11 places where you can sell jewelry online to make the most money quickly SINGLE MOM

Are online jewelers all scams?

Quick answer: no. There are reputable companies that will help you sell your jewelry quickly, safely and at a fair price.

Our recommendations:

We recommend for gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry CashforGoldUSAand his sister side, CashforDiamondsUSArated A + by the Better Business Bureau and guarantee that you will be paid within 24 hours. and have been in business for over 30 years and guarantee that you are 100% satisfied with the highest price on the market – or they will return your item immediately and free of charge. An investigation by Fox Business News found that the company paid its competitors three times.

If you return your item within 7 days, CashforGoldUSA and CashforDiamondsUSA will pay a 10% bonus above the estimated value.

Sell ​​your gold, silver or diamond jewelry now with CashforGoldUSA >>

If you have a diamond engagement or other ring or branded Tiffany, Cartier or other high-end jewelry store and your item sells for over $ 1,000, it will be accepted by, an online Marketplace where hundreds of verified items are offered. Buyers bid on your item. Typically, the medium diamond of an engagement ring is sold at least 0.5 carats for $ 1,000. Worthy also has an A + BBB rating and insures your item with Lloyds of London up to $ 100,000.

Get a quote from Worthy >> now

Do you have a gold necklace, wedding ring, earrings, gold watch or coins? This calculator with today’s gold price estimates how much you can sell it for:

How much gold do you have?

Your estimated value:

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More details:

Do you have fine, unworn jewelry or watches that overload your jewelry box or safety box?

Maybe you have a diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, gold necklace, watch, Cartier LOVE bracelet, or other jewelry from a relationship that ended.

Many people inherit necklaces, earrings, brooches, gold jewelry and coins, as well as watches from loved ones – objects that can be associated with complex emotions, no matter how beautiful or valuable.

Jewelry is an unusually complicated commodity.

It is often gifted between people who have very strong feelings for one another – whether family or romantic.

Prices are often high and fashion is fleeting. Most people don’t know how to rate their items, and the risk of fraud and rip-off is high.

For those who want to sell jewelry they no longer want or use, all of these complications can be debilitating.

So you’re probably not doing anything, letting the items sit, unused in the back of your closet, or overloading your drawer or dresser.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a big city, you may have a number of jewelers or pawnshops that can ask about the value of your jewelry or watch and get the highest price.

But even then, you’re limited to a handful of buyers.

Fortunately, there are some excellent, reputable online jewelry buyers where you can easily sell your jewelry and are confident that you have received a high price.

However, you still need to research all of your options and work with the most reputable jewelry buyers, some of which are listed below.

Legitimate places to sell jewelry online: or CashforGoldUSA.

Here’s what you need to know about selling jewelry online:

Top online sites to sell your gold and jewelry

There are hundreds of places online where you can buy gold, diamonds and other jewelry. In the following I will break down the advantages and disadvantages of the most renowned jewelry buyers. You will see that we mainly offer online jewelry buyers. While there are certainly many reputable, honest local jewelry stores, selling your jewelry online is really the best. Whether you have gold, diamond, and other fine jewelry, selling to an online jewelry buyer or through an online auction gives you the best chance of getting the highest price, with the greatest possible comfort and trust.

Here’s a quick comparison of the top buyers:

Sources of supply for gold and jewelry: CashforGoldUSA

CashforGoldUSA and its sister site CashforDiamondsUSA are owned by the same parent industry, CJ Environmental, which allows you to sell your gold, silver, platinum, diamond and gemstone coins, scrap and jewelry quickly, easily and securely at a high price. Both companies belong to C.J. Environmental, a 30-year-old company with an A + Better Business Bureau rating, found by an investigation by Fox News at pay three times its competitors.

CashforGoldUSA pays within 24 hours and insures your item up to $ 5,000. You also pay a 10% bonus above their estimate if you ship within 7 days.

Get an online quotation for your gold jewelry with the gold calculator at >>

I had good experiences selling a gold and diamond ring with CashforGoldUSA.

In my jewelry box was a lower value gold and diamond ring that a relative had given me when I married. I was divorced now. Time to go!

I know from previous research I did as a business journalist about the sale of gold jewelry (including dental fillings. I’m not kidding) Mail-in services like this can be good business, as well as your local pawn shop and other gold buyers near you.

Just research them first.

I chose CashforGoldUSA.

How to sell jewelry online with CashforGoldUSA:

It was really easy.

  1. On the CashforGoldUSA website I entered my name and address on the website.
  2. I received a USPS mailer within three days. You can also request a FedEx mailer. Both come with tracking numbers.
  3. I put the ring in the mailer and dropped it in the mailbox.
  4. The next day I received an email with an offer for $ 159 that I accepted.
  5. A $ 159 PayPay payment within 24 hours. They can also be paid by check or bank transfer. BOOM! Ring was sold.

This video explains very well how CashforGoldUSA works:

Advantages of CashforGoldUSA

  1. Simple process.
  2. Legitimate company with an A + Better Business Bureau rating.
  3. Pay within 24 hours.
  4. Free insurance up to $ 5,000 – and up to $ 100,000 on request.
  5. One of the older companies in the room with more than 30 years of experience.
  6. Quick way to get money for jewelry, watches, scrap, coins, dental and other forms of silver, gold and platinum, as well as diamond jewelry and loose diamonds.
  7. You decide whether you want to accept your offer or not. 100% free, instant return.
  8. Earn a 10% bonus above your offer price if you send in your item within 7 days.

