Electronic product design and circuit boards Industrial Design

The introduction of 3D printing has revolutionized manufacturing and electronic product design in recent years. From the production of medicines on demand to the production of inexpensive and less dense parts for the Automotive industryis now used for a wide variety of applications and circuit boards are no exception.

3D printed circuit boards are still in their infancy and can shorten the prototyping cycles and increase the precision in the production of printed circuit boards.

For refreshing, circuit boards enable manufacturers to create complex wiring circuits and organize them within electronic product designs on a relatively compact surface. It is also the backbone of many devices we have today – including your phone and even the smallest one IoT (Internet of Things) Sensors. However, manufacturing is still expensive and time-consuming for engineers and hobbyists, which is why 3D printing plates have a wide appeal.

Curious about who works on our circuit boards at Mako Design? Check out our # MeetMako blog about our electrical engineer Navdeep!

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