The perfect cottage kitchen: Kerr construction and design Home Renovation

by Nisha MacNeil, Design Manager

Cottage design is about embracing the character and not being fussy about every detail. We did this for one of our customers who had a little house on the north coast. She wanted to modernize her kitchen, but also to express her personality and taste while maintaining the feeling of a house.

So that’s how we did it.

The main renovation work focused on bringing more light and function into the room. Most of our design, however, focused on highlighting personality and enhancing the rustic cottage feel.

Add more light

So we first inserted new windows into the room and built a window in the back door, which was next to the kitchen. This dramatically increased the amount of light. In order to convey this feeling of “little houses” in the windows, we used glass panes that gave the room a wonderfully rustic flair.

Increase function

For the function, we updated the devices and built a large island that was ideal for her daughter, who is an enthusiastic baker.

Add personality and charm

Now we have integrated various design elements to emphasize the personality of our customer. For example, she chose a palette that was inspired by a soft blue sky over wheat meadows. So we boldly used turquoise that she loves through the island and the backsplash. For another layer of color, we have added soft, butter-colored base cabinets. We then used white face material, fridge surrounds, walls and curtains, and clear glass tags to allow this use of color for singing.

We also changed the color of the painted wood floors from deep blue to a soft, cream-colored hue. This painted floor gets a patina over time, which contributes to its attractiveness. Surfaces should be able to show age wear in the perfect cottage look.

Create the rustic feeling

To reinforce this rustic feeling, we brought antiques with us. For example, the dining room chairs were beautiful heirlooms, and our customer found this amazing whitewashed wooden chandelier that has a very aged look. The dining table with a natural pine finish and knots offers both contrast and texture.

We then added structured blinds to the new windows. We painted the original fireplace white to brighten the room. We added baskets and natural fibers to get a weathered look. The natural wood door with the oil-rubbed bronze fittings brings incredible warmth. The wicker bar stools offer a great natural element.

Bottom line

There you have it – the perfect cottage kitchen, at least for this customer.

Yours is undoubtedly different and we can help you bring it to life.

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