Disadvantages of CashforGoldUSA

  1. Unlike Worthy, the price offered is based on one rating – not on multiple auction bidders.
  2. Generally not suitable for high-end or designer jewelry or large diamonds with a resale value of over $ 5,000.

In short: CashforGoldUSA and CashforDiamondsUSA are a good choice for the quick sale of modest jewelry or gold or silver fast Money and a trustworthy service.

You can also sell your gold and silver jewelry, coins, silverware (and dental work!) By CashforGoldUSA, the parent company (which has nothing to do with the scandalized Cash4Gold that was involved in lawsuits and scandals for its 2009 Super Bowl ads).

Check out CashforGoldUSA now >>

Where to sell jewelry: worthy

By far the most technologically advanced online jewelry buyer is We recommend this for diamonds and other fine jewelry worth at least $ 1,000 – the minimum value they accept.

Unlike other websites, Worthy is a marketplace and sells your jewelry, watch, or diamond at an online auction. This ensures that you really get the highest market price (since it is a market of hundreds of buyers from all over the world who determine the price – not just a jeweler).

To sell jewelry online with

  1. Go to and get a free quote for your engagement ring, earrings, watch, bracelet, or other diamond or gold or gemstone jewelry.
  2. After entering your details, Worthy will send you a free, insured FedEx or USPS mailer that you can follow online. In a few days you will receive a free GIA-certified review with all the specifications of your item, as well as an estimate of how much your item will receive in an auction.
  3. Once you’ve approved the parameters of the sale, look at the auction bids and see how much your item has earned.
  4. You will receive payment via PayPal within 24 hours or a check or bank transfer within a few working days.

Here’s why I like Worthy:

Excellent customer service

Once you go to, a customer service representative will chat with you.

From there you are connected by phone and text to a very nice representative who will answer all your questions and help you throughout the process.

Fast and easy payment

Once your jewelry is sold, the money will be transferred via Paypal within 1 working day, bank transfer within 2 working days, or a check can be sent within 5 working days.


You can get a quote for your item within seconds by entering the dimensions and other characteristics of your jewelry.

From there, sends you a FedEx mailer and notifies you at every step of the process, so you always know exactly where your jewelry is.

Your jewelry or watch will be rated and rated free by GIA or the Gemological Institute of America, a globally recognized laboratory known for its unbiased, scientifically proven jewelry rating.

Regardless of whether you ultimately want to sell your jewelry through Worthy or not, this is up to you.

That is a independent, highly regarded third party assessment – Not just any guy on the payroll who puts you down with an “estimate”.


Your item is not only shipped through FedEx, but is insured for up to $ 100,000.

I have visited Worthy’s headquarters in New York City and will tell you: security is locked.

Three additional security steps are required to get to the company’s offices. There, all rooms in which the jewelry is checked, received and sent must be called up with a security pass.

No messing around with your jewels!

Top price / multiple buyers

Between the GIA report and the fact that your jewelry or diamond is entering a global market, you are most likely to get the fairest and highest price for your item.

This unique marketplace model means that literally brings hundreds of potential buyers to your laptop – something you absolutely cannot do yourself.

You are in control

Once you’ve received your GIA estimate, you have three options:

  1. Sell ​​your jewelry immediately at the price they recommend for a guaranteed sum. In this case, Worthy met that minimum price, sold the ring online, and in the event that it sold for more than the estimate, you will receive the highest price.
  2. You set a minimum price that is higher than the minimum price that Worthy recommends, and then send it to the market to see what the market will bring – which may be lower or higher than the value you specify. You decide at the time of sale whether you accept the highest offer.
  3. Set an instant purchase price. If a buyer bids this amount, the item is sold immediately and the auction ends.

Worthy buys all of your jewelry as long as the minimum price per item is over $ 1,000. This is a diamond middle stone with at least 0.5 carat of decent quality.

These include antique and vintage jewelry, gemstones, watches, designer items such as necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets.

Customer service and experience are truly exceptional at Worthy.

Any fears that your jewelry may be lost or stolen are quickly resolved. During the evaluation and auction process you are in constant contact with an employee via telephone, chat, email and text.

Worthy fees

Worthy makes its money by lowering the transaction value or the price that your jewelry fetches on the market.

This makes Worthy unique. The other buyback sites simply offer you a price and you don’t know what the company’s commission is.

The Worthy jewelry buying system is more transparent in this way.

Worthy commission:

If your jewelry received anything up to $ 5,000 = Worthy takes 22% of this amount as a commission

$ 5,001 – $ 50,000 = 15% fee

$ 50,001 – $ 250,000 = 10% fee

$ 250.001 + = 5% fee

How do I know that Worthy is a legitimate business?

Worthy of one A + rating from the Better Business Bureauas well as hundreds of testimonials on their website and on the Internet. If you are in the New York City area or are planning to do so, you can make an appointment and visit them in person. Tell Judy I sent you.

