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This post was written by Sarah Sal, Facebook Ads Specialist.

We have all heard that the organic reach on Facebook has decreased. It was as low as 1.2% in 2018.

While fan sites in the past managed to get away with mediocre content and still reach a good reach, those days are over. As the mountain of content grows, you need to stand out.

However, the organic reach is not dead. Facebook is fighting inferior content. And if lower quality posts are penalized, higher quality posts will get more reach.

Unique, relevant and high quality content always wins.

In this post I will present some examples of content that can still achieve a high organic reach on Facebook – up to 30%.

Why the best tactics still require meaningful content

This blog is not another theoretical post in which I tell you:

  • ask questions
  • The video works better than an image
  • To post between 1:01 p.m. and 1:44 p.m. on weekends

Instead, I’ll show you real examples of better text that directly affects organic reach.

The risk of just focusing on tactics is that you read and believe that 3 o’clock posts work better than they do at other times of the day. However, if you publish poor quality content, it doesn’t matter whether you do it at 3:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. You will still not get good results.

We often forget that we speak to people. We also tend to ignore that what we write and how we do it can be an effective way to get the attention of Facebook users.

Tactics are important. But without good content, they use the best pizza oven with a wood oven on an expired ketchup bottle as a tomato base and cat food as a pizza topping. You can switch from a wood-burning oven to a coal oven at your convenience, but your pizza will still taste bad with lousy ingredients.

How do I write a copy that has a higher organic reach?

My friend Emaline Delapaix used to worry:

Emaline: No one sees my Facebook posts these days. I read that Facebook is forcing you to pay for ads.

Me: Not really, but you can’t just post: “I’ll sing in Hamburg next week” and expect a long reach.

Take the following post as an example. It only reached 204 people:

Me: During your shows, you will tell personal stories about your fight against depression and how it inspired your songs. Do the same on Facebook. What captivates people offline also captivates them online.

So she did the post below::

She said the following to me after this post:

“I wrote a post with an older song and wrote a little story that exploded on my fansite. Within 20 minutes I had 30 likes and over 20 shares and comments. “

The post reached 1664 people organically. Not bad for a site with more than 4000 fans!

She then increased the post for a few dollars, because if you put money into something that is organically good on Facebook, it’s like throwing fuel into the fire.

By changing the way she wrote her Facebook post, Emaline saw 8x more reach.

But my niche is boring

Some will say, “But I’m in a boring B2B niche! There’s nothing inspiring or exciting about me about doing email marketing.”

My niche is Facebook ads and I have 4174 fans.

The post below reached 2130 people:

As it turns out, stories and analogies are like adding spices to boring food.

On many sites, things like: “Like” and share if you love mashed potatoes. “

That’s what Facebook calls Engagement bait. As I mentioned earlier, Facebook is now punishing such sites by reducing their organic reach. That is why it is more important than ever to create authentic and unique contributions.

Better copying also reaches more non-fans

Last August I spent a few days in the let us do this Office and help them with their ads and their Facebook copy.

If you are not familiar with the name, we have done so Headlines as “fastest growing sports startup in London”. With financial support from Serena Williams and Usain Bolt as an investorThey are an online sports list that has successfully achieved 100% growth over the previous month since their launch in January 2017.

With this in mind, I felt the need to communicate that Let’s Do Dies is much more than just a booking platform for marathons, triathlons and races that many of their team members regularly participate in. I mean, their team eats, sleeps, and breathes their niche so sincerely that I would see messages on their slack every day that said, “I’m going out for an hour, who wants to join me?”

Because the team is so knowledgeable about nutrition, training, injury prevention, and more, they share their expertise and support with those who book through their platform.

So I interviewed their team members. And I mean, as I literally told them, “Let’s have a tea and go to the garden so you can tell me your story to find out what makes this company unique.”

Below is an example one of these posts:

The results?

Not only did the ad reach almost 30% of the approximately 36,000 fans when the post was created, it also reached thousands of non-fans as a bonus:

The second post below organically reached more people, including 4751 non-fans:

Facebook posts also improve your ad performance

Many articles explain how ads are shown can help Improve organic reachSo I’m not going to go into that here. Instead, I want to emphasize how relevant organic posts can help your ads perform better.

Whenever you place ads, you notice that more people visit your fansite and check the content of that page. Below is the Insight section of my fansite as an example.

