Learn how to start affiliate marketing to make money PERSONAL FINANCE

Search Pinterest and Google and you will find living bloggers and business people who have made blogging fortunes. Can you really earn up to $ 100,000 a month when you write about things ?!

For the most part, the bloggers who could make thousands are seasoned SEO marketers, influencers with an established group of followers, or are simply familiar with digital marketing as if it were the back of their hands.

One of the main sources of income is not Google Ads, traditional advertising or writing deals. The method we know is still underutilized and can generate significant revenue is called affiliate marketing.

Now that you know you can, let’s find out HowYou can.

Learn affiliate marketing in 5 minutes

Step 1: You need a kind of website

Regardless of whether it’s a blog, a popular social media account, or just online activity, you may be able to track a partner.

A cool way to start your online presence is by using a web domain and website hosting. Here you have your own Email address, website domain name and faster processing.

A domain is essentially your brand name. For example:


Did you know? Many of the bloggers who advertise “I made $ xxx a month with my blog” make a lot of money on web hosting platforms. This means that if you check their website and are convinced that you can start a blog and then buy a hosting plan through them, You will earn $ 80- $ 100 per sale. That way they earn all their money. Oh, and please use my link below to earn me a commission 🙂

Step 2: learn affiliate marketing

So you have no idea what affiliate marketing is. Fortunately, we’ve devoted most of our website to simplifying affiliate marketing so everyone can understand what it means and how it can be applied to business and life.

What is affiliate marketing?

History shows that affiliate marketing has existed since the beginning of the trading world. Sure, it’s very different today, but the essentials remain.

We say Caveman A. brings one Delicious candy to his tribe and Caveman B. is impressed by the quality of the enjoyment. If Caveman B goes and successful chasing the Delicious candyCaveman A should have been initially rewarded for finding the treat.

Of course, the cavemen didn’t always share, but if there was a reward, it would necessarily be a commission or compensation for making the way to theDelicious candy. Affiliate marketing works very similarly.

Technology and transferring people to things

As a society, we humans have always referred to goods and services when the recorded story began. No matter whether it is trendy clothing, food or cleaning services Act of compensate The person who can connect the dots is something new. And now that the Internet is all about connecting through links and social media, we can measure affiliate marketing and recommendations to the T. So the growth of the affiliate marketing world.

Caveman trade

Affiliate tracking itself is almost there Over 20 years now through the use of powerful networks to independent software. Things have not changed significantly, however, so the courage has remained unchanged since affiliate marketing.

This is how things generally work …

  1. The affiliate program has the technology to track commissions
  2. Blogger / influencer is approved for affiliate program links (like the one we have!)
  3. When a potential customer clicks on these types of links, a tracking cookie is deleted
  4. Should the reader end up buying – Blogger / influencer receives a commission

Information about cookies: Usually only the IP address is recorded, so you do not have to worry about personal information such as credit cards, etc.

Affiliate commissions

There have been many breakthroughs in the affiliate world, but one important thing remains. Using your approved affiliate links is the courage to do what you need to make money. If you are accepted by a partner program, you can extract these links (also known as tracking partner links).

If you share these links with your readers and click them, cookies will display the clicker’s ID so that everyone knows who gets to the website. If a reader purchases via the link, you will be rewarded with a commission.

Learn affiliate marketing

What does that mean?You need to share affiliate links with your readers to make money. Bloggers do this strategically by:

  • Creative content
  • Social media (Pinterest is approved for this)
  • Messaging
  • Hundreds of other creative options !!

Bloggers who can creatively place and place affiliate links can make a big profit from this aspect.

Did you know already: Big websites like Nerdwallet, The Penny Hoarder, Krazy Coupon Lady and all use affiliate links?

Step 3: Apply to get affiliate links

There are approximately 5 major affiliate networks in the U.S. and dozens more internationally. One of the main pain points to becoming an affiliate marketer is finding the right programs that suit your followers because there are so many damn networks!

  • ShareASale
  • CJ
  • Rakuten advertising
  • A hit
  • TradeDoubler
  • Avantlink
  • cake
  • Everflow
  • My neighbor’s pet cat

These are just a few!

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