I sold a ring at Worthy and had a really good experience. Here’s a step-by-step video of how it works:

Other places to sell jewelry for cash

While we recommend Worthy for high quality jewelry and CashforGoldUSA for fine gold jewelry as well as cheaper items, there are other reputable online jewelry buyers. Below is a list of reputable websites and online buyers you should check:

Where to sell jewelry: WP Diamonds

WP Diamonds is another large provider in the jewelry and watch sales sector. As the name suggests, they specialize in diamonds.

WP Diamonds has a solid reputation as an online jewelry buyer and promises you a fair price for your diamond or gemstone jewelry, loose stones (diamonds of at least 0.5 carat) and watches.

However, it is a more traditional buy-back platform, where WP Diamond’s internal expert rates your jewelry and then makes an offer. Take it or leave it.

Just like taking your valuable jewelry to a local jewelry store, you only get a quote for the value of your item at WP Diamonds.

WP Diamonds professionals

  • Serious company with a high BBB rating
  • Clean, user-friendly website
  • Easy process, including FedEx round-trip shipping and $ 100,000 insurance
  • You have decided to do business by email or phone

WP Diamonds cons

  • The assessment is done by an internal reviewer, not a neutral third party laboratory like GIA, which uses Worthy.
  • There is only one offer, not a price, determined by a dynamic market

In summary, WP Diamonds is a reputable diamond and jewelry reseller that has been around for a long time. However, the model is just an online version of the local jeweler, which is inherently flawed and limited to ensure that you get the best price for your diamond, jewelry, or watch. You can read my WP Diamonds review if you want to learn more about this company.

Where to sell jewelry: Mondiamo

Mondiamo is new to the diamond buyback market, although its parent company BlueNile is a leader in the world of online diamond engagement rings.

Similar to other websites, go to and enter all the information you know about your jewelry, including a certified review report.

If you submit a review from GIA, EGL, IGI, AGS, GSI, GCAL, IIDGR or HRD, Modiamo offers a guaranteed range. Once you send in your jewelry, Mindiamo can guarantee a final offer that falls within this range. The company claims that more than 90% of its customers receive a final offer price that is above the center of the guaranteed range (including shipping and insurance). Mondiamo’s 15% fee is already charged in the area.

Mondiamo professionals

  • Work with the diamond dealer BlueNile and promise to offer a high fee by taking down the middleman
  • Better assessment of A.’s Business Bureau+.
  • The website’s videos and contributions create transparency.
  • Fully insured FedEx delivery – both from you to Mondiamo and back if necessary.

Mondiamo cons

  1. They only trade in jewelry with a diamond of at least 0.4 carats.
  2. If you don’t have a lab report, you must submit your item for review and evaluation before making an offer.
  3. This offer is only valid for 7 days. After that you have to start the whole process again.

In short, Mondiamo is a solid company that completes the BlueNile experience and promises to offer jewelry sellers high prices by removing the middleman.

Where to Sell Jewelry: Diamond Buyers International Review

Diamond Buyers International only trades in diamond jewelry and loose diamonds. So if you have other types of jewelry, contact Worthy or elsewhere.

The process is similar to some other websites: go to, get a quote, request a mailer, and send in your diamond jewelry.

Then according to the website:

Your Secure FedEx package is insured for up to $ 5,000. We will send you a tracking code as soon as it reaches the FedEx system. You will receive a notification as soon as we receive your package and an official offer within 24 hours.

You will receive our offer within 24 hours by email with an automatic secure login to accept or reject the offer. If you accept this, we will immediately send you a check, a direct deposit or a PayPal payment of your choice. If you refuse to do so, we will return your jewelry free of charge without asking any questions.

Like most other jewelry buyers, Diamond Buyers International’s commission is mysterious – an unknown percentage of the fee that you agree to.

Diamond Buyers International professionals:

  • This is an established company that was founded in 2008 and one A + Better Business Bureau rating.
  • 30-day review period

Diamond Buyers International Disadvantages:

  • They insure jewelry that you ship up to $ 5,000, while Worthy insures any jewelry you send to $ 100,000.
  • They are delivered to the company’s appraiser to generate the suggested price. Compare this to, which brings your jewelry to an international market where hundreds of buyers compete for your valuables.
  • The website is old and not very user-friendly, and there is very little information about the company and its processes and policies.
  • No chat or text correspondence.

Snack: Diamond Buyers International is a solid website, but there are much better options with more dynamic websites, services, and ways to get top dollars for your jewelry.

Where to sell jewelry: IIDV, also known as the International Diamond Assessment Institute (De Beers)

IIDV is a newer outlet for diamonds and other fine jewelry online, but the company has higher visibility than other websites because its parent company is De Beers, one of the oldest and largest diamond mining, trading, and retailing companies in the world.

Like other diamond buyers and jewelry buyers, IIDV has a clean website where you can request a mailer and send your jewelry to New York City headquarters for evaluation.

IIDV professionals

The International Institute of Diamond Valuation has an A + Better Business Bureau rating. You promise that payment will arrive within three working days if you choose to transfer, or within a week if you request a paper check. As with other companies, your jewelry will be safely shipped by FedEx and the packaging opened under video surveillance. The company works with several dozen jewelry stores across the country that you can take with you

IIDV cons

Unlike Worthy, which sends your jewelry to GIA for a third-party evaluation with a corresponding price range, IIDV evaluates your jewelry internally.

The company does not provide you with documentation of your assessment.

IIDV also removes the stone from your setting in order to better evaluate the stone.

