We asked people what is the first place they want to go when the coronavirus outbreak ends and we got some really interesting answers Travel

“When does the coronavirus outbreak end?” That’s a million dollar question that neither of us can answer. However, this cannot stop us from making plans for one of the most anticipated moments in our life, the time when the outbreak of the coronavirus finally ends.

We asked people what is the first place they want to go when the outbreak of the corona virus ends, and we got some really interesting, fun, and creative answers.

While there are many who just want to return to their mothers’ hometown, some of them want to go to Wuhan to tell them to go vegan, and there are some who are just waiting for the liquor store to open. The most popular options are the obvious “The Mountains” and Goa. Some plan to grow up and like to travel to international locations
Vietnam, Phili, Cappadocia, Bali, Greenland, Iceland and other countries want to go on trekking and camping trips to stay close to nature.

Here are some interesting answers:

I just want to go home to see my mother. I miss you mom

China and tell them to go vegan

Next theka 😀

GOA! 😀 self-explanatory

Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand … Because the mountain

Sare thele pe Tikki aur GOL gappe khane ko

कुल देबता

Andaman 💓💓 for diving

Kodaikanal … for camping and trekking

अतुल्य भारत

I want to visit Iceland, Greenland or one of the Scandinavian countries. I want to spend most of my time outdoors while I’m there and watching the aurora at night.

And what about you? Comment below and let us know the first place you plan to go after the Coronavirus outbreak has ended.

See you! Stay safe! Stay at home!

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