Easter 2020: We cannot travel, but we can still dream UK INSURANCE

Blocking the corona virus may have turned your Easter holiday plans upside down. But if you can’t, you can still dream. Here are some Easter escapisms that you can enjoy without leaving home, from the most popular Easter dishes in the world to the most stunning religious sites in the world.

Below is a breakdown of our most popular Easter blog content over the past few years to help relieve your itching. Ideal for a little Easter escape from home. If nothing else, it will help you to expand your knowledge of all the online tests you have done.

Let’s go.

10 Easter dishes from all over the world

Hungry? Fine. Look beyond Blighty and the Easter kitchen offers much more than hot rolls, spicy eggs and roast lamb. From Italian bread to delicious Ecuadorian soups, here are some of the most popular traditional Easter dishes in the world. Good Appetite!

>> 10 Easter dishes from all over the world

Curious, captivating and … soaking wet? 8 alternative Easter celebrations.

Every year at Easter in Bermuda, the beaches are full of revelers who lift homemade kites into the sapphire sky. In the small French village of Haux, the locals crack around 4,500 eggs in a giant pan to create an omelet that is measured in yards and feeds over 1,000 people. Here is our overview of alternative Easter celebrations around the world.

>> 8 brilliant and bizarre Easter celebrations

5 of the most spectacular religious sites in the world

Easter is one of the most famous religious festivals in the world. With that in mind, we hiked back and forth to bring you a list of the most remote religious sites in the world. And they are really quite spectacular. Do you think you know about social distancing? Think again

>> Houses of the Saint: 5 of the most remote religious sites in the world

Where does the easter bunny live?

Some people believe that the name Easter comes from German pagan traditions that celebrate the goddess Eostra. She was revered for giving spring and fertility to the spring equinox, with rabbits symbolizing her.

Your children talked about the Easter bunny for weeks. But if they ask you where it comes from, you’re at a loss. We did our homework and clarified our facts. And it turns out he’s a she. It’s time to find out where the Easter bunny lives. Probably.

>> Where does the Easter bunny live? (It’s closer than Santa Claus.)

Stay safe this Easter …

However you celebrate Easter this year, we hope you stay safe, connected and having fun. And if you dream of your next vacation and we can all travel again, don’t forget that we offer great policies that don’t break your travel budget. You can find an offer on our website.

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