The website does not explain what happens if you choose Not accept their offer and whether resetting the stone can affect the setting. (GIA doesn’t pick up any stones.)

Another indeed con of IIDV is that the website is very limited, with little educational resources about the diamond sales process and limited information about IIDV’s services or policies.

Other negative aspects of IIDV are that you are exposed to the company’s pricing, unlike an auction market like Worthy where hundreds of bidders set the price.

In this case, the world’s largest diamond wholesaler will give you a single offer, take it or leave it.

De Beers, the parent company, has been the world’s largest diamond producer for more than 100 years and largely controls diamond prices worldwide.

Takeout: IIDV has a high BBB rating and its parent company is a major player in the diamond industry. They don’t seem to be heavily invested in their buyback service, which lacks information and services from their competitors.

Where to sell jewelry: The Real Real is an excellent online website for luxury broadcasts.

From a consumer perspective, this is an excellent portal for gently used high-end and designer furniture, carpets, clothing, accessories as well as fine jewelry and watches.

Shipment means you as Seller, Go through the website to create an account and submit your watch or jewelry.

From there you meet virtually with one of Real Real’s in-house gemologists using GIA standards and agree on a price.

The Real Real then takes photos of the article and publishes it along with key details and price on its website.

As soon as the item is sold, you will receive the payment minus the shipping commission.

In this case, The Real Real pays 30% of the retail price for jewelry priced at $ 1,000 or more and watches priced from $ 1,000 to $ 2,400.

For watches priced over $ 2,500, a 15% commission is paid to the company.

Get a 5% bonus if you want to take the profit in the form of a site credit.

A 50% commission is charged for items priced at $ 200 or less.

Items that were not sold within a year will be returned to the shipper at The Real Real’s expense.

The real real professionals

The Real Real is a solid company with good customer service and an A + BBB rating.

The process is transparent as you can see what the price is and know in advance what the shipping fee will be.

Jewelry with a price of USD 750 and more may be subject to a “price approval” from the seller.

The real real downsides

Fine jewelry and watch sales are not the focus of this company, but only in one. In other words, TheRealReal is not a full service jewelry buyer.

The selection of fine jewelry on the website is diverse, with many styles, prices and brands, but with a special focus on branded items, luxury items – and styles that the team believes will sell quickly at a high price.

Meanwhile, other websites like Worthy focus very closely on fine jewelry, lose gems and diamonds, and watches, which means that unlike The Real Real, Worthy accepts jewelry regardless of the environment as long as the stones are marketable.

In other words, you are much more likely to sell your item on a website like Worthy than on a broadcast site that only wants the latest trends or high-end designers.

You are in the real real Do not get a free rating.

Your evaluation report is created internally and not by a neutral third party laboratory.

Payments are only made once a month, so it can take up to 30 days for your payment to be made.

Acceptance and price are determined solely by The Real Real. As long as the item is listed, The Real Real can discount your item.

Takeaway: This is a cool website for buyers, but may lack the depth of seller services.

Where to sell jewelry: The Diamond Valet is a stripped down version of other, much more robust diamond buyback sites.

The Diamond Valet has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau, which reports that the jewelry buyer has been in business since 2013, despite the website saying the company has more than 100 years of experience in the jewelry business.

Advantages of the Diamond Valet

Straightforward website

Disadvantages of the Diamond Valet

  • Just an estimate in contrast to the marketplace model
  • Payment takes longer because only paper checks are sent – no PayPal or bank transfer.
  • No third party assessment. They are delivered at the price they offer you.

Where to sell jewelry: Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s auction house is one of the most famous and traditional places where high quality art, furniture, jewelry and other collectibles have been sold to collectors, galleries and very wealthy people.

Sotheby’s boasts 4 of the 5 most expensive jewels that have ever been auctioned:

  • “CTF Pink Star”, a 59.60 ct oval cut fancy vivid pink diamond, was sold at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong in 2017 for $ 71.2 million.
  • “Apollo & Artemis Diamonds”, a 14.54 carat fancy vivid blue diamond and a 16 carat fancy intense pink diamond for $ 57.4 million at Sotheby’s Geneva.

Today at Sotheby’s you can sell jewelry for just $ 2,000 or $ 3,000 – which can be exciting!

Advantages of Sotheby’s

  • Glamorous association. Trusted name.

Disadvantages of Sotheby’s

  • Selling through Sotheby’s isn’t really an auction experience, it’s a show – you only list your item on their website so others can buy it. Not an exciting live auction experience.
  • The commissions at international auction houses are usually 25%
  • You pay in advance for the listing and evaluation of your jewelry. No free lab report or listing like Worthy does.
  • Sotheby’s only accepts high quality jewelry and usually only branded items. CashforGoldUSA and Worthy both accept a wider range of jewelry.

Where to sell jewelry: Christie’s

Similar to Sotheby’s, Christie’s is a well known and trustworthy international auction house with locations around the world. Christie’s sells jewelry through 26 auctions a year, on its website and through private sales in Christie’s Salons in London and New York. These private sales salons are simply showrooms where real estate jewelry is sold at retail prices starting at $ 2,000.

Christie’s Benefits

Trusted, well-known brand with an international customer base. Get a free auction quote by submitting photos online. A sales representative will help you decide whether your item is best for sale via auction, private sale, or online.

