Use this supermarket delivery slot finder to find available online deliveries MONEY SAVING

Stop the review at midnight or refresh the supermarket pages. This new tool shows you available online delivery locations and clicks and collects in your area.

Supermarket online shop

It is not easy to book a slot for online grocery shopping.

Although many people avoid online deliveries and offer more availability for isolated or vulnerable people, there still doesn’t seem to be enough slots.

Shopping in the store? Use this app to find out how long you have to wait in the queue.

People shared their hacks to book at a supermarket.

Some have mentioned that supermarkets are releasing new slots at midnight.

Others got up at 2 a.m. to look for slots as fewer people are online and they hope to get a booking.

And others will keep the supermarket page open and update the pages later in the hope that new slots will be added randomly.

But all of this takes a lot of time and you still cannot guarantee that something will be booked.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool to show when shopping is available in different supermarkets?

Well there is!

How to find home delivery locations

Instead of trying to find out when Tesco delivery locations are available or when Sainsbury’s delivery locations are released, this new tool shows which supermarkets have delivery locations.

On the brand new Shopping Slot website, you can search in several supermarkets and find the nearest delivery points, as well as click and pick up.

Using the website is absolutely free and it takes a minute to determine where the online delivery is.

Simply enter your zip code in the field Shopping slot siteand it will deliver the results.

There is no shopping slot app. Everything happens through the main website.

Instead of updating several supermarket websites and trying to find a grocery store, you save time and just have to check one website.

Shopping slot website

Am I guaranteed to be delivered?

Shopping Slot can display available delivery locations and click and pick up for Tesco, Asda, Island and Waitrose.

Other supermarkets like Morrisons may be added later.

The website cannot find slots if they do not exist or are already fully booked.

I obviously gave the site a test run to check Shopping Slot and make sure it works.

Unfortunately there were no delivery locations near me, but that doesn’t mean that the overall concept doesn’t work.

There is no way to create new slots if there are no new ones.

The site cannot hold, reserve, or prioritize the slots.

If you have slots in your area, remember that they are only available at this time.

That is, if it turns out that there is a slot available for the delivery of groceries, you will need to go to the supermarket to book your delivery.

To speed up the work, make sure you already have a supermarket account.

Wouldn’t you like to keep refreshing?

Shopping slot rating

If you don’t want to keep an eye on this new search engine for online deliveries, they can do it for you.

Shopping Slot Check the availability of delivery places and send an email as soon as one is available for your zip code.

However, signing up to check email is not free and you have to pay a monthly subscription.

It costs £ 2.19 a month, but you get a free 7-day trial to test it first to see if it works for you.

Keep in mind that it is free to search for shopping.

Subscribing saves you time by eliminating the need to search for slots on the website and will send you an email notification when a new delivery slot is available.

You can cancel at any time and they give 20% of the profit to support the NHS.

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