Express entry draw trend in 2020 Visa

The unexpected express entry rounds in 2020 continue to surprise Canadian PR applicants in 2020. As one of the most popular immigration routes to apply for a permanent residence permit in Canada, Express Entry manages to get everyone’s attention with every raffle.

Also this year, the IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) has kept the draw results optimistic to ensure that more and more applicants receive their ITAs (Invitations to Apply) and the country can reach its set goal Canada immigration plan 2020-2022.

The last two draws surprised all applicants as both were opened in a week. The IRCC issued an enormous number of invitations, i. H. A total of 3900 ITAs in the last two consecutive Express Entry draws, which took place on March 18 and March 23, respectively.

Usually the IRCC announces draws to EE applicants with the best CRS values ​​every two weeks Apply for a Canadian PR visa.

The IRCC also announces a minimum CRS score requirement for each draw, and candidate profiles that can meet the qualifying scores receive an ITA. As mentioned earlier, however, the last two draws started within a week.

With the last two draws, the total number of ITAs issued to Express Entry candidates by 2020 has reached up to 22,600.

Details on the last express draws in 2020

#To draw date Number of ITAs issued Minimum requirement for the CRS score
# 134 January 08, 2020 3,400 473
# 135 January 22, 2020 3,400 471
# 136 February 05, 2020 3,500 472
# 137 February 19, 2020 4,500 470
# 138 March 04, 2020 3,900 471
# 139 March 18, 2020 668 720
# 140 March 23, 2020 3.232 (Exclusively for Canadian Experience Class candidates) 467

Aside from the recent draws, the widespread COVID 19 outbreak is a major concern for aspiring immigrants who want to apply for Canadian PR or have already applied. People have a lot of questions about how COVID-19 can affect express listing.

Here are some of the questions that applicants frequently ask:

Will Canada issue express invitations despite the outbreak of COVID-19?

When we look at the last draws on March 18 and 23, it is clear that Canada is still issuing invitations to EE candidates.

Does Canada still process EE candidate applications during COVID-19?

Yes. Canada is still processing PR visa applications under Express Entry and PNP, but applicants can expect a short period of delay.

I have received my ITA, but I cannot collect the required documents because everything is closed due to COVID-19. What should I do in this case?

In this case, you do not need to worry because the federal government has announced some exceptions and the IRCC has not rejected an application for incompleteness. In fact, the IRCC provides an additional 30 days to complete and submit an application along with documents, i. H. Now you have a total of 90 days.

Is there a chance that the CRS score cut-off will be affected due to the COVID 19 situation?

In the midst of this public health crisis, Canada’s primary concern is to provide factual information. There is no government statement regarding the possible impact of COVID-19 on the CRS score cutoff.

The table below shows the points distribution of the EE candidates in previous draws in 2020:

date Minimum requirement for the CRS score
January 08, 2020 473
January 22, 2020 471
February 05, 2020 472
February 19, 2020 470
March 04, 2020 471
March 18, 2020 720
March 23, 2020 467

It’s time to think about how to go about your application process to get PR approval in 2020

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