How can you control cash flow especially in times of crisis? Watch the webinar. FINTECH

Cash flow management is one of the most important management tools for any startup or SME. This is particularly important in special situations such as the current COVID 19 crisis. There is no wonder how you can get enough money, but at least you need to know all the time how much money you have and how much you will have in the next few weeks or months. There is control over the business and time to find solutions.

Grow the VC group together Startup Commons (his portfolio company) organized a webinar to learn the basics of cash flow management. Jouko Ahvenainen, a series entrepreneur who has experienced multiple external or internal crises in growth companies, spoke about tools and practices for predicting and managing company cash flow. The session includes many practical tips and models for managing cash flow and handling cash flow problems. It also reminds that the management team has to work with the cash flow, it is not something the finance team only does.

.You can watch the entire webinar about it Zoom link. You can also download the following presentation.

You can also learn more about Startup Commons material that is now free for entrepreneurs Here.

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