Disadvantages of Christie’s

Christie’s does not offer free auction estimates for items that should not be displayed, including jewelry.

You pay for shipping.

Expect an estimate in 3 to 6 weeks – and then wait weeks or months later for a sale or auction. This is much slower than, which can sell submitted jewelry within a week. CashforGoldUSA promises payment within 24 hours and a 10% bonus for items that are shipped within 7 days.

Before you sell gold or jewelry, here are some tips

Unabhängig davon, aus welchem ​​Grund Sie nachforschen, wie Sie Ihren Schmuck online verkaufen können, ist dies zweifellos eine große Entscheidung, und es besteht möglicherweise die Gefahr, dass Sie betrogen werden. Bevor Sie beginnen, finden Sie hier einige Tipps, um sich weiterzubilden:

Wie man erkennt, ob ein Diamant echt ist

  • Wenn Ihr Diamant in ein Schmuckstück eingelassen ist, sind die Materialien dieses Rings, der Ohrringe oder des Armbands wahrscheinlich von hoher Qualität, einschließlich Gold, Weißgold oder Platin. Edelmetallschmuck ist typischerweise gekennzeichnet. Gold ist mit 10K, 14K und 18K markiert, um die Art des Goldes anzuzeigen, während PT und Plat sich auf Platin beziehen.
  • Als ob Sie ein Fenster oder Ihre Brille mit Ihrem Atem beschlagen würden, blasen Sie warmen Stein auf den Stein. Wenn es einige Sekunden lang beschlägt, ist es eine Fälschung, da ein echter Diamant den Nebel schnell zerstreut.
  • Erhitze den Stein mit einem Feuerzeug und lass ihn dann in ein Glas kaltes Wasser fallen. Ein gefälschter Diamant wird zerbrechen, während ein echter Diamant – eines der stärksten Materialien der Erde – extremen Temperaturen standhält.
  • Lass den Stein in ein Glas Wasser fallen. Ein echter Diamant wird skinken. Wenn es schwimmt, ist es falsch

Wie Sie feststellen können, ob Ihr Gold echt ist

Die Menschen haben seit Anbeginn der Zeit gefälschtes und weniger wertvolles Gold hergestellt. Hier sind einige einfache Möglichkeiten, um herauszufinden, ob Ihr Goldschmuck, Ihre Goldmünze oder ein anderer Gegenstand authentisches, echtes Gold sind:

Verwenden Sie ein Feuerzeug, um festzustellen, ob Gold echt ist. Halten Sie Ihren Goldschmuck oder Ihre Goldmünze an die stetige Flamme eines Feuerzeugs oder Brenners im Ofen.

Echtes Gold wird nach einer Weile weißglühend, aber dunkler. Gefälschtes Gold wird dunkler oder ändert seine Farbe auf andere Weise, wenn es mit Feuer erhitzt wird. Wenn der Schmuck oder die Münze vergoldet ist (mit Gold bedeckt, aber aus anderen Metallen im Inneren), schmilzt die Beschichtung und legt das innere Metall frei. FÄLSCHUNG!

Testen Sie Ihr Gold mit einem Magneten. Gold ist nicht magnetisch. Überprüfen Sie mit einem extra starken Magneten (den Sie im Baumarkt erhalten können), ob Ihr Goldschmuck vom Magneten angezogen wird. Eine Randnotiz: Manchmal hat ein Armband oder eine Halskette aus echtem Gold einen Verschluss, der nicht aus echtem Gold besteht und zum Magneten gezogen wird, während der Rest des Gegenstandes dies nicht tut.

Float teste dein Gold. Lass dein Gold in ein Glas Wasser fallen. Wenn es schwimmt, ist es falsch. Echtes Gold schwimmt nicht und rostet nicht.

Hauttest Gold. Echter Goldschmuck färbt Ihre Haut nicht schwarz oder grün. In der Tat gibt es einige Untersuchungen, die ergeben, dass echtes Gold heilende Eigenschaften hat und Arthritis und andere Krankheiten heilt.

Überprüfen Sie Ihr Gold auf einen Stempel zu lernen, ob es real ist. Ein echtes Goldschmuckstück, ein Goldbarren oder eine Münze hat eine Reinheitsmarkierung auf der Rückseite oder Innenseite. Bei diesem Stempel handelt es sich normalerweise entweder um eine Karatzahl wie 18 K oder 12 K in Form eines Rechtecks ​​mit abgeschnittenen Ecken und einer Zahl im Inneren. Hier, was diese Zahlen bedeuten:

999 = 24 Karat, 99,9% Gold
990 = 22 Karat, 99% Gold
916 = 22 Karat, 91,6% Gold
750 = 18 Karat, 75% Gold
585 = 14 Karat, 58,5% Gold
375 = 9 Karat, 37,5% Gold

CashforGoldUSA ist unsere Wahl für Online-Gold- und Schmuckverkäufe mit einem A + Better Business Bureau-Rating, das von Fox Business News als dreimal so hoch wie die der Wettbewerber eingestuft wurde und garantiert innerhalb von 24 Stunden bezahlt wird. Senden Sie Ihren Artikel innerhalb von 7 Tagen und erhalten Sie einen 10% Bonus.