This image shows an increase in visits since I’ve shown some ads promoting one of my blog posts:

What is reflected here are people who have seen an ad and think, “I don’t know this person. Let’s look at their content to see if we can trust them.”

Let me give you another example.

In one of his webinars, Jon Loomer mentioned a blog post I wrote for AdWeek. So I took a screenshot and pinned a post to the beginning of my fansite:

Then I ran some likes ads that Jon Loomer Digital was interested in. And in the end I paid € 0.30 / fan.

When I ran the exact ad a month earlier, my cost was $ 0.74 / fan – more than twice the cost.

Bad content can affect your ad performance

On the other hand, irrelevant or poor quality content can increase your conversion costs.

A few years ago, I couldn’t reduce the cost per webinar opt-in for a customer below $ 20. When I checked the customer’s fan page insights, people actually clicked on his fan page because of the ads. One of these ads said, “I can help you grow your business.”

Entrepreneurs on Facebook: who is this guy? Let me check his fansite … Ohhh! Every single post is a meme with a message like “I am your spiritual leader”. And “believe in yourself!”

Entrepreneurs think: Am I wasting 1 hour of my time with someone who has nothing useful to say but random motivational quotes?

So I did a test. I advertised the same ad, landing page, and fan site targeting with better quality content. The cost per webinar opt-in dropped to around $ 5.

Through consistency, the audience grows down a mountain like snowballs

As we’ve seen so far, good content and great copies also reach non-fans. Think of it like a snowball: every time the ball rolls, it absorbs more snow and increases in size and dynamism as it moves.

To achieve a snowball effect, however, you have to consistently offer your audience new content.

A few years ago, Gavin Bell wrote a blog post called Daily vlogging: The results of 100-day vlogging. In it, he shared the results of the daily publication of video content for 100 days.

At the start of his trial, he had 238 fans. By the end of the experiment, he had managed to increase his reach and almost double his fans. Today he has over 13,000 of them.

However, we know that the number of fans is just the tip of the iceberg. This is because Facebook allows you to show ads that target people who have consumed or engaged in Facebook page content – even if they are not fans.

So I went to Gavin to ask how big his snowball was and how he helped his business. In the past 365 days, over 190,000 people have been watching his videos on Facebook.

When he addresses the 190,000 users in his audience, he pays $ 30 per conversion for his monthly membership program. When targeting a cold audience, the cost per conversion is $ 120.

It takes Gavin 3 months to balance his advertising spend. A warm audience, however, let him benefit from day one.

Avoid engagement to get involved

I once noticed a customer who shared some Gandhi quotes on his Facebook page. With sarcasm, I said, “I’m glad you’re anti-colonial, but your Facebook page is a real estate page.”

People defend such posts by saying, “This post has been engaged! And engagement is important. “

Let’s say I’m speaking at a conference where the audience is full of business owners. Imagine I said, “I love this country, no other country makes better pastries!” and then talked for 30 minutes about how these people’s cuisine is the best in the world.

The audience could nod their heads and applaud me. Just because they dealt with my speech on food doesn’t mean they made me hire myself to help them with their Facebook marketing.

With each post, you should ask yourself: How can I achieve my business goals?

Unique content goes far

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did fell into a pool full of spent fuel rods? Not only would this pool be cleaner and safer than your average pool, you would also be 100% okay because its water would protect you from radiation.

In this nuclear fuel water, you are less exposed to radiation in everyday life than when watching TV.

These are the types of videos What. If fansite makes. And their content is played by millions, commented on and reposted by thousands. The site is so popular because this type of content is so unique.

If your content resembles other 34,569 other posts, the performance of your content will be watered down. One of the best ways to highlight your content is to create an “a-ha!” Moment in people’s brains.

Thought-provoking content goes far.

Sarah is a Facebook advertising specialist at Hootsuite & AdEspresso. With 7 numbers in Facebook ads that have been spent over 10 years, she serves ads for companies like ClickFunnels and Strategyzer. She has written about testing, strategy and running Facebook ads for AdEspresso, Agorapulse, Blitzmetrics, Copyhackers, ActiveCampaign, AdWeek and Jon Loomers Power Hitters Club. And it’s featured in the Perry Marshall 80/20 Facebook ad course.

There is always room in your daily menu for a warm cup of Matcha.

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