Black Cow Vodka unveils new bottle design with Allied Glass Packaging Design

New features include a slimmer, larger, and slightly tapered shape. The design includes “Pure Milk Vodka Ltd” in embossed letters on the top of the bottle.

In addition, a new pill-resistant cap makes it easier to recycle the entire bottle.

The shape of the bottle remains smooth and rounded, reflecting the taste profile of Black Cow, while the slimmer and taller shape offers a more elegant finish to increase visibility.

In addition, the badge has now been enlarged, although the typography remains the same, which has an impact on the design of traditional trademarks to identify cattle.

Paul Archard, co-founder of Black Cow, said: “Bringing all aspects of Black Cow’s production to the UK is a big step that we are really proud of so that we can support the UK trade in everything we do. ”

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