Holen Sie sich jetzt einen Kostenvoranschlag von CashforGoldUSA >>

Lassen Sie Ihren Schmuck beurteilen

Machen Sie sich vor dem Verkauf Ihres Schmucks ein Bild davon, was er wert ist.

Der erste Ort, an den viele Menschen gehen, ist ein Juwelier vor Ort. Ein vertrauenswürdiger Juwelier in Ihrer Nähe, den Sie über Yelp, Mundpropaganda und das Better Business Bureau recherchieren, ist ein solider erster Schritt. Denken Sie jedoch daran, dass diese Person nicht über die hoch entwickelten Geräte verfügt, die ein weltbekanntes Labor wie GIA oder IGI besitzt. Wie Sie weiter unten lesen werden, erhalten Sie von kostenlos einen kostenlosen IGI- oder GIA-Laborbericht, wenn Sie mit ihnen einen Verkaufsprozess starten.

Eine Bewertung durch Ihren örtlichen Juwelier ist in Ordnung, wenn Sie einen Versicherungsersatzwert suchen – der viel, viel höher als der tatsächliche Wiederverkaufswert ist, Ihnen jedoch einige Informationen darüber geben kann, wie Sie Ihren Ring, Ihr Anwesen oder Ihren antiken Schmuck verkaufen können.

Überprüfung des GIA-Zertifizierungsberichts

Wenn Sie einen Diamanten oder anderen edlen Schmuck kaufen oder verkaufen, werden Sie möglicherweise von einem Verkäufer angesprochen, dessen Artikel mit einer GIA-Zertifizierung versehen ist. Woher wissen Sie, ob es echt ist – oder ob es betrügerisch verändert wurde? GIA bietet jetzt den “Report Check” an – einen kostenlosen, schnellen und einfachen Service, bei dem Sie einfach die Berichtsnummer auf eingeben und den Originalbericht finden, den Sie mit dem betreffenden abgleichen können.

Wie man Schmuck gegen Bargeld verkauft

Sobald Sie verstanden haben, wie viel Ihr Schmuck wert ist, können Sie ihn jederzeit in einem Pfandhaus, einem örtlichen Juwelier oder einem der in diesem Beitrag beschriebenen Online-Schmuckkäufer verkaufen. Online-Schmuckkäufer wie Worthy und CashforGoldUSA eignen sich hervorragend, wenn Sie schnell Bargeld benötigen, da sie direkt per Paypal oder Überweisung bezahlen, wenn Sie dies bevorzugen.

Verkaufen Sie Ihren Schmuck lokal oder online

Oft ist der erste Ort, an den jemand geht, wenn er über den Verkauf unerwünschten Schmucks nachdenkt, sein lokaler Juwelier.

Dies ist ein solider erster Schritt, aber es sollte nicht Ihr letzter sein.

In fact, selling your diamond jewelry online, with the right partner, is nearly always better than selling to a local jeweler.

Here is why:

  1. Fair price. Even if your jeweler is 100% honest and reputable (as many are!), he or she offers just one offer, and one opinion about what your piece of jewelry is worth. Setting a price for any piece of jewelry is highly subject to opinion and mistakes. The grade of a gemstone or diamond, the market value of various styles is subject to interpretation. When you go to the entire world for quotes on what your ring or other jewelry is worth, you are more likely to get a fairer price. Market economics 101.
  2. Fraud is rampant. For many reasons, the jewelry industry has historically been rife with fraud and dishonesty. If you are relying on a quote from just one, or a handful, of local jewelers, you are more likely to get ripped off. Thankfully, organizations like the Better Business Bureau, as well as online review sites and blogs, mean that the entire world can hold accountable online businesses with hundreds or even thousands of reviews and reports.
  3. Ease. You can drive around your town or area, maybe take a train or bus, and schlep around your area’s jewelers or diamond buyback businesses, scratch your head, check your gut and hope for the best price. Online jewelry sites are easy. The good ones offer great customer service, send you a mailer, and communicate constantly with you via text, email or chat — putting you at ease and getting you your money quickly without ever you ever needing to leave the house.

Another value of selling diamonds and other jewelry online is that the right buyer will provide a certified GIA or IGA lab report for free. This is not the same as an appraisal — it’s way better!

Most local jewelers near you will offer jewelry appraisals — usually for free. This can be a good estimate of the replacement value of your jewelry, which can help you get it insured, and understand its value.

However, if you want to know the true value of what your jewelry is worth, and how much you can get for it by selling, you really need a certified lab report.

There are just a few internationally recognized jewelry grading laboratories, and these include the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, based in New York City, and the International Gemological Institute, or IGI, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Worthy works with both of these laboratories, which provide the most respected, independent, third-party certifications (a.k.a. lab reports) on your jewelry.

GIA and IGI laboratories are equipped with extremely sophisticated grading equipment, and they provide value estimates based on databases of millions of recent sales.

A GIA certificate, or IGI certificate, provides definitive grading information about your diamond or gemstone ring, earrings, necklace, brooch, or bracelet. The certificate will also provide a market value range for your item. Expect to pay $100 to $200 for most reports, though more valuable jewelry will cost more to grade.

If you chose to sell a ring or other jewelry at Worthy, you will get a free IGI or GIA certificate, which is yours to keep, even in the event you chose not to sell.

Again, not all online jewelry sites are the same.

