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We are all in an uncertain time with the corona virus [COVID-19] Pandemic, which means evaluating our sanity is more important than ever.

Between social distancing and local protection that lead to general panic, people may experience more anxiety and depression than usual. If you feel isolated and stressed – like so many of us – it may be time to look for a support system.

Online therapy is suitable for many common Mental health Issues such as anxiety, depression, coping with stress, career and relationship problems. And it is convenient. For many people with planning and logistics problems, these problems no longer matter.

Here are some of the key benefits of individual or family psychotherapy with your psychologist:

  • Online therapy (teletherapy) is Effective;; Most people dealing with the use of teletherapy by a psychologist said in a survey that they enjoyed it over traditional therapy and that it gave them benefits and relief.
  • Teletherapy is one to back up Method of consultation with a psychologist. The use of these platforms offers a secure method for securely storing and encrypting all customer communication. Therapists must undergo regular safety reviews and adhere to strict professional and ethical customer confidentiality rules.
  • Teletherapy may only be practiced by licensed specialists. Therapists are licensed in one or more states and may only deal with persons in the licensed state. Psychotherapists and mental health counselors have expertise in a number of issues – including anxiety, depression, substance use, trauma, couple therapy, and more.
  • Online telehealth is an advantage allowed by many insurance companies, including Medicare, Aetna, Cigna and others.

While many people experience some stress or anxiety before their first online sessions, most enjoy the process either temporarily or continuously. The first step may be the most difficult, but online therapy can be an effective, safe, and convenient way to deal with stressful times. Call your licensed mental health provider for more information about teletherapy or to schedule an appointment.

Rick Cullen, LCSW

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