How do you deal with it when the travel industry evaporates overnight? Black Travel

“Traveling just for the sake of traveling” is not the only purpose of our existence.

This was a piece of advice I gave in 2015 during a keynote speech on transitions in our lives.

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been affected by the pandemic in one way or another. People of all ages struggle to stay alive in intensive care units around the world. Others are quarantined by their families in other countries. Thousands have lost loved ones.

We are together
Fight a virus with no known cure at the moment.

On the downside,
Companies like Netflix and Amazon are thriving beyond their wildest limits
dreams and tries to cope with supply and demand. Digital products like
Books, podcasts and videos are in greater demand than ever.

Many of us oscillate between different emotions – fear and belief, hope and humor, tears and thrills. Often within the same hour. And really, there is no right or wrong way to feel and process what is going on as long as you don’t hurt anyone.

It is also
very blatant that one of the hardest hit industries is during this pandemic
the travel industry.

Airlines, hotels, travel destinations, tour operators, tour guides and every single branch in the travel industry have such big problems that many have already closed their businesses forever and dismissed loyal employees indefinitely.

Media – bloggers, journalists, influencers – are most affected. After
All in all, we create visual stories, stir up wanderlust and encourage everyone else to do so
Get out of your couches and explore not only your own backyards, but also the distance

so what
happening now?

When thinking
I leafed through all of this through my keynote address given by WITS in Riga.
Latvia, last November. During this conversation, I shared this with some controversy
Foil, considering that I spoke at a travel conference.

Travel industry

Then I asked this question to the colleagues in the travel industry:

What would you still like to do that you can both bring with you when traveling or at home?

I shared
Examples from my friends and colleagues Mickela
Mallozzi by Bare Feet
who explores dance through travel Candace Rose Rardon who researches sketch
Art through travel and Kellee Edwards
who challenges stereotypes through travel.

For this
Ladies and I, travel is the path we have actively chosen to explore ours
Passions. Mickela could have been a dancer in a dance group, Candace
I was an illustrator at a marketing agency and Kellee could have been a broadcaster.

All of us
has chosen travel as our preferred way to express and explore ours

So I
I turned to the slide on which I described my own passion explore

Discover our differences - travel industry

To me,
This means getting under culture, understanding differences and building bridges
between similarities.

this is that
Subconscious mind that drives my work. I’ve also looked at where
This underlying passion came from.

And it was

Nigeria - travel industry

I grew up
in Nigeria … a country with over 500 languages ​​and dialects in over 250
different tribes.

To attempt
Understanding culture and all its nuances and shades means a lot to me. Not only
Understanding but connection to similarities so that we can live and learn side by side
with respect and tolerance.

If you follow my workyou can see this clearly
Thread in everything I do – from that Books
I write
, the Photos I take,
and all that Projects I have participated in
working on
, including mine latest
Fiction book series about black women in Sweden

This is
also why I run websites like Slow travel
or write cultural
Books about Sweden
when I’m not on the road or on the road.

Or why I
Help goals share their own stories
of what makes them different
while we’re still addressing our similarities.

Cultural understanding
is the core of my work.

And the
The quickest way for me to explore this was to choose Travel as my avenue.

Travel Industry - Undaunted Travel
Photo credit: Liam Neal / Intrepid Travel

But now I can no longer fully use travel as an avenue this moment.

My industry hurts and we don’t know when it will heal completely. Many of my friends and colleagues have lost their full-time jobs. Many independent platform owners have seen their overnight income streams essentially dry up.

And I am
not immune either.

Most of mine
travel-related work was either postponed to 2021 or this autumn or canceled

As a storyteller
What made this crisis stand out for me is that I should
Remind me constantly not to confuse the path I choose with passion

For many
Humans, now is not the time to turn away from what we have spent decades
Building. Now is the time to re-evaluate current business models.

That was mine
Income table that I shared publicly in 2018
after 10 years of sharing
my pitching charts. I had already started turning away from freelance years
previously reduced to 17%.

Travel industry

I am grateful that I have diversified as much as possible and have an anchor customer, a
Much of my income still comes from the travel industry.

I know that
everything is only temporary.

Industry will recover soon. Maybe not as fast as we imagine or want, but it is
will slowly bring back to life and regain its strength.

Become human
Start exploring again, eat again and stand in awe of natural wonders

My advice during
During these times, we all feel helpless and try to pan intelligently
Without losing all those precious years of investment, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • How can we pan sustainably while waiting for the industry to roar back?
    to live?
  • How can we navigate in a sustainable way in the event of another hit when it is back on stable feet?
  • What would you still like to do that you can both bring with you on your travels?
    or do it at home?

While the answers for each of us in the travel industry will be very different, mine personal answer as a storyteller is to remember why I chose to travel at all and to stay true to this underlying passion.

Then I can
Keep telling stories through words and multimedia that continue to honor what
drives my soul, regardless of the industry.

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