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Many of you have suddenly turned into a home office during this period of social distancing and feeling overwhelmed. No matter how much or how little space you have to work with, I’m here to help you create a happy and practical place to work with these DIY ideas for setting up a home office.

13 DIY projects to set up a home office
DIY ideas for setting up a home office

I’ve been working from home for a while now and thought I would share some of my most valuable ideas for organizing work at home. For inspiration, here are 13 simple, affordable and practical projects to start with. Who knows that you may not want to go back to your company headquarters after setup.

Wall desk tutorial Pretty handy girl

The great thing about it Wall desk it can be small or large and does not take up any space!

Folding laptop desk Pretty handy girl

This Foldable laptop desk is the perfect height and can be folded and stowed away when not in use.

Build a Wood Plank desktop for around $ 40

So you can create a simple (and above all inexpensive) one Wooden board desktop for about $ 40!

Magazine File Box Facelift | Pretty handy girl

Are you tired of your boring home office decor? You could give one in minutes Magazine File Box a facelift (or a storage box)!
I saved a lot of money to reuse the old one. Put other savers there!

DIY wooden wall organizer

If you saw these cute ones Wall organizers and thought, “I could totally do it,” I’m here to tell you you can!

29 hacks to help you better organize your social media image

Here are 29 hacks to help you get organized and move to a better organized home office!

DIY wall bookrack

This Bookrack construction project They will organize themselves and free up storage space in no time. The shelves are tapered and offer plenty of depth for several books, files or magazines.

Makeover filing cabinet with chalk paint

Give a boring beige file cabinet a SUPER cheap and quick makeover with chalk color! I bet you can get a free filing cabinet for your local buying, selling, or trading group. Or check out or Craig’s List.

12 DIY Home Storage Tutorials | Pretty handy girl

I use these days at home to do a big “cleaning”! You will surely find one of them 12 DIY storage projects that you can use to organize your home useful.

Wall Hutch tutorial

That charming Cottage style desk and in Hutch I keep our lives organized! Otherwise it takes up wasted space in the corner of our kitchen.

Scrap wood iPad tray

If you’re used to DIY projects, you’ve probably amassed a large supply of leftover wood. You will love it quickly, easily and cheaply DIY iPad holder!

rolling stool final

What could be nicer than organizing with more storage space? How about combining it with additional seating! In this simple tutorial you will learn how to create one Rolling bearing seat.

Although this wall Storage system was built specifically for a mudroom, you can easily customize it for a home office!

I hope you found some of these DIY ideas for setting up a home office helpful. I have to run and prepare to work from home tomorrow. I wish you all the best of luck, especially if you have family members who like to interrupt your workflow.

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