I have been working in the single mom space for many years now, and have researched all the top sites that will buy your jewelry (especially diamond engagement rings, because, well — lots of single moms are living that show!). These are all outlined in the reviews, above.

Selling your jewelry locally vs online — why work with an online jewelry buyer

It can be confusing and scary to decide to sell your fine jewelry through an online jewelry auction, diamond buyer or gold buyer. Perhaps you have a local jeweler whom your family has known a long time and trust. Selling an engagement ring, watch, tennis bracelet or other jewelry locally can be a fine choice, but reselling jewelry online typically results in a higher price, more transparency and convenience. Here is why:

  • If you work with the online jewelry auction site, you will receive a free GIA lab report, which is the only way to truly understand the dimensions and resale value of your gemstone and jewelry. Meanwhile, a local jeweler may give you a reasonable appraisal price, but it is not lab-certified, and therefore not as accurate as a report from an organization recognized worldwide for its objective accuracy.
  • auctions are bid on by hundreds of vetted buyers, which sets a true auction price — opposed to receiving a single offer from a local jeweler.
  • Reputable online jewelry sellers typically have many thousands and thousands of customers and clients — who can leave reviews, report to the Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot. If an online jewelry buyer is scammy or sleazy, you can likely learn that online, Meanwhile, a local jeweler’s reputation is mostly word-of-mouth and harder to learn about.

Can you resell jewelry back to jewelry stores?

Meanwhile, you may want to return your engagement ring or other jewelry back to the store where you bought it — or participate in a resell program from Tiffany, Cartier, Kay Jewelers, and Zales. While jewelers will not typically buy back jewelry they sold you after a 30-day window, some retailers do have trade-up programs that allow you to cash in the value of your current diamond and apply that to a more expensive piece of jewelry, or larger center diamond.

However, these programs do not include any certified lab reports to understand the resale value of your diamond, and are not helpful if your goal is to get cash for your jewelry, fast!

What about diamond upgrades and trade-ins?

Local jewelers, as well as some national jewelry stores offer diamond upgrade and trade-in services, in which they will evaluate your jewelry, offer you a sum that you can then apply to another, more expensive piece of jewelry:

  • Kay Jewelers diamond upgrade and trade-in services
  • Jared diamond upgrade and trade-in services
  • Tiffany diamond upgrade policy
  • Nordstrom diamond upgrade policy

This list is, in general, legitimate jewelry retailers. But if you are looking to sell a ring, watch or other jewelry for the most cash, upgrade and trade-in services are not the best route. Why?

  • A local jewelry store — including a national chain — will not provide a certified lab report on you jewelry. A lab report is the only way to guarantee the dimensions of your diamond, and authenticate the price offered is a fair market rate. Even an appraisal is not the same as a lab report.
  • In other words, Kay Jewelers, Jared, Nordstron or Zales will extend an estimated resale value of what your diamond is worth — but you have no way of knowing what you could get for it on the open market.
  • If you really want cash for your unused or unwanted jewelry, don’t let a sales person talk you into getting a BIGGER, MORE EXPENSIVE piece of jewelry, when what you really want is cash.
  • Ready to cleanse your life of bad mojo? Those negative vibes may then attach to the new upgrade.

Conclusion: Just trade your diamonds for cash, and use it to reach your goals: pay off debt, buy a house, pay for college, a vacation, renovate, plan for retirement!

FAQs about selling jewelry for cash

“Is it worth it to sell my jewelry?”

Answer: Gold prices per ounce have been at or near record highs in recent months. The market for recycled diamonds is hot. Get a quick appraisal estimate for your jewelry at >>

Check out gold prices and get a free estimate at CashforGoldUSA, which Fox News found to pay 3X its competitors. They pay a $50 bonus for items valued at $250 or more.

Get your free estimate instantly with CashforGoldUSA’s gold calculator here >>

The power of decluttering is especially true for women going through the end of a relationship: a divorce, the end of a serious, long-term romantic relationship, or even the death of a loved one.

If you are wondering whether it is worth it to sell your old jewelry, consider that holding on to it is money that you are not using to invest in other experiences or purchases that bring value to you, your family, and world:

With the money I made on selling my own ring, I helped my ex take the kids to Greece to visit their family.

“Where to sell my engagement ring (and how)?” is an A+ Better Business Bureau jewelry auction on which hundreds of verified buyers bid on your jewelry — driving up the price to market value. Worthy insures each item sent in up to $100,000, pays within 24 hours of the final sale via Paypal, and gives each seller a FREE GIA lab report.

The value of your ring depends on many factors. These include the materials used (quality of gold and/or platinum), the quality and size of the diamonds, if it is has a designer luxury mark, and the market value of your ring.

The best way to determine the value of your ring is through a formal appraisal at a local jeweler near you, which I recommend for items valued at less than $1,000, or, if you expect the ring to be worth more than that sum, get a GIA or IGI certificate, which will cost you around $100 or less. If you chose to go through (which only accepts items for its online auction of at least $1,000), then they pay for a GIA or IGI lab report and certificate, 100% free.

connected: How much is my jewelry worth? How to get an appraisal

Here are a few recent examples of diamond engagement rings sold at auction at

1.2 carat oval-cut ring, J-K color, VS1-VS2 clarity, with surrounding diamonds total carat weight of .74 carats: $2,187

0.75 carat marquise-cut 3-stone ring, F-G color, VS1-VS2 clarity: $1,245

1.26 carat round-cut solitaire, G color, VS1 clarity, 18-carat gold band: $7,409

“How much is a wedding ring worth?”

