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After successfully overcoming the JAMB hurdle, the Nigerian “JAMBITE” faces a final step towards realizing the dream of entering the higher institution. In order to successfully smash all institutions according to UTME, you have to take certain steps, which are to be emphasized in this article if you continue reading. Therefore, read and follow the established guidelines.


The general cutoff brand for universities is 180While polytechnics is 150 and collages 120, So you are expected to score above this cut-off mark. I am pretty sure that you are aware that a rating above the JAMB limit is not a complete guarantee of admission, but a step from two steps. Therefore, you need to use the necessary information guide such as; previous questions, the cut off mark of the school and much more.

Rest assured that after reading this guide, you will be one third of who will finally be admitted to a university in Nigeria.

Why do universities in Nigeria write Post UTME?

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has adopted the post-UTME style to reduce the number of students admitted each year because universities in Nigeria cannot accept all candidates who have scored 180 or more points. In order to be one of the successful applicants for admission, you must prepare well. One way to prepare well is not just to answer the university’s previous questions, but also to read them.

General admission / verification requirements according to UTME

Before you can receive the Post-UTME screening form there are minimum requirements

Candidates who will not be sixteen (16) years old by October 31, 2019 are not eligible and do not need to apply.

  • Candidates who applied for admission to the university as part of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) 2020.
  • Scored at least 180, 150,120 points for all courses in UTME 2020/2021.
  • Receive at least five (5) credit cards from GCE O / L, SSCE, NECO, or an equivalent. Subjects must include English language and math (for courses that require mathematics credit) and three other relevant subjects in no more than two sessions, except for the MB.BS degree, which requires only one session .

General section of cut marks

The department boundary is the main concern. In fact, this is the yardstick that each department of a university will use to include candidates in their desired degree. Some departments may set their department limits higher than others, while others may be lower. Below is a list of average university departmental thresholds. It is not ideal / real just to see what the departmental threshold looks like.

Accounting 200
Banking and finance 200
economy 180
administration 200
marketing 200
Public administration 200
Animal Science & Fishing 190
Agric. Economy & expansion 190
Plant production & protection 180
Soil science 180
Food science & technology 190
Education / government 180
Education / accounting 180
Education / administration & planning 180
Education / Agricultural Science 180
Education / business administration 180
Education / chemistry 180
Education / economy 180
Education / management & planning 180
Education / English & Literature 180
Education / foundations 180
Education / French 180
Education / Instructions & Advice 180
Education / History & International Relations 180
Education / Igbo 180
Education / library science 180
Education / math 200
Education / geography 180
Education / Integrated Science 180
Education / physics 200
Education / political science 180
Education / religion 180
Education / Fine & Applied Arts 180
Education / social studies 180
Education / biology 200
Education / housekeeping 180
Animal and environmental biology 200
Industrial chemistry 200
biochemistry 210
Work physics 200
mathematics 200
microbiology 200
Plant Sciences & Biotechnology 220
statistics 200
Architecture 220
Building technology & civil engineering 190
Management of environmental resources 200
Property Management 200
Fine and applied arts 200
Urban and regional planning 200
Geography & planning 210
law 240
Dentistry 210
Medicine & surgery 240
Nursing science 220
Optometry 200
English language & literature 200
Foreign language and translation studies 190
Government & public administration 200
History & International Relations 200
Igbo 180
Language and communication sciences 200
Library and information science 200
Information science 200
Mass communication 200
Religious studies 190
sociology 200
Political science 200
French 160
philosophy 180

When is the post-UTME date 2020?

We will update you as soon as the screening date is published. It has not yet been decided. For the time being, always check for updates.

How much does the post-UTME screening form cost for 2020?

According to a guideline from the Federal Ministry of Education, the price for post-UTME forms must not exceed 2000, without bank charges. Note that the university has not yet published an official price and guidelines.

How can I apply for the Post-UTME screening exercise 2020?

Most university applicants are confused about how to process their application online, as most of them have not yet. However, note that all applications are made online and application forms are usually sold in banks.

Before you go to the bank, make sure that you have created an invoice in the university portal

To warn: If you submit your forms online immediately, do not forget that the confirmation form must be printed out. This document must be with you on the day of your exam. Don’t forget to bring your post slip too.

Can I get previous questions about UTME 2020 after 2020?

