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It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago we were still in our normal routines, like being in a spin class early in the morning or drinking a latte on the way to work. But now we’re here, all huddled together in the middle of an order at home, which for most of us means working from home.

Regardless of whether this is your first time working from home or an experienced professional, it is important that you remain productive and happy in these uncertain times – and that it all starts with an inspired workspace. Read on to find some great ideas for home office design to make sure you stay motivated, but make it fashionable.

Choose the perfect place to be productive

This is no time to put your laptop on the crowded coffee or kitchen table and call for a day. To stay productive, you need to give your work area the focus it deserves. If you have a home office, library, or guest room, thank your lucky stars because you have the perfect place to get started. If you have limited space, consider an unused corner of your home, or pull the winter coats and shoes out of a large closet and use them as a private work space where you can concentrate and keep track of your game. We turned the unused space upstairs into a home office for our customer as part of our quirky Redbud Lounge project.

Of course, the room you work in should always be your unique beauty brand. But it also has to be functional and work for you, not against you. If you have the wrong setup, you are more inefficient – which means you have to work longer. And if you do not pay attention to ergonomics, you will have a cramped neck and hands at the end of the day. Regardless of whether you start your home office from scratch or urgently need a revision, you should consider the following must-haves for working from home:

  • A dedicated desk and support chair. No matter which desk or table you choose, only use it for work and make sure it is of a comfortable height.
  • The chair you choose should support your back so that you don’t slump or bend at lunchtime.
  • A laptop riser, a wireless keyboard, and a mouse. Trust us, your neck will thank you.
  • A separate monitor. Even if that means you can simply stream your computer’s screen to an Apple TV with Airplay, this is the best way to give the feeling of actually being at work and not just lounging on the couch with your laptop.

Stay in touch with nature

Now that we’re all locked up in our homes, it’s more important than ever to keep our connection to nature as much as possible. It is now particularly important to keep the windows open so that you maximize access to sunlight and get the vitamin D you need to stay sane. It’s also a way to feel the fresh spring air and let the smells and sounds of the great outdoors flood your home and make the protection on the spot more bearable.

You also want to fill your home with as much greenery as possible to breathe life into your room. Collect all plants from rooms or areas of the house where you don’t spend a lot of time and take them to the places where you spend most of your time – like your work area. If you have little green indoors, check which plants outdoors can keep you alive indoors or what you can repot and put on your desk.

Channel your inner designer

Check efficiency and function. Now it’s time for real fun. That’s right, even in a time of global crisis – or especially in a time of global crisis – you have to live in a space that feels positive and inspiring. Decorate your walls with an arrangement that appeals to you – from vivid art prints and family photos to textile hangings to crazy trip souvenirs. Add a colorful rug and curtains to instantly recharge your batteries.

Now that you have a little more time, you’ll be smart! Paint your desk or window covering in a bright new color, sew a new seat cushion for your desk chair, or attach a tassel banner that hangs over your desk. Whatever you add, make sure it has personal details to motivate you.

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Now that your home office feels elegant and inspiring, why should you stop there? Here at J.Fisher Interiors we are here to make your room so fresh and unique that you never want to leave the house. Contact me today and let’s work together on your new dream room.

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