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To keep your relationship healthy, you first need to know what a healthy relationship is.

Because you need to know if something is wrong with your husband and your connection. You have to be able to see the problems In front They sabotage your relationship.

are she in a healthy relationship?

Relationship Advice That Prevents Marriage From Divorce What Is A Healthy Relationship? 8 signs of a strong, healthy relationship

To know that, we have to ask first –

What are the parts of a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is when two people connect based on:

  • Respect for each other
  • Basic communication
  • Trust & honesty
  • support
  • Separate Identities that come together
  • Playful and fun shared experiences

Well, these are very important – and we’ll examine them in a moment –

But – Do you think you would know if you were in one? unhealthy Relationship? It’s easy to ignore certain warning signs and even get into an unhealthy dynamic in a relationship.

Signs of a UN healthy relationship

As important as knowing what a healthy relationship is, you need to know what is unhealthy.

Now let’s go through some of them:

  • Absolutely – Get Out Sign # 1: Abuse – Any Kind …

This can be difficult because we have to define what “abuse” is.

The dictionary definition:

ABUSE – to abuse. The misuse of something.

Use something for a bad effect or purpose.

Carlos Cavallo, Dating and attraction consultant

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Ultimately, the important thing is that you can find out for yourself.

Abuse is always about the abuse of your relationship connection.

If he ever hits you, it’s abuse. No matter what.

If he uses words to hurt you in a mean or hateful way, that’s abuse too.

The bottom line is really when you are ask me if it’s abuse – probably is.

And you should probably inquire with someone you know who has experience with such things. Someone you can trust. And then ask them what they think.

But always trust you first. If you suspect that you are in an abusive relationship – Go out.

  • Sign # 2: He controls in some way …

When your partner tries to tell you what to wear, who to meet with, or how to live your life in a way that commands or dominates, you need to consider that he is in control.

24 What is a healthy relationship? 8 signs of a strong, healthy relationship

I could probably cover any of these characters, but let’s just start chasing and give you a quick overview note unhealthy signs –

Here are some signs to help you identify a toxic and unhealthy relationship:

  • All take, no give. … A relationship requires generosity
  • I feel drained. … If you constantly lose energy in the relationship, where does it all go?
  • Lack of trust… (D.H. dishonest) You have to have the truth between you to be successful
  • Hostile atmosphere. … if all you have is anger, love cannot thrive
  • An unbalanced and unfair relationship… There must be justice and justice in your relationship
  • Constant judgment on you … Straightening is just another way to keep your distance
  • Reliably unreliable… If you cannot rely on one person, this will undermine your trust
  • Brings out the worst in you… Of course you need someone who can get the best, not the worst
  • Constantly criticize… If one person tears you down all the time, it undermines your self-esteem
  • There is no growth and learning… A relationship should be a place of growth
  • Lowers your standards… Of course, if the relationship is good, your standards should go up and not go down
  • One or both of you behave as a victim… For some, sacrifice is a way of life – don’t let yourself be drawn into this downward spiral
  • A lot of jealousy and envy… you can’t love anyone you’re constantly jealous of
  • You are there because you can’t seem to walk… Are you in this relationship because you can’t find a way out?
  • Constant daily challenges… Occasional challenges are natural in a relationship – but constant challenges mean that there is a problem
  • Addiction… A person with addiction can be too much to deal with in a relationship
  • Psychological problems that require help or therapy… Deep psychological problems have to be treated professionally
  • Constant drama… if all you have is a roller coaster ride of emotions, you will want to get out

It is really up to you to decide how much is too much.

But be aware of whether you are rationalizing your relationship or being enjoy it. This is one of the best ways to find out if you are in a healthy relationship.

Okay enough of the negativity. Let’s get into a healthy relationship – the good signs to look for.

Here are the signs that you are in a healthy relationship. Remember to consider this a general map. Their relationship may vary in a few small points, but these elements should be there.

Character # 1: you have a smile on your face …

One of the biggest signs of a healthy relationship is simply how lucky you are per day compared to the amount of fear.

Setting dating limits keeps people interested What is a healthy relationship? 8 signs of a strong, healthy relationship

If you feel lively, light, and happy, there is a good chance that you have a healthy relationship.

One of the key indicators is how much stress you carry every day. Fear is the opposite of happiness in many ways because it draws us to fear and anger.

Sometimes our relationships can make us stressful, but most of the time they help us relieve the same stress. The less stressful you are, the healthier your relationship.

So in general, if you feel pretty happy in your relationship, you are likely to have a healthy relationship.

However, if you ever notice that there is mental resistance or reluctance to be with your husband for any reason, it could show you that there is a problem that needs to be investigated.

Character # 2: No matter what happens, you can talk about it …

This is probably one of the most important signs of a healthy relationship. When it comes to communication, there is no substitute.

You need to have a relationship where he feels like he can come to you and talk to you about everything.

Unfortunately, what stands in the way of this is when a woman less than accepts, may reject him and sometimes downright ashamed him. Many men struggle in relationships because they don’t feel accepted by their partner.

And this is one of the easiest things you can prevent.

Relationship advice on dealing with conflict arguments What is a healthy relationship? 8 signs of a strong, healthy relationship

You have to be ready to talk to him about it something. If there are issues that you don’t come close to, you risk that the relationship hides and hides these secrets.

What I like to say to my customers are “no taboos”. It simply means that you cannot have anything that you are not talking about. Even the most embarrassing and darkest things.

Because if you allow there to be a place where these things are hidden, you will find that you will start storing things there the whole time. It’s like an endless self-storage unit that contains all of your unpleasant topics and ideas.

And what is deadly is when you realize that you can put everything in this secret space and never feel uncomfortable in your relationship – or face the things that need to be discussed.