The higher the karat amount, the more valuable it is to sell gold jewelry. Again, this depends on the factors mentioned above. A simple, thin chain necklace without gemstones, will typically be worth between $100 and $200 in scrap prices. Meanwhile, Worthy sells many necklaces for thousands of dollars. Examples include a 35-gram 14k gold and diamond necklace for $1,858, and a 15-gram 18k gold and diamond necklace for $4,050.

As of April 15, 2020, these are the scrap market prices for a typical, basic 5 gram gold wedding band, according to the gold calculator at

10k gold wedding ring is worth: $116.78

14k gold wedding ring is worth: $163.83

18k gold wedding ring is worth: $210.04

Simple jewelry, including a solid-metal wedding ring, or one with small stones, can be sold to a local jeweler near you, gold buyer near you, pawn shop, gold and silver exchange, or a reputable online buyer like CashforGoldUSA.

Takeaway: Just trade your diamonds for cash, and call it a day.

In short …

If you have a valuable gold, gemstone, or diamond, best place to sell is via online auction at Worthy, which has an A+ BBB rating, gives you a free GIA or IGI certification, excellent customer support and puts the sale process in your hands, all from the comfort of your home.

Start the process of letting go of old things >>

Should you sell your gold, diamond or jewelry online?

Examples of how women have turned jewelry-box clutter into self-care:

  • Bonded with kids on a cruise paid for with money from selling ring from a broken engagement.
  • Used money from selling earnings from an ex-boyfriend to earn a yoga instructor certificate — and start a new career!
  • Profits from selling engagement ring after a divorce used for a hiking retreat in Italy.
  • Jewelry inherited from an aunt with whom the new owner had a long and painful relationship, was auctioned on, and the money was used to landscape her yard — which honored the aunt’s love of gardening, gave the niece joy, and improved her home’s value.

All those shared memories are locked in furniture on which you created memories, china you hosted dinner parties together, and linens that represented evenings and mornings spent with one another.

Many relationships involve precious jewelry — investments that represented care, love, tradition and a shared vision for the future.

When the relationship ends, those rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can linger in velvet-lined jewelry boxes for years — or even the remainder of the new owner’s life!

Here’s the thing: Even if that jewelry is worth tens of thousands of dollars, it is still clutter to you.

Why? You’re not enjoying it.

Those diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, and broaches represent something negative (even if there are some fond memories attached).

It all holds energy, good or bad.

Cleanse out the bad energy, welcome the good.

Unlike tossing out old clothes or cleaning your pantry, selling unused, or toxic jewelry can make you serious money.

All that negative energy can translate into a positive experience:

See how much your jewelry is worth at Worthy with an immediate, free estimate >>

A list of reasons you SHOULD NOT sell your jewelry — online, or anywhere else:

  1. You wear it regularly and feel good about wearing it.

Das ist es. That is the only reason you should NOT sell your ring.

Not your story? SELL YOUR JEWELRY!

Reasons to sell your jewelry include:

  1. Money in your bank account is always better than jewelry sitting in a box or dish somewhere.
  2. If the jewelry has sentimental value — an heirloom, estate or antique jewelry, a gift, engagement gift, etc. — you can honor the person and story behind the ring, bracelet or earrings by spending the proceeds on something positive that does enhance your life. This might include investing in your future, buying a home, a vacation, education for your kids — or another piece of jewelry that you DO wear and that brings you joy!
  3. If you don’t wear the item, you likely feel bad about it in some way: Either negative feelings about where or whom it came from (complicated relationship with the giver, guilt for buying yourself something you don’t use). Get rid of the jewelry, and get rid of the negativity!
  4. Clutter. Say no to clutter!!
  5. No, your kids don’t want it. Your daughter does not want an engagement ring from a relationship that ended in divorce. And your future daughter-in-law sure as shit does not want that! Come on. Let it go!
  6. Vergiss es. Let the man go. Let that negative, complicated relationship with your mom/aunt/friend/cousin who gave you the earrings go. It is just a thing. We’re talking about your life here. Let the material thing go. Embrace your energy.
  7. Money. You need more money. You don’t need more crap. And if you’re not wearing and enjoying the thing, it is crap.
  8. It is legally yours, so why not? Almost always, the person who received the engagement ring or wedding ring has legal property rights to it in a divorce.

Which is the best online jewelry buyer?

So, which is the best online jewelry buyer? While several are certainly trustworthy and reputable, stands out for its unique auction platform that increases your chances of attracting bids from qualified buyers, and driving the price up. It’s history of excellent customer service, free third-party lab reports from IGI or GIA, as well as many happy customers makes Worthy the strongest choice.

But if you have gold jewelry, or other items worth $1,000 or less, go for CashforGoldUSA.

Jewelry buyback companies

Jewelry buyer Multiple auction bids? Free GIA report? Insurance (up to)
Worthy Yes Yes $100,000
CashforGoldUSA No No $5,000
WP Diamonds No No $100,000
Mondiamo (BlueNile) No No Unclear
Diamond Buyers International No No $5,000
IIDV (De Beers) No No Unclear

How much gold do you have?

Your estimated value:

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