel the planned open day and limit the screenings as much as possible. Instead, offer a non-contact virtual tour of your home by uploading a video walkthrough to your online listing. Buyers can get a better picture of your house and its design before committing to a personal exhibition. You can also schedule personal virtual demonstrations for those interested.

These measures will help limit the field to serious buyers, so you don’t take risks for someone with little interest.

do not forget
the rules of staging.

While Home staging has always been a crucial step for a successful sale. Today it is more important than ever to clearly show the potential of your space. Since potential buyers rely on photos and videos to help decide whether viewing your property personally is worth the risk, you need to take the best foot of your home forward to ensure they are confident.

Staging turns a property from a house into a home,
This is particularly important as we are looking for additional comfort and security
during these times. Setting the stage with carefully selected pieces will also
help buyers get a better idea of ​​the scalability of digital viewing.

To take
Take special care when hosting a show.

When it comes down to it, very few (if any) people will be willing to make an offer for a home they have never seen in person. When performing demonstrations, it is important to implement social distance and security measures as much as possible. Be sure to follow the following methods to create a safe and hygienic environment:

Home staging in Washington D.C. & MD
  • Disinfect your home and yourself thoroughly before and after everyone demonstrate
  • Wear masks and gloves
  • Open all interior doors, cabinets, cabinets, etc. in advance to minimize touch when shoppers want to see these areas
  • Limit the number of people present (one buyer each, only one hosting person)
  • Keep as much distance as possible between you and your buyers

and make the deal online.

Once you’ve received a quote (thanks to your expert deployment), you can process the details via conference call apps or other digital communication methods. In this way, your agent can conduct or set up discussions for you quickly and easily. There are even e-signing programs that allow you to sign a contract once an agreement has been reached.

With all the risk and uncertainty that the real estate industry is currently facing, you cannot afford to make mistakes in staging your home.

The Red House Staging & Interiors team remains tough
at work to ensure that every customer’s property is ready for the market quickly and safely
as possible. Our extensive resources and sophisticated techniques allow us to do that
Our customers’ health and wellness first, as we continue to create beautifully
Rooms without loss of quality.

Find out more about the security measures we will take if we continue to operate during the pandemic Book our services Contact us today online or by phone for your home sale!

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