The healthiest relationships have an open door policy when it comes to talking about things. And they have a protocol for dealing with uncomfortable topics so that both feel safe when talking about them.

As soon as you condition your partner Not Come to yourself with these things, they will find someone else to go to them with.

Someone who is listening and likely to have a relationship with your partner.

Uncomfortable, but very true.

Character No. 3: Your relationship is based on the “H-rock …”.

When I talk about “H-Rock” I speak of honesty.

Honesty is the foundation of your relationship. And without them, it’s only a matter of time before your relationship breaks up.

If a relationship is honest, the truth is the only result.

However, you need to be in place to deal with the truth. This also requires open communication. And, of course, requires open communication safety.

Make sure your relationship feels safe to both of you. Without them, your relationship doesn’t stand a chance.

Character # 4: A “couple” is not one …

The best relationships understand that you cannot be two people trying to create one person. Trying to be too close creates bad boundaries.

And at some point it will push you apart when a person feels choked and can no longer handle it.

best ways to attract good men What is a healthy relationship? 8 signs of a strong, healthy relationship

On the other hand, if you understand that you are two separate people, you can start to come together as one a.

Separation can be as simple as having time alone, privately. Or just time for you with other people.

Another form of separation is emotional separation. Whether your partner’s emotions depend on it Your Emotions, then you may have a problem. You called this code dependance.

For example, if your partner cannot be happy while you are unhappy, they may be too emotionally attached to you.

While we may feel sympathy and empathy for someone else’s emotional state, we shouldn’t feel that our own emotions have to match our partners.

Sign No. 5: You feel fully supported and an individual …

One of the hallmarks of a Bad Relationship is when one person feels the pressure to change to do justice to the other person. Trying to be someone you are not, of course, only leads to a miserable relationship.

However, if you believe that your partner supports your growth and development as an independent person, you will feel comfortable and carefree in your relationship.

You have to be careful when a partner decides that they are unsure you grow. This is a very big warning sign of a broken relationship.

It always comes from here. uncertainty.

If someone feels threatened in the relationship because you could grow past or beyond them, they will do anything to keep things the way they were.

You can observe this kind of behavior even in larger groups and even in cultures and countries.

Character No. 6: A lot of connection time …

Again, I have to face the opposite. In an unhealthy relationship, a partner feels neglected. This is usually because that person is not really involved in the relationship. You don’t feel the same emotional connection.

How can I make a relationship more than fwb? What is a healthy relationship? 8 signs of a strong, healthy relationship

You should have plenty of time to connect and time to recharge. If I were to give a percentage, I would have to say that you could spend up to 75% of your time together and 25% apart.

But there are no fixed rules for this. In a few weeks you can swing 90% and 10% apart. In other cases, you may spend more time separately, depending on the circumstances.

However, if you feel you don’t have enough time with him You must report and let him know.

As long as your needs are not unhealthy, you should expect at least a significant portion of the time together if you have a steady relationship. And especially if you are married or have a long-term relationship.

Some women are too quiet when it comes to expressing their needs towards their partner. Sometimes this is for fear of his reaction, sometimes they are only afraid that they may appear too needy.

You cannot hide need because it is reflected in your moods, words, and attitudes.

You just can’t help but send how you feel. And it’s even worse when someone tries to cover up feelings of sadness or disadvantage.

Sign No. 7: Meet in the middle …

Compromises are an essential part of a healthy, mature relationship.

If you find that your partner requires their needs to be met at your expense, you are in an unhealthy imbalance.

Compromises are often seen as giving up to make the other person happy. But at the same time, you can’t give up making yourself happy if a compromise works.

10 What is a healthy relationship? 8 signs of a strong, healthy relationship

Some would also refer to the compromise as a “meeting in the middle”. Again, this is a decent definition if you find a middle that doesn’t get too close to the other person.

I like to say: “Compromises are a sign that your relationship is more important than your ego.”

This means that you have to understand the reason for a compromise more than sometimes actually reaching the compromise.

By that I mean that you both have to have the attitude of wanting to find out. That is the critical part. After all, everyone finds a good middle ground.

Sometimes it only takes time. For example, a man can just give in whatever you want – if he only has enough time to think about it. For a man who makes you happy makes him happy.

And sometimes we dig in and don’t want to give up just to be stubborn. We all have to work on that in relationships, of course.

Sign No. 8: Emotions are controllable …

It is important to be able to deal with your emotions in a relationship. It is a sign of maturity and self-control.

If you are excited, angry, threatened, jealous, you must be able to Manage these feelings.

How do I get over a man? What is a healthy relationship? 8 signs of a strong, healthy relationship

The interesting thing is that you are in one unhealthy Relationship, these feelings can sometimes get wildly out of control. And they often do that. There is only one thing in a toxic relationship that creates the worst in us.

On the other hand, A healthy relationship somehow stabilizes us.

Our emotions are more manageable and easier to contain.

It is much more likely that despite all the arguments, you can remain rational and prudent. This is mainly because you understand that your emotional connection is there for sure.

When your connection to a man is threatened, it immediately triggers feelings of fear and panic. And if you’ve experienced these feelings before, you know how quickly they can defeat you.

And the truth is, you never have to panic when you are in a relationship that is based on a solid connection.

Unfortunately, most women don’t really understand how to connect with men. They assume that knowing how to get in touch with women is pretty much the same thing.

Some things are the same – and many things Not.

Knowing how to connect with him can create a strong bond.

And when a man senses that, he devotes himself to you!

I have a short article that you may want to read to explain it how the connection with men works.

Check it out here …

How can you be irresistible to men? What is a healthy relationship? 8 Anzeichen einer starken, gesunden Beziehung

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