Yes, you actually do. The past question gives you an insight into the structure of your questions and the pattern that the university follows. You also get leverage because you already know what kind of questions to expect, how to tackle them during the exam day, and eventually get a high score when the result is published. You can get the updated Absus Post UTME questions from us at the price of 1000 Naira in the past. This saves you the stress of going to school to get the hard copy that is currently not possible given the corona virus pandemic. It is better if you use this opportunity online and are ahead of others. Use the comments section below to request an institution’s request, or email us at [email protected]

7 easy ways to pass Post-UTME in 2020

The obvious fact is that you are sure to prepare well for an exam or an effort. Therefore, it is recommended to follow these tips as they will definitely lead to success.

1. Buy Post UTME Past Questions and read them carefully

Reading and preparing a task beforehand has proven to be the only efficient way to be successful. Reading for Post UTME is therefore not a new instruction or a new piece of advice, as we as students have read and prepared various tasks all our life, ranging from tasks, seminars, class work, exams and much more. The key to success in Post UTME is reading yours Previous questions.

The past question gives you an insight into the structure of your questions and the pattern that the university follows. You also get leverage because you already know what kind of questions to expect, how to tackle them during the exam day, and eventually get a high score when the result is published.

2nd Have access to relevant information

In times like these, you need an appropriate and reliable information channel that will keep you updated with reliable and timely information. You can rely on it!

If you have access to relevant information, you know how to sell forms, how to apply online, and how to get an updated manual for previous questions.

They will also be added to our exclusive WhatsApp channel where updates to Post UTME and to secure your dream admission to the university are shared when you purchase the website Previous questions and answers.

3. Join a network base

It is also very important to join or belong to a network base with similar minds and people who are already in the system, such as: The institution’s current students, potential students like you, ex-students and educators alike. This can be done via social media platforms such as our exclusive WhatsApp platform and live conversations. Through our WhatsApp platform you can meet and build a network of friends that will be of great help to you.

4th Go to the examination hall with the necessary documents and materials

Review the listed exam requirements carefully and make sure you take them to the exam location. This will relax you since you don’t have a panic course.

5. Confirm your exam location and time

We have heard several cases of candidates who missed their exams due to misinformation or information conflicts. In most cases, this is due to the fact that the correct information was not retrieved in time. Therefore, you are urged to confirm your exam dates, location and time of your exam until you are finished with the exam. Don’t forget to ask questions about that Comment field or our exclusive WhatsApp channel if you are confused.

6. Be at school the day before the exam

This means that, in order to avoid touching stories, you must try as much as possible to be in school the day before the exam and get to the exam location one hour before the exam time. This means that you have to go to school the day before if you have to travel for Post UTME. In a situation where you are not familiar with Absu, you can always get guidelines from people who are familiar with the university and who can also associate with people from your direction.

7. Be confident and positive

Nothing beats a positive attitude. If you do your best as a student, a positive attitude is expected of you. When you come to the exam room, which is mostly CBT, trust yourself and believe in the efforts you made before the “D-Day”. For this reason, it is always recommended to prepare for Post UTME with the university’s previous questions and answers.

Last, Be aware of your time you have to combine speed with accuracy. Bottom up!

Advantages of the WhatsApp Group

When you join the WhatsApp group, you get the following benefits:

  • Answers to questions about the date, place, time and direction of the post-UTME exam.
  • Precise answers to questions about the school, your future faculty, department and its code of conduct.
  • Accommodation assistance provided by members of the group and school students one day before Post-UTME.
  • Important hacks for high scores in the Post UTME.
  • Discover and make friends with applicants who are studying your course.
  • Meet and interact personally with friends you have won from the group.
  • Complete instructions on the next step after receiving admission.

FAQs on the existence of 2020 according to UTME 2020

How can I learn for Post Utme?

Get exam preparation materials
Try to take extramural courses
Always sleep during your reasonable time
stay healthy
Eat well
Your online time.

How many questions are there about Utme?

As we all know, there are 60 minutes in 1 hour, so you have to optimize it well to answer that 100 questions correctly. As we all know, the Post-UTME exam is also called the aptitude test. The aptitude test is designed to test your general reasoning. POST UTME questions are very simple questions.

How can I get a high post-utme score?

Know your upcoming school by UTME / screening method by UTME and ask questions
Revise your previous questions about School Post UTME
Read your textbooks, notebooks and listen to news
Do not hesitate to read now!

What are the Post-UTME topics?

For your post utmeyou would be rated three subjects That is math, English language and general work. I. Math contains 50% more math and 50% pure math, but note that no calculus is involved, by calculus I mean no integration or differentiation.


One way to get ready is to practice Absu Post UTME’s previous questions. To do this simply Subscribe here for the 2020 Post UTME questions and answers of the past.

As soon as you have registered, you will receive not only questions and answers from the past of 2020 Post UTME, but also important information from this platform.

Hurry up and show interest as we help you prepare for Post-UTME